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How to Use YouTube as an Ultimate Music Streaming Service

YouTube provided an excellent opportunity for all the users to make it as their platform to expose their potential talent in front of millions and allowed them to connect and to transform them into stars. The users can use an Ultimate Music Streaming Service and also post the cover songs on the YouTube platform as a live band performance in an independent toddler.

Youtube is the famous video destination as well as it has the favourite music discovery tool. Still now, Youtube platform allowed the monetisation of the video content on its platform and provided the users with good revenue from the video monetisation. Now, it was focused on the individual music artists and decided to allow them for monetisation of music. So, they can earn handsome revenue from the music monetisation on Youtube platform.

Guide To Monetizing Music On YouTube

How do the Monetization of Music on Youtube works:

The music you have uploaded delivered to the content ID of Youtube platform. It will get a track and scan everything with its algorithm and get registered with the exact sonic print called ėFingerprintî, for every song in the database.

If any user had included your music track in their videos, the platform will place an ad on the video and shares the revenue with you. So, as many videos on Youtube used your track as much; you can earn from

The revenue can share if and only if the banner ad or any other text ad clicked and watched at least 30 seconds. The ad rates also varied based on several factors. The companies pay the YouTube depending on the type of the ad they are using as well as the popularity of the particular video where the ad placed.

If the artists are successful in promoting their music tracks on various platforms, they can have more chances to earn better with the Music monetisation on Youtube platform.

How To Record And Upload Cover Songs On YouTube

Many cover songs posted on the YouTube platform without any permission from the owner of the copyrights and finally, they received infringement notice from the concerned content owner on the YouTube which leads to removal of the video from the platform.

Sometimes, it may also lead to permanent account deletion by the platform. If you are a serious artist, then you need to follow several rules and regulations to avoid the problems. Here are some steps to know how to record and upload cover songs on YouTube platform.

Get Started:

Choose a good camera and microphone to start recording. Don’t forget to choose the best quality instruments and the things to go on with the recording of your cover song video. Point the camera at you and keep on with headphones and start the song. At first start with mouthing some words.

Choose The Best Quality Conversion Services:

Use best microphone and camera microphone. Choose best services to convert your video file to audio file and edit them later. The first video you have prepared with mouthed lyrics must select and start an original song without vocals and after that convert it to the audio format.

Export it to video format once it completed and checked the things if they did correctly or not. Test number of times and upload it to the platform. If you were having any copies of other content, make sure you took permit from the concern content owner.

Getting Started with Cover Songs on YouTube to Make Money

Cover songs have gained immense importance recently on YouTube platform. Many unknown musicians have an excellent chance to reach their target audience on the platform. YouTube platform was providing them with a significant opportunity to become popular with their talent.

During the recording of the songs and while uploading the songs to the platform, one must remember that their name can go favourite if they can put their effort into it. Here is the guide to the YouTube cover songs to get started with and to make money from the cover songs on the platform.

Cover Songs on YouTube can Raise your Career:

YouTube is now providing the better revenue share to the individual musicians on its platform which is excellent news for the artists on YouTube. Before going with the cover songs, one must think that in what way it can be helpful to shine your career and yes it definitely if you go with the right tracks genuinely to the audience with the unique approach with music.

The final result will be positively favourable to you if you are successful in impressing the people with your music. YouTube Music increases your popularity and talent, and they will begin to subscribe to your channel.

What is the perfect strategy for cover songs?

The first thing is, you must know the popularity of the songs and tracks to do cover songs. Go and search the way that people are searching and what type of content they are looking for, this can help you to get with the audience.

If the people were already in search of the particular kind of song, then you have more chances to get proper engagement with your cover songs on the platform. The songs will appeal to the target your fans.

Don’t forget that you must record only best of you.You can also legally cover the songs that are written by other people even by using the Synchronization license otherwise it is not allowed to upload. suggested videos feature which will release soon on Facebook platform.

Getting Started Guide To YouTube Music Streaming App

The platform is rolling out a new application called ėYouTube Musicî recently.

The app is designed with an ad-supported mode which can be free of cost.

YouTube Music App Features:

The app is compatible with the iOS platform and as well as with the Android platform too. The YouTube Music is entirely personalised.

The home screen has the three buttons. The first one is My Station which can give the results based on the country and pop which curates basing on the patterns of listeners choice.

The station can choose by the user. You can also click on to the Variety tab to want less or more variety to play more songs.

YouTube has designed an efficient algorithm in which the users can be taken to view the two options to play now, Explore.

The ėMelody ODî is the algorithm for songs. The offline mix feature is the most stunning of all other features which are exclusive to the YouTube red subscribers.

What Is YouTube Red?

YouTube has introduced a new ìYouTube redî which are a brand name for the YouTube music key. Recently some screenshots had leaked on the web about the music key on YouTube platform.

From the leaked screenshots of the YouTube red, it was expected to be the description of the product of YouTube red. Many tech savvy’s were estimating that YouTube platform was going to make something new related to the Music key on its platform and was planning to play the videos in the background of the mobile phones.

The YouTube music key can play the music when the mobile screen was turned off and can play the videos offline and again come forward to the user when the user tried to open the YouTube again.

A text can show in the form of notification during the navigation of the user from the YouTube app. The web interface of the YouTube app was referring to the YouTube music key. The promotional page has not undergone any changes still.

YouTube didn’t announce the main changes in the music key yet. Many people are expecting that the platform will soon release some updates on YouTube music key services.

Music key is still at the beta stage since from a year of its release. At YouTube music key, the users can enjoy the ad-free music and the background playing which had started with the subscription of seven dollars.It also included the Google play music subscription.

So, it expected that new development could be done to the Music essential service as it was a beta for one year.


YouTube is the best platform for the musicians to showcase their talents. The number of ways we can use YouTube for streaming your music worldwide. Here we have compiled the complete guide how the people are using YouTube as an ultimate music streaming service.

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