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Online Video Learning: 50 Benefits of Online Video Education

Online video learning is basically about learning through professionals sitting right at your place. Here, for online video education, we don’t need to pay a huge amount and byheart things and people will be taught in creative and innovative ways. Online video learning also refers to as e-learning and watch online videos regarding what we want to learn and put forward your doubts. Here we compiled 50 benefits of online learning.

50 Benefits of Online Video Learning:

Self Learning:

Online video learning promotes self-learning and motivates the trainees to have more focus when compared to traditional learning.

Providing Employment:

It benefits not only the trainee but also the instructor i.e., the instructor can earn a living through online video teaching.

Focus on Particular Topics:

The trainees can learn particular topics and lessons. They have a chance to choose particular topics and refer to it multiple times.

Reliable Learning:

The trainee can learn from anywhere by internet access. They can easily compare with any other source and accurately know where the content is from.

Budget Friendly

Students don’t need to travel to learn, which saves them transport expenses, no need to pay extra fees such as lab fees, course fees as in online learning they don’t need to attend colleges. Imagine if you live far away from Institution, it is impossible for your daily travel. Hence, we choose hostels, etc. but due to online video learning, we can save our hostel expenses and many more.

Convenient Learning:

There is no need to copy notes as they would be sharing material, which saves time. Students do not need to panic about missing the classes as they can watch the video later; also, this makes online video learning more effective and convenient.

Reviewing Online videos:

If there is anything, they didn’t understand in the class as it’s through online video learning, they can check the meaning in the other tab and ask their professors doubts or can even rewind the video for better understanding. This feature of online video learning makes it one of the best ways of learning.

Helpful for all Students:

If a student is shy to ask questions in a classroom environment due to the public in class, this online video learning helps him/her to put forward his doubts through the chatbox, which is a more comfortable to intimidating with professors than in public.

Sharing content through online learning:

Students can even share the content with others. i.e., their work on this online video learning.

More relevant topics:

Professors can also discuss with other professionals before sharing the content as they have enough time and can do better research regarding every topic before they teach.

Focuses more on Ideas:

Students have a fear of expressingand being judged while they share their ideas, but due to online video learning, this issue is resolved.

Availability issue Resolved:

In online video learning, it helps the group of people to communicate sitting at their places, which is more time saving as not everyone would be available to meet and discuss the classes. This online video learning helps students to a group chat or create rooms and review courses and their ideas.

Learning Schedule is made easy:

A student can learn whenever they want to without any disturbance i.e., and they can work all over the day and can watch online video learning videos at lifetime. Online video learning makes students learning schedules according to their will, not like classes in schools or colleges, which has to be attended at the proper time.

Acquiring help from other Country professionals:

Traditional learning limits us in learning things i.e., and we cannot learn specific courses through higher professionals as we don’t know how to approach them. Still, online video learning helps us to reach out to professionals like for supposing, if we are interested to learn the German language it doesn’t limit us to a professional in our locality we can learn from professionals across the world through online video learning.

Availability of professionals:

It is challenging to talk to our professor after class to clear our doubts as they might have another class, and we need to wait to clear our doubts, but as we are learning through online video learning this not an issue.

Connecting Global People:

In online video learning, we can even find people with the same learning interests as us and can seek help from them in times of need. Online video platform enables us to learn and share knowledge.


Mobile friendly resemble not only the cost factor, and one mobile with internet connectivity is needed. If you have a mobile with internet access, that’s more than enough for online video learning.

Effective learning:

It makes learning more efficient as while teaching in online videos, there are many clips and also animated versions for a better understanding of concepts. This sort of concept-based learning helps you in remembering concepts quickly.

Easy Assessments:

The online assessments check the ability to understand the topics of students through which they get to know the student’s capability. Students can retake some assessments if they didn’t perform well, and reconsideration is possible, which makes students more attracted towards online video learning.
Helps to handle Criticism better:

Unlike handwritten tests, the results of online assessments are faster. The results are shown within minutes and even display the trainee where they have gone wrong and make them understand where they lack and helps them to understand himself better, whereas, in handwritten tests, the marks are announced publicly.

Widespread Popularity:

The popularity of online video learning made many courses available.

Freedom of Expression:

Online learning helps to express ideas and creative thoughts without fear.

No Waiting:

You need not wait to attend online classes.

Promote Lifetime learning:

Promotes lifetime learning i.e., we can learn at any age.

Update Skills:

Even professionals can update their skills and expertise at any age and at any time.

Free Training:

Pieces of training on many digital courses are made possible through online video learning.

On the go learning:

On the go, learning refers to mobile learning where you can learn even though when you are traveling.

Assignment and Monitoring made easy:

Courses completion and participant courses can be monitored easily.

Advantage of Multimedia:

In this learning, we are taught through videotapes and animation, which helps to remember more concepts.

Improves direct Communication:

Students can impose questions in the chatbox, and everyone is given equal rights to speak up.

Various modes of Learning:

The course has been taught through online slides and course notes. Course notes are also shared with students for future use.

Saves Time:

Students can access the course in free time and can finish assignments based on their schedules.

Reduced Workload:

Instructors do not need to work on each student quiz result as they are auto-generated, which saves time and reduces the workload for instructors.

Regular Assessments:

Regular assessments make the student know their mistakes as there is immediate feedback later.

Attendance Issue:

The physical presence of students matters, but in the case of online video learning, even though the student falls sick, they can attend classes through the home, which is not possible in traditional knowledge.

Specialized Programs:

Some courses offer only major course subjects leaving the electives, which helps students to get their degrees faster.

Updated Content:

We can avail of updated courses without buying many books for the same course.

A wider range of options:

Students can choose different degree courses, depending on their interests.

Customized Learning:

Students can learn courses accordingly as if they know something in a course, and they can learn things which they don’t.

Student Oriented learning :

Students can learn a topic until he understands it without the pressure of the instructor moving to the next topic.

Preference is given based on Student Interests:

Students can learn many courses at a time.

Improvement in Communication in Skills:

Communication skills are improved and enhanced.

Fastest Learning:

Fastest learning is possible through online video learning as the completion, of course, depends on the trainee.

Better Organisation Skills:

Online students have better organizational skills and time management skills as they have to juggle between their schools/work.

Retention of Knowledge:

Online video classes help to generate product on every topic they have been taught.

Trainees get support:

Trainees can even avail for instructor jobs after completion of courses.

Internationally recognized programs:

Online courses provide internationally recognized programs from all over the world.

Reaching out to many people:

Online video classes reach out to people even who stay in remote places.

Analytics of Data:

Data can be analyzed and can be learned and can be presented accordingly.

Competency-based learning:

The education sector is moving quickly, and it requires timed based, time served, and competency mastered education, which can be provided through online video learning.


It can be accessed on multiple devices, which makes online video learning more efficient.

Illustration based learning:

A trainee is trained ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ tackle situations as they have been prepared and also explained how to tackle the situations.

The great advantage for visual learners:

Visual learners understand concepts better when they are associated with images and videos.


Students in online programs can effectively manage their time to learn the course materials and complete assignments on their schedules and more. Hopefully, these above advantages can help you move forward to the online video learning.

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