Oprah Winfrey

How Oprah Winfrey Wins Millions of YouTube Hearts

The Queen of American Television and YouTube Channel Oprah Winfrey had rolled the entire world with her strong desire of reestablishing the World by connecting the people to them.

In the starting of her career she used to be as host for television talk show which had changed her life.

In this show she used to reveal the life of celebrities i.e. they shared their personal life with her.

After that, she had decided to launch her own channel with the complete guidance to bring awareness in the public.

Before that, she gave her complete support to Obama to vote him and this can also be a one of the reason to become famous.

Moreover, her endless effort and commitment to do something for the public made her to become popular figure in the society.

On her YouTube channel we can find her creativity and dedication towards her work.

She conducts shows by taking interviews from the celebrities of all time and they switch their inner feelings with the public through Oprah Winfrey.

The way that she treats the guests and her spontaneity of making fun made her to be the number one women in the television history.

She takes interviews from the persons from the world who remained forever like Michel Jackson, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and Abraham Hicks.

In those interviews they give the precious words to the public with highly impacting way.

She carryout so many shows in OWN YouTube channel in that one of the best show is “where are they now”.

In this show she invites the people of that one can never expect that means the people who suffered ultimately with unbearable situations and present happy life by overcoming those worse situations.

The unknown faces as they are very famous through their voice or their activities in public. For example the voice of SIRI, which is well known in Google, but no one knew about that person.

Oprah brought her on this show to share her feelings and her real name is Susan Bennette.

The abnormal things happened in a normal life of people. We get a notice in daily life, but didn’t see in a real time that will be brought on to the stage by Oprah.

Tom Cruise with Oprah:

The most popular show of Oprah Winfrey at all times is Tom Cruise Kills Oprah and this is completely the fun generating show that the most famous American figure for all people.

No one will be there without knowing about Tom Cruise and he made too much of fun with Oprah.

Then he mentioned that he was very excited to be with Oprah on that show and we can see all his emotions of being very happy.

From this we can say that how people are crazy about Oprah even from the celebrities i.e. they will have huge fan following from the public and they are fans of Oprah.

By looking at her shows we can feel that it’s really happening in our surroundings and that much of naturally she hosts.

Oprah Winfrey Interview with Michel Jackson:

The first interview that rises up the future of Oprah through media is “Interview with Michel Jackson by Oprah Winfrey”.

In this interview she asks all the normal questions of personal life of Michel that no knows.

He shared his pain of how he completely dedicated to music world by losing his childhood memories and the personal abuses regarding his appearance and his helping hand for children suffering from cancer.

This show could inspire everyone to do the work with dedication.

She achieved millions of fans through social media by conducting the ultimate shows that are never hosted by anyone.

Dreadful Story of Neglected Child – Oprah Winfrey:

In this, she reveals about the child who was neglected by her mother for years and there may be a reason to have such circumstances.

The girl in this show is totally being inside the messy house i.e. it is filled with spider webs and cockroaches.

She is used to do everything there itself whereas, one cop brought her out and then she was adopted by husband and wife.

They took care of her like their own daughter and they used to do everything.

When she is 15 years old she started doing herself, but reason behind her situation to be like that is that her brain not matured fully.

Though she is 15 she is still like a kid and her father takes care of her.

This is a pathetic story of Danielle and this was brought into the public through the show of Oprah Winfrey.

From this show of Oprah everyone should take care of their children to feed them at least for minimum standards.

From this show we can find the sympathetic angle of Oprah towards orphans and this can also be the reason to have that much of YouTube followers for Oprah.

Motivational speech by Oprah:

The speech of Oprah in this, show is entirely speechless and in this she says how she thought about future by doing hard work.

She says about the believing the God is expanding the thoughts of being in the society and gaining confidence of comparing that something greater than us.

The unimaginable creation of creature on this Earth has some reason that it born here and to do something.

She wouldn’t consider luck and says that doing best will hang us on peaks. In her words the luck is preparation and getting opportunity to expose our talent.

She trusts the religion of Newton’s third law, i.e. for every action there is a reaction. For this gave the crucial words that “every thought she thinks will make it an action and it spreads around the world and comeback to her as an unbeatable victory”.

She gives the words of when the energy of soul comes out then the authentic power will be gained and no one can beat us and it’s not regarding the beauty or wealth, but what you mean to be here and what you have done would remain forever.

This thunderstruck speech will strike off the minds of the people that how she succeeded in having fans throughout the world and it could change the minds of the people to achieve something in their life.

Oprah Sharing Personal with the Public:

Oprah revealed the secret of her personal life that had molestation and her child was dead after two weeks.

No one knows about this, but shared her emotional feelings with the public and this had put everyone in tears.

We can grab that as being in the position of celebrity she spoke about her personal life for which she doesn’t need to say and this matter doesn’t affect her career anymore.

From this we can find that how the public is treating, i.e. like their family member.

About OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network):

Oprah Winfrey started her own YouTube channel named “OWN” with her unbeatable talent and launched by the inspiration of a leader on Jan 1st 2006. In this channel we can find the Oprah Winfrey impulsion in achieving specific brand throughout the social media and her cleverness to get unpredictable victory in hosting this OWN channel.

Through her everyone can make an idea to have leadership in a particular work and the most capable people will be encouraged. Whereas, the people having same thoughts like her will be united to form an association to hookup on Social media by using OWN YouTube channel.

In this channel she telecasting so many shows like Oprah’s master class, The Haves and Have Nots, Super Soul Sunday, Love Thy Neighbor, Our America with Lisa Ling and many OWN shows that are completely different from other channels and she presents some cooking shows for health & fitness.

The no. of subscribers for this channel is 1,081,178+ and the 602,406,619+ viewers. From this we can notify that the ultimate no. of heart core fans of Oprah Winfrey and became brand ambassador for social media.


As she had great achievement through all her activities brought an extraordinary icon over the entire World and she doesn’t show any inequalities regarding age or gender to host the shows.

She wrote too many books and had established blogs along with hosting shows to explore her career.

Because of all these rationale Oprah Winfrey won the millions of YouTube Hearts as well as other social media.

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