Top 100+ Mistakes New YouTubers Make and How to Fix Them

Working on a YouTube channel is not easy, and it can be even more challenging for New YouTubers. You may make many mistakes while making your content, and there’s no doubt about it: they’re hard to avoid. To help you get the most out of your time on YouTube, we compiled 100+ common mistakes that new YouTubers often make!

The common YouTube mistakes that every YouTuber make and how to fix them. The first mistake is not having a clear call-to-action in their video description, which makes it difficult for people who watch the video to know what they should do next. Other mistakes include:

  • Not using tags.
  • Not linking out to your social media accounts.
  • Lack of consistency with uploading videos.
  • I’ll tell you what these things are and how you can correct them so your content will be more engaging and seen by an audience.

Mistakes New YouTubers Make

  • Not having a clear idea of what they want to do on their channel
  • Thinking that it’s easy to make money from YouTube
  • Ignoring the basics- good lighting, sound quality, editing skills
  • Making videos just for the sake of making them- don’t put out content without thinking about your audience or how it will be received
  • Not using the right equipment
  • Not creating a unique channel name and logo
  • Relying too much on other people’s content for their videos
  • Creating a video that is not engaging or interesting to watch
  • Uploading videos without subtitles
  • Not uploading videos regularly
  • Uploading a video that is too long or too short
  • Forgetting to include a call-to-action in the description of their videos
  • Not uploading often enough
  • Uploading too many videos at once, not giving viewers time to subscribe and watch the other ones
  • Being afraid of getting negative comments
  • Putting up a video that is not interesting or entertaining
  • Not using a good quality camera
  • Waiting too long to edit videos and add captions or subtitles
  • Uploading videos without engaging with the YouTube community
  • Ignoring video quality, such as poor lighting or low resolution
  • Not uploading frequently enough
  • Using a bad or unprofessional camera
  • Not reading the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines before uploading videos
  • Uploading too many videos at once, leading to a lack of views and subscribers
  • Focusing on quantity over quality- this will lead to a decrease in video watch time, which is what counts for monetization purposes
  • Creating content that is not unique or original
  • Not investing in high-quality equipment
  • YouTubing instead of focusing on their product
  • Not taking the time to study what they are presenting
  • Saying the wrong thing
  • Not adding value to their videos
  • Shooting too many takes
  • Not promoting their channel
    Don’t use copyrighted music in videos
    Don’t copy popular videos
    Don’t rely on Google Ad revenue
    Don’t expect fast results
  • They don’t ask for help or advice from people who already have a lot of views and subscribers
  • Do not forget to express gratitude when someone watches your video
  • The need to make everything yourself
  • Not understanding customer service
  • So many tutorials!
  • Too Much Promo!
  • Not enough Promo!
  • Not using annotations
  •  Insufficient research
  • Not uploading every week
  • No planning
  • Bad quality
  • Not knowing their marketing strategy
  • Having no plan
  • Too much material
  • Starting the wrong way
  • Trying to be something they’re not
  • Early frustration
  • The Channel Layout and Themes
  • The Tagline and the Descriptions of the Videos
  • Subscribing and Following up
  • Don’t have a schedule
  • Don’t have a defined focus
  • Don’t have a budget
  • Not having a clear understanding of their target audience
  • Uploading too many videos at once, which can lead to viewers unsubscribing
  • Making the content in their video too personal or inappropriate for YouTube’s younger demographic
  • Not promoting themselves on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram
  • Badly edited videos
  • Not promoting their content on other social media channels
  • Poor lighting and audio quality
  • No clear voiceover or narration for the video
  • Not putting a title and tags on the video
  • Uploading videos with low production value or content that is not interesting to an audience
  • Only uploading one video per week, which makes them less visible on YouTube’s search engine results page
  • Putting their full name as the only channel name, which makes it difficult for viewers to find other videos of theirs
  • Not understanding the importance of a good thumbnail
  • Uploading too many videos that are similar in content
  • Thinking they can make money by uploading sponsored content without mentioning it in the video description
  • Ignoring YouTube’s guidelines for monetization
  • Uploading a video with bad lighting
  • Not including captions for non-English speakers
  • Using copyrighted music in their videos without permission from the copyright holder
  • Focusing on quantity of content rather than quality
  • Not knowing what to do with their hands
  • Shaky camera work
  • Ignoring the “call-to-action” button at the bottom of a video description box
  • Putting too much information in their title and not enough content in the video
  • Not being clear about their niche
  • Creating a bad first impression by not having good lighting or sound quality
  • Not using tags and keywords to help people find their videos
  • Having a video that is too long, which can cause viewers to lose interest and stop watching
  • They don’t edit their videos
  • They upload a video and then get frustrated when it doesn’t get any views
  • They try to be funny, but they’re not
  • They post boring content that’s not exciting to watch
  • Their videos are too long or too short for the viewer’s attention span
  • Not reading comments on their videos
  • Posting too many videos in a row without any breaks
  • Uploading a video with poor quality content or sound
  • Not responding to their subscribers’ comments and questions
  • Over-promoting other people’s channels
  • Copying other people’s style
  • Not putting in enough effort or time into their videos
  • Keeping the camera too close to them when talking
  • Talking about irrelevant topics that aren’t interesting for anyone but themselves
  • Not understanding the importance of branding
  • Thinking that it doesn’t matter what they say as long as their video is entertaining
  • Putting out content too often, which can lead to burnout and a lack of quality videos
  • Trying to imitate other YouTubers instead of being themselves
  • Focusing on monetization first before building an audience
  • Not having a clear goal for their channel
  • Uploading too many videos at once, which can lead to viewer confusion and lower views
  • Not promoting their channel on social media
  • Forgetting to respond to comments or messages from viewers


We hope you found this list of mistakes new YouTubers make to be helpful. If you’re looking for more information on how we can help your YouTube channel grow and increase subscribers, please get in touch with us today!

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