Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics
Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

Video advertising is the best way to attract consumers and educate them about the benefits of choosing particular products or services. Video is a suitable medium for mobile video digital advertising. Mobile videos are more engaging that can reach the full range of consumers across the globe. Mobile device usage has rapidly increased daily, and intelligent mobiles have become a part of digital marketing.

The technologies have significantly improved, and consumers choose to buy some products by knowing information online about the particular company. The testimonial and product videos play a significant role in marketing and reaching consumers online. The videos are designed depending on the mobile formats, which can be played without buffering onto mobile devices. Even the Youtube platform provides various features for mobile-friendly videos and arrangements.

Recent survey reports revealed that mobile device users watch nearly six billion hours of video on Youtube every year. This is a live example of the utilization of mobile video in the advertising era. Programmatic mobile video advertising also raises its importance along with all of these things. With the increase in mobile video advertising, employment opportunities also increased, and app developers are designing various apps for better advertising and consumers’ comfort. Now we see different online shopping sites with in-app formats where we can buy products directly from the concerned app through mobile.

Mobile Video Marketing for Brands

With the increase in the usage of mobile devices with intelligent technology, marketers targeted mobile video advertising to reduce the distance between consumers and marketers online. Through mobile advertising, the marketer can reach the consumer at their fingertips. So, every brand is targeted toward mobile video advertising today.

Video is the most compelling way of advertising as it is worth of thousand words and can reach the audience much better than any other form of advertising. Today marketers are approaching developers and creating new applications for their branded services to reach customers effectively. Many different applications are available in the stores, mainly designed for mobile users. Even the mobile video ads didn’t take more data plan and are user-friendly.

Various service providers like DotnDot provide mobile video marketing services. The service providers help the marketer to reach their estimated sales leads to their business. With the developments in technology and digital marketing, various creative designing of mobile screens and easy access to high-definition videos on mobile has become easy today. So, brands use multiple mobile technology features, reaching consumers with different apps and campaigns on mobile.

Mobile Video Marketing Services are:

  • Video monetization on mobile
  • Optimization of mobile videos
  • Creation and working on ads
  • Adjusting the bandwidth
  • Mobile Video Analytics

Mobile Video Monetization

Monetization helps marketers to achieve good revenue from YouTube videos. The mobile video made the receipt of the marketers to the change and raised the level of marketing. The mobile devices enhanced the better growth and exposure of the brand and improved the identity and reach of the ads to the ideal customers online. From various reports by top companies, mobile videos enhance tremendous success and customer reach, competing with other devices. Nearly 6 billion hours of video are watched on mobile and tablet devices on YouTube. Many companies have reported that mobile video advertising and monetization help to have a better customer reach.

Better User Experience

Nearly 376 million of the three billion dollars in revenue accounted for advertising and helped achieve better income from mobile devices. It predicted that almost 900 million downloads were noted in 2014 through mobile. The app advertising and other campaigns have a high reach through mobile devices. People are using mobile devices to watch videos and surf the net, and most people love to view and download apps. These tremendous changes in the marketing era and consumer behavior have led to mobile monetization.

The CPM and CPV rates have raised as mobile users have significantly increased, and due to the new features by the various leading social media platforms like Facebook, which have started the autoplay video ads were also become optimized to mobile viewing and generating good revenues from the monetization of mobile videos.

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