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Must have qualities for a YouTube Consultant

The consultant is professional, who provides expert advice in a particular area or any other specialized field.The consultant may have specialized knowledge about one or many fields in which the customers need advice/support/service.   Consultants gain much of their knowledge through experience and charge to their customers for using their expertise.

Once a marketer plans to launch/promote his product, he has to approach many sources for this purpose.One of the options that the marketer has is an online promotion.As YouTube has been one of the largest providers of online video sharing platform, the marketer naturally finds this as an attractive avenue.However, he has hurdles in doing so:

1) He is not aware how to promote his products online and

2) What are the terms and conditions imposed by the channel?

To overcome this limitation,the option for the marketer is to approach consultant.  Appointment of a consultant needs a lot of background exercise to be taken up by the marketer in all the stages – prelaunch, launch and post launch.He has to gain comprehensive information about the company and without any limitations,he is required to share the same in the prescribed formats with the consultants.

Consultant in any matter in general and on YouTube in particular needs to have some basic qualities:

• Enough experience on YouTube Platform 

As one of the leading platform offering video promotion, YouTube has its own terms and conditions regarding operation and promotion of channels by the marketers.  The consultant is required to gain enough experience and utilize the same for the benefit of the marketers.

• Strong work ethic 

The consultant is expected to deal with clients who may be operating in the similar industry.  He is required to maintain required level of confidentiality in relation to the content of his clients.

• Result orientation 

As the marketer is approaching the consultant with the aim and objective of getting results (promotion of his products/services), the consultant must be ready to help his customer achieve his targets.

• Market assessment 

As a person with relevant experience in the market, the consultant is expected to have reasonable estimates about the market potentiality.This information he can gather either from primary/secondary sources and he has to present the same to his client in an appealing and convincing way.

• Listen before acting 

The consultant may be having rich experience and may be able to offer solutions to the requirements of his customers.  However, as the specific needs of each of the customers vary, the consultant is required to give enough attention to his client before proceeding further.

• The flood of ideas 

As the marketer is in a hurry to launch/promote his product, he has to get a suitable response from the consultant.  For achieving this, the consultant is expected to have a flood of ideas in his brain.  This can be either through past experience or through the constant study of relevant books.

• Analytic skills 

As there is a lot more data available that can fulfill the requirements of his customers, the consultant is required to apply the required analytic skills to present the data in a format that the customer can understand and take a suitable marketing decision.

• Playing with data 

The consultant has more than required quantity of data that meets the requirements of his customers.  He has to play with the data and refine the same to present it to his customer as per his requirement.

• Multiple skills 

He has to have thorough knowledge about video industry and also thorough knowledge about IT & social media skills.  Simultaneously, he has to possess multi-tasking approach.  He has to pose questions to his customer as well as answer questions from his customer.

• Market research and study 

The basic objective of a consultant is to present the market data.For obtaining the latest data the consultant needs to continuously do research and study in the fields relevant to him.

A consultant is believed to be a solid link between the marketer and his channel.As such, the consultant must have the required qualities and he needs to utilize the same for the benefit of his customer.In addition to the field qualities (as mentioned above) he has to have neat and respectable attire (of him and his office),continuous access during reasonable working hours, proper reply system, proper record keeping system etc in place.All these additional features will add confidence about him in the minds of his customers and the marketer can approach the consultant with much more confidence.

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