50 Things to Check before Launching a New YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is the best way to reach your audience by expanding your targeting options. YouTube videos lists in the topmost line in the search engine results. The platform has provided an excellent opportunity for the creators to display their talent to the world.

Not every channel become a successful one because due to lack of efficient strategy. One must recheck several things to launch a new YouTube channel to become successful. Follow these 50 things before you create your new YouTube channel.

1. Before creating your YouTube channel, you must get ready with your equipment first. Get the best camera, green mat, camera holder, etc for your video shoot.

2. The first thing that must be crossed in your mind is why you need a YouTube channel. You must have a clear answer for yourself before starting a new channel on YouTube.

3. Get ready with the voice over equipment as a good voice over will enhance your channel development.

4. Decide in which way you like to present your channels like a branding channel or a general user channel.

5. If you want to start your YouTube channel as a social media presence for your business, Make sure you have a detailed YouTube channel strategy.

6. Select your niche. Meaning, you need to choose your category on which you are going to post your videos and on what topics you want to convey to your audience.

7. Choose the best name to your YouTube channel. The name must be catchy, interesting and relevant to the niche you have chosen.

8. Research in your niche. Research before you creates a new YouTube channel. Research on various successful YouTube channels in the same category and learn important things and success factors.

9. Note down each, and every point that feels is necessary for your channel success.

10. List out the top channels in your niche and follow them to know how regular they are and how often they are posting the videos on YouTube platform.

11. Plan a strategy in detail. Planning a good strategy always keeps you going in a right direction after starting your channel on YouTube. Without a good plan, you will remain as a plane with crashed signal system.

12. Write down the Channel name and prepare the channel Logo. Channel logo is paramount for branding as well as for the better identity to differentiate you from the channels on YouTube platform.

13. Keep unique and trending channel name for your new YouTube channel.

14. Create and plan content for at least ten days prior before starting your new YouTube channel.

15. Plan right cover page image for your channel to attract your visitors.

16. Plan your schedule for publishing the videos daily or weekly as your planned your strategy.

17. Before creating your channel, know about your targeted audience, demographics and everything you need for your goals and objectives.

18. If you are starting a business channel, make sure you research on your audience interests and how they are approaching other channels and how actively they are connected to the channels in your niche.

19. Basing on your audience interests, create content you want to publish on your YouTube channel.

20. Learn about Google Adwords and how to link your channel to the Adwords account.

21. Also, learn about the Advantage of using the Google Adwords for the advertising and promotion of your videos and channel.

22. Prepare a good channel trailer after you have done with your teaser. Cover what you want to convey your audience after the creation of Your YouTube channel.

23. Define your objectives and then create the content accordingly.

24. Create quality video and audio content and stock accordingly before the creation of your channel.

25. Get ready with your channel description.

26. Include the links and other landing pages you want to reveal to your audience after creating your YouTube channel.

27. Learn about YouTube terms and conditions to avoid the content violations and copyright strikes.

28. Maintain a positive attitude as it will be very helpful to fetch good result after creation and launching of your YouTube channel.

29. Don’t forget to plan your SEO strategy because SEO helps you to display your channel at the top results across search engines.

30. Learn about YouTube channel ads and plan a particular strategy to utilize the ads in a better way.

31. Build other social media accounts and be ready with the links to get connected with the other social media presence on the web.

32. Announce your upcoming new channel on Twitter and other social platforms if you already have good connections on platforms.

33. If you have your blog, connect your audience and announce your upcoming new YouTube channel.

34. Ask them suggestions on content and channel name.

35. Create buzz on your social platforms with your audience about your YouTube channel.

36. Take suggestions and get ready to launch. If you need any changes, just add to your existing strategy with simple modifications.

37. After adding the modifications make sure you have a clear action plan to start your YouTube channel.

38. Ensure that you have sound knowledge of keywords and descriptions.

39. Research on keywords after stoking your videos for ten days prior before you create your channel.

40. While stocking your videos, make sure you store the descriptions, tags, annotations for your videos.

41. Include the best keywords in the titles and description of your videos.

42. Schedule your video publishing timings and never skip a day in your schedule to be successful in reaching your audience.

43. Also, learn how to respond to the audience comments in a positive way.

44. Don’t forget to note down the active fellow Youtubers to get connected with them.

45. Don’t step back while conversing about your upcoming channel on social media.

46. Don’t let the buzz down in your social media accounts about your new channel.

47. Update about every recent happening and behind the screen stories with your social media audience.

48. Enjoy creating your videos; don’t ever focus on the quantity you are making. Always concentrate on the quality content.

49. Make sure you place building community and community conversations as a part of your schedule.

50. Create your new channel with after creating the perfect plan, strategy and action plan in your best way.

Finally, follow the above checklist before launching your new Channel on YouTube platform.

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