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The Ultimate Guide to Oculus Gear VR Facebook Live Streaming

Virtual Reality is the most popular across the web where people were already fell in love with real-time viewing experience which can be delivered through virtual reality.

So, from marketers to ad makers have targeted the virtual reality market across the web. Virtual reality is still growing in the marketing and advertising sector, and it can be considered as the most emerging technology today.

the various virtual reality headsets enhance the virtual reality viewing experience with the top companies like Facebook, Samsung, Playstation, Google; HTC, etc. are already buzzing the virtual reality market.

Virtual Reality and Social Platforms

Social platforms are also moving ahead to deliver their users the better viewing experience and competing with the other social media platforms.

These social networks are not only targeting the users but also focusing on the publishers and marketers on their platforms and giving them a choice of making the Virtual Reality technology for their marketing and advertising.

Oculus Gear VR Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Platform was already providing the 360 degree live videos to its users and updated recently with the live virtual reality gaming sessions on its platform.

This is the top news across the web. Yes, Oculus was updated its Gear VR platform and allowing the users to live stream their gaming with VR directly on the Facebook platform.

The main objective of enabling this new feature is to share the magical experience of the Virtual Reality to all.

Virtual Reality can be better understand by you when you experience the technology rather than reading about it.

Guide to Oculus Gear VR Facebook Streaming

The Oculus had planned to update its live streaming by updating its Gear VR which enables the users to stream their game play that allows the friends to watch and comment as well as react on your gaming footage on Facebook platform.

The most common problem before this update

Previously, people used to exhaust into their VR headsets while playing interesting games, and the other friends can’t be able to watch what’s going on in the gameplay. This situation is too boring for the audience to know what others are doing in the gameplay and there is no option to stream on the screen.

Today, with the update of gear VR, people can stream online, and the audience can watch the things much better as it will live stream directly on Facebook that too in VR experience.

The Oculus Rooms

Oculus Rooms are introduced previously for the hangout with the friends and relatives in the virtual reality as a medium. A new dimension of social Virtual Reality was come into being by providing a new experience to the Gear VR viewers.

The new updates of the Oculus Rooms allow the new content watching for free in the Rooms and users can watch the music videos and expand their video collection.

Users can also watch the 360-degree videos with VR experience. More features are going to add to the Oculus Rooms to enhance the social VR experience to the people on the Facebook platform.

The search functionality was also updated in the Oculus Rooms feature. The users can use the voice to search on the Facebook platform. The voice searching feature is the extension to the featured voice command which is added to the oculus home.

Mobile VR and its Ecosystem with the Oculus Events

Oculus Events is also one of the recent updates which makes finding the friends with much ease to experience VR together with them. At present, it is available for the English speaking people.

The new feature will allow the public events and can interact with the Gear VR. You can also find the events that are displayed in the Oculus Home.

These Oculus events can be accessed from its dedicated tab for events. The users can also set the various reminders for the marketing of future events as well as users can jump into live sessions.

Oculus events also support the gaming of,multi-players and this is the new update which levels up the complete social interaction levels, and it is a powerful way to build good interactions with their new   VR technology on Facebook.

The speech recognition allows the users to navigate the menu and search for the content across the Oculus home. Friends can check the online status and let them invite through the voice commands.

VR Sharing with Live Streaming on Facebook

The VR sharing feature allows the users to share their virtual moments with friends and relatives on the Facebook platform. The Facebook started its VR live streaming directly with the Gear VR.

Users can share their experience in the gaming world to the friends across the Facebook platform. Users have to select the “Live Stream to Facebook’ button in the universal menu in Virtual Reality and users can start their live streaming instantly with the friends on Facebook.

The Gear VR update is straightforward to schedule the things like sessions, reminders for events, etc. with anyone. The Oculus featured to highlight the special events in your oculus home and the event’s tab can be available for the events searching queries.

The present new feature is available for the users outside the US and it is available soon on latest version across android phone like Samsung in few days.

If you are going to rock the things in VR, you must experience the present VR ecosystem and make VR as your priority first to learn the things from the first door. You can also grab the things about the revenue generation using virtual reality as your medium.

This made the gaming to the next level on a Facebook platform which can provide a unique experience with the virtual reality technology by Gear VR directed on the Facebook platform.

Top 10 Features of Oculus Rift VR Glove

What is the new way to interact with Oculus Rift headset?

It is Oculus Rift VR Glove.

Oculus Rift working on new ways to bring your hands on VR technology gloves, if you wear those gloves you can type on a virtual keyboard, draw and play games on VR world. Experience the VR world with Oculus Rift Gloves.

Controlling VR is aiming to designed microsensors which can detect small inertial changes to track your hands, arms, and fingers. It will make you feel like a spiderman on working with Oculus Rift gloves.

The Rift VR Glove was showed off by Mark Zuckerberg recently. The glove will let the user use the fingers to paint, type in virtual reality, etc. Here are the top 10 features of Oculus Rift VR Glove.

Oculus Rift VR Glove Features

  1. They have slim form factor.
  2. The gloves position is sensed by the OptiTrack Prime 17W cameras.
  3. These gloves fit over the hands and appear like mechanical exoskeletons.
  4. The Gloves are attached wirelessly to Oculus VR headset.
  5. The moving of gloves real-time will project images to the user.
  6. Manus VR Glove is the first interactive glove in VR world, and it is available for pre-order now.
  7. Wearing the gloves will allow typing on the virtual keyboard.
  8. Oculus does not support the augmented reality, but Mark referred to it.
  9. The touch controllers released previously by the company did not offer flexibility and ability.
  10. The oculus rift VR gloves focus on advanced optics, eye tracking and mixed reality.

Typing in VR with Oculus Rift with Gloves expands the usage of the device from gaming and entertainment into enterprise and business use cases. Gloves help Oculus realize the dream of VR presence, and there would is nothing to remind the user that they are not in the fantasy world.

Oculus Rift introducing new Gloves, which will lead you to experience the world of virtual games while playing with gloves. When working with these gloves, you may feel like flying like spiderman and enjoy the experience of a Virtual, Augmented reality world. The above guide leads you to know ten important and best factors about Oculus Rift VR Gloves.

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