Video Consumption Statistics in Germany

20 Online Video Consumption Statistics in Germany

Have you heard that video consumption is vast in Germany? It’s true, according to a new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The IAB found that Germans watch as many as 5 hours of online video weekly. And at least 75% of this time is spent watching videos on YouTube and other social media sites. What does it mean for you? If you’re a marketer or advertiser, there are enormous opportunities for your brand to reach German consumers who spend all day every day consuming digital video content.

Germany, one of the world’s largest economies and a tech-savvy nation, has significantly transformed how its citizens consume video content. With the rise of digital platforms, video streams have become integral to Germans’ daily lives, influencing their entertainment choices, information consumption, and social interactions. This compilation of 20 online video consumption statistics in Germany offers valuable insights into the current landscape, emerging trends, and implications for business and content creators.

The internet is constantly changing and evolving, but what’s the most popular thing people watch online? A new report from Ooyala reveals that Gedaily reads newspapers than their websites, and they care more about videos there than anywhere else. One-third of Germany’s population watches YouTube every day. Read about these exciting statistics in this blog post!

We will show you some interesting stats about the consumption of online videos in Germany. The average person spends a day watching videos on their phone, computer, or tablet. This is more than any other country on Earth and is 50% more than the worldwide average! Germans spend an hour less daily reading newspapers than just ten years ago.

What does this mean for marketers? Video content may be your most valuable marketing tool since it’s popular with German consumers!

The online video consumption statistics for Germany are an exciting read. A large percentage of Germans enjoy watching videos on YouTube, with 82% of respondents saying they use YouTube for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, regarding the time spent viewing videos, German consumers rank second in Europe and fourth Globally! And this doesn’t even consider all daily pall platforms such as Vimeo or DailymotDailymotionermans also use to watch videos.

It is estimated that 4 billion videos will be watched online daily, and the number of respondents who watch will grow exponentially over time. One country with a large share of video consumption is Germany, with the average individual watching 2 hours and 18 minutes of video daily! This blog post examines what people tend to do online and how it changes depending on their age bracket.

Video consumption statistics in Germany change daily across the globe, and here is a short look at video usage and viewing rates in Germany.

1. Short video content is most watchable in Germany.

2. More than 80 percent of the respondents watch YouTube videos at least twice weekly.

3. 75 percent of viewers are watching the videos to gain information.

4. 50 percent of people in Germany watch YouTube videos for fun.

5. 44 percent of Germans are watching YouTube videos to relax.

6. 51 percent of viewers are watching videos by chance during a search on the internet.

7. More than 41 percent of viewers watch video content while reading an article online.

Percentage of viewers who have discovered the video content during advertising.

9. the survey reports show over 35 percent of viewers watch videos daily.

Compared to previous year reports, 10. According to 2016 reports, there are 15 minutes of YouTube videos daily.

11. According to recent research reports, more than 45 million unique viewers notice the average.

12. Germany was in the top five places in one video viewing.

13. Vthan 10kin Germany watches video content, at least 188 videos on average.

14. An average viewer watches at least 19 hours of video per month.

15. More than 45 million German users had watched online videos in one month.

16. Compared to previous year reports, video watch time has increased gradually in Germany.

17. Machinima is the top German video channel, with over 4.3 million views in Germany.

18. Video gaming channels are the most popular in Germany as they love watching videos related to video games.

19. More than 10k unique video viewers are noticed daily on Facebook.

20. More than 90 percent of people use multiple devices to watch videos.

Online Video Consumption in Germany

  • The most popular type of content was TV series.
  • YouTube is by far the most popular platform for viewing online videos in Germany
  • Germans are watching more than 8 billion hours of video on their smartphones every month
  • In Germany, the most extensive online video platform is YouTube
  • The average German spends just over an hour a day watching online videos
  • Germans watch a lot of TV shows and movies on their computers or smartphones
  • For those who prefer to watch in HD, Netflix is popular because it has fewer ads than other platforms
  • YouTube is the most popular platform for Germans, with 51% of them watching videos on it every week
  • Facebook and Netflix are also popular platforms, with a large percentage (30%) of Germans watching videos on each site at least once per month
  • YouTube is the most popular video site in Germany, with a market share of 81%
  • Facebook and Instagram are also popular video sites for Germans, with shares of 34% and 24%, respectively
  • The average German spends around 4 hours per week watching videos on these platforms
  • The average German watches 3 hours of video per day
  • 60% of Germans watch YouTube videos on their mobile devices every day

Therefore, these are some interesting statistical data from Germany regarding online video usage and marketing.


The popularity of online video has grown, and marketers need to stay on top of these trends. If you’re looking for a way to do so, take advantage of our free ebook, which offers all the latest insights into how people consume videos today!

The online video market is expected to grow substantially in the next few years. With a projected $17 billion revenue increase by 2020, it’s no wonder that major sites like Facebook and YouTube are investing more money into video content production. So why should you care? Well, for starters, your customers do! As we’ve seen with these statistics from Germany, people r watching videos on their mobile devices over reading text-based articles or scrolling through social media feeds as they look up everything from recipes to how-to instructions. If you’re not already incorporating this trend into your marketing strategy today, now may be the time to start thinking about the impact an increased focus on Onlintoideo could have on your business.

In Germany, more than half of the population (51%) watch video content online. The most popular platforms are YouTube and Facebook, with a 26% market share in German-speaking countries. Suppose you want to reach a broad audience on social media or other digital channels. In that case, it might be worth considering investing your time into these two proven players rather than trying to compete with all the smaller niche sites that exist out there. With this valuable insight into how people’s brains work when they see videos online, we hope you feel empowered to make better decisions about where and how you invest marketing dollars and what strategies are best with your customers!

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