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Mirillis Action! – Screen Recorder and Gameplay Recording Software [Review]

Do you want to provide the ultimate gaming videos to the viewers? Here is the Mirillis Action.

Don’t you want to go by using different applications while recording?

Then the only solution for everything is Action.

Mirillis Action! is a screen recorder and gameplay recording software that allows you to capture your computer screen. You can use this program for many different purposes, such as making tutorials or video game walkthroughs. This post will cover some of the essential aspects of Mirillis Action!.

Mirillis Action! is the best screen recorder and gameplay recording software for those who want to share their gaming experiences with others. With Mirillis Action!, you can record your games in high definition, upload them to YouTube or Twitch, capture screenshots, and stream your game live on Twitch. It’s perfect for gamers looking to improve their skills by watching others play or just show off their feats of epicness.

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Mirillis Action! is an excellent screen-recording software that allows you to record gameplay and create videos.

Mirillis Action! is a free screen recorder and gameplay recording software that allows you to record your computer’s screen in HD quality, then upload the video to YouTube with a single click. There are plenty of options for editing, including cutting.

Mirillis Action! is a screen recording software that allows users to capture streaming videos in PC games, record playing, and create video tutorials.

Do you want to record your gameplay and show it off to the world? With Mirillis Action!, you can do just that. And not only is this a great way to share your gaming achievements with everyone, but it’s also a fantastic tool.

Mirillis Action! is a powerful game recording software that gives you the power to record your gameplay in high-definition audio and video.

Mirillis Action Screen Recorder Review

  • The Action Screen recorder can be used to capture and stream the HD quality videos on windows desktop.
  • The game play recorder and in built screen enable to delete and upload videos of different formats that are compactable with all devices.
  • While capturing the video the Green Screen mode can be enabled.
  • To record the videos from webcams, PC, gaming consoles and TV broadcasts can be done by choosing the mode of the device.
  • By using it the application which is needed to be displayed at the viewers will be shown and the rest will be in dark mode.
  • The GPU, screen and the act of game play will help to have the HD videos.
  • Video codec FICV will be optimized to give the HD videos.
  • Through Mirillis Action screen recorder the live streaming on trending platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Ustream etc.
  • Automatic insertion of webcams to game play recordings by using Intel® RealSense™.
  • Capture the 4k resolution videos.
  • Multiple screens of desktop or games can be done.
  • Live audio commentary can be added for the video.
  • The time shift can be used to save the game in the file format.

To Know more about this software please visit: Mirillis.com


Mirillis Action! is a screen recorder and gameplay recording software that makes it easy to record your games without any lag. With this program, you can also share the footage with your audience in real-time or stream it directly onto platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Gaming. If you’re looking for a more advanced video editing experience than what the other programs offer, then Mirillis Action! may be worth checking out.

Mirillis Action! is the best software for recording gameplay and screen recordings. It has many great features that make it easy to use and capture any game on your PC or laptop with ease. If you’re looking for an affordable way to record videos from games, then this is without a doubt the product for you. You can check out their website here if you want more information about how they work.

By considering all the above features we can say that the Mirillis Action screen recorder will be the most required one for each individual. To have the extraordinary branded quality video just go on using the Mirillis Action.

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