Periscope Marketing

Periscope Marketing: Guide to Live Streaming on Periscope 2024

Periscope is the best live streaming mobile application that is acquired by the Twitter platform. The platform has received about one million users in the first ten days itself. It has different users of all ages and genders, and it is the best platform for marketing and advertising too. The live streaming and live video advertising and marketing have become a significant trend in digital marketing to reach marketing targets online.

Introduction to the Periscope Marketing

Periscope is one of the best platforms for the online video streaming. The platform has developed within a brief period from its launch. It has become the top competitor to the other live apps today. Marketers trust periscope as their main medium to reach the people in real-time with their consistent marketing efforts.

The marketers can sign up for periscope application in two different ways, one is via Twitter account, and the other is a periscope account using the mobile number. That means the marketers can reach the audience that is on periscope along with the Twitter audience too. So the promotions and reach also become at a higher level to get successful online.

Periscope Marketing for Business

Periscope is the best medium for marketing your business online. It allows and provides access to real-time broadcasting and is the most reliable type of storytelling for the brands to the viewers and connects them with good trust. It enhances brand equity boosts things in the right way. The branding equity allows the brand to give more value to the brand’s name and recognition and also boosts the sales potential of the business.

Businesses can create a great experience with the periscope to get connected with the followers. The businesses can go with the intimate experiences, and sharing behind the screen scenes with the people can enhance better engagement.

If any business was going with the live streaming for launching its new product or services online, then periscope is the best place to go with to get connected with the people. There is the chance that viewers also can get interact in real-time with your brand and discuss the things about the brand which can help your business in the best way.

Periscope Marketing Strategies


Not only periscope before going with any different marketing strategies in digital marketing or live video marketing, the planning plays a vital role in the business to get successful. So plan your strategies and set goals short term goals and reach them with a good implementation of your planning for better marketing.


Analyzing the competition is very important to achieve the things in the right way. Observe what your competitors are doing and how they are approaching the customers or interacting with the audience and act accordingly. So do a competitive analysis in your niche.

Follow your competitors on periscope platform and analyze the different video content they have created and how they are sharing the things and get some idea and apply to your present planned strategy wherever it is necessary to your success online.

Create difference

Don’t follow the crowd lead them or else create a separate way with your idea to reach the things in a better way to get successful on the periscope. So, after observing the other live streams and competitor’s strategic plans, you can get good ideas about the implementation of the planning and lead the business promotion online with a periscope.

So, never get back and start your steps towards the periscope marketing in a creative, unique and attractive way to grab the attention of audience across the web.

Best ways to use Periscope for Marketing

There are several ways to utilize the periscope marketing for better results in your business marketing online. Here are some best ways to explore the periscope marketing. Here some best ways to market your business on the periscope.

Customer support

More than 78 percent of users of the Twitter platform are accessing the site through mobile devices. So, mobile presence has become very strong and powerful in marketing today. The live video chat customer support has transformed into real-time interaction with live streaming applications like the periscope.

So, utilize the periscope platform for live customer support for your firm. So that the customers can get connect with your services with ease and also build customer loyalty.

Go with better promotions

Promote your products and services with live streaming online using the periscope. It helps you to gain a good following on the platform. Your stream can enhance your visibility across the web. Try different promotions by including some discounts and offer coupons to attract the customers.

• More than ten million users are using the periscope

• Nearly 189 million broadcasts on periscope

• More than 70 percent users on periscope are belonging to the age between 16 to 34 years.

• Periscope is available in 25 different languages.

• Thirty percent periscope URL’s that is posted by the women.

Go with new trends in live streaming by following different techniques and tactics to reach the people across the web and get successful with the periscope live streaming online. It is very important for the marketers to grab the attention of the customers by following the latest trends in the online live streaming.

How are Brands using the Periscope for Marketing?

Brands are experimenting with different ways of exploring the things that are connected with the marketing online. Brands are reaching the customers with different tutorials, how to’s, and online product launches.

The brands are getting successful with periscope marketing by building the appropriate strategic plan to reach the things in the right way.

Some marketers are approaching and interacting with the customers online via live streaming in real-time and building good trustful connections, which can increase the sales leads too. So, periscope application is the best one for the marketing and advertising by making the live streaming and live video as the main tactic.

5 Ways to Incorporate Periscope into Your Brand Marketing

The online live streaming applications have become the great marketing and advertising tools today.

The apps, like a periscope, succeeded within a brief period. It has grabbed more than ten million registered users on its platform.

The live streaming applications are allowing the marketers to broadcast the real events and real conversations with the customers which can increase the consumer engagement with the marketers and improves the sales leads. Here are some best ways to incorporate the periscope in your brand strategy.

Periscope for your New Product Launching

If you are going to launch a new product, the periscope platform is the best place to do. You can answer the various questions shot by the viewers concerning the new product.

Periscope for your New Product Launching can make your new product more engaging and also have the chances to gain good exposure.

Create a Personal Connection between Audience and Brand

Let you your audience know more about the brand and spend time with the viewers and let them know about the office and behind the screen videos. Add a little humor to stick the viewers with your video stream.

Connect with Influencer

Influencer marketing can be carried on periscope by targeting and researching the influencers of your audience. You can converse with them in real time.

Brand Description Videos

You can describe by unboxing the new products of your brand live. Demonstrate the product and the advantages of using your brand to the viewers. Answer their questions and allow them to get connected with the website by posting a link to your site.

Carry on some Live contest or Quiz and offer them Attractive Gifts

Real time contests are most engaging concept for better brand marketing. So, create good contests by including questions related to your new products and brand story.

How to Live Stream on Periscope with GoPro

Periscope is the video service owned by Twitter and it is now possible to live stream on this service using GoPro. The user also required having an iPhone. Live Stream on Periscope with GoPro was officially announced by Periscope recently.

The latest app update for live streaming via periscope using the GoPro camera is going to be a lot more interesting. The users can film even in environments such as underwater, where they cannot take their iPhones. Keep your iPhone securely nearly and use your GoPro and Periscope integration to stream your videos live.

Important points

• iPhone app can be used to see the comments while streaming.

• The live streaming video is also saved on micro SD card of the camera

• It is possible to switch between iPhone camera and GoPro camera during streaming

• Hero 4 session camera is not yet supported with Periscope integration

• Make sure that the GoPro app and the Periscope app are the latest versions.

• Check for the latest Periscope version on App Store.

Here is the process through which you can live stream on periscope with your GoPro.  The user needs to have Hero 4 Silver or Black camera.

Turn on the camera and enable WiFi connectivity. Choose the video mode. Launch Periscope app after connecting your phone to the camera. There is a broadcast button at the bottom of the screen which is to be tapped and also the GoPro icon to use the stream of the camera. Name the periscope and choose the privacy options. Then start streaming.

Double tap on the screen to switch between iPhone camera and the GoPro.  The video stream will be saved to a micro SD card. The user then can share the video on social channels or YouTube or wherever he wants.

Periscope Tips and Tricks for YouTubers

Periscope live streaming application had announced by the microblogging platform Twitter,” which breaks into the app market as the rival to the Meerkat application.

It is compatible with the iOS platform on mobile devices. The main advantage of the Periscope live streaming application with the Youtube video streaming was, the application was also available on the web to watch the online streams and can also embed the video link to your friends as there is an option to send them in the mail.

Even the Twitter posting is also mandatory, and the streams can also watch life is the biggest asset.

Even the availability of the separate streams and the host cannot make his comments and have an option to turn off the comments also, and it is available only on iPhones mobile with an iOS system. Here are some simple tricks and tips from periscope for your Youtube video streaming.

Get connected across the periscope with your Youtube audience

You can schedule the broadcasts on the periscope platform as there is an option to collaborate with the broadcasters on the application. Let your audience know about your live stream schedule. You can only link to your page whenever the periscope creation of vanity URLs and profiles. Don’t forget to link your Twitter account along with the video descriptions on your Youtube platform header.

Let your audience know that you are on periscope and giving live

Include the tags and annotations on your videos to make your audience know about your live streaming on #Periscope. Add a URL for them to launch on periscope for your video streaming live.

Send the links and share

Periscope allows the live streaming hoist to share the video link after the live stream via emails. So, start an email campaign with your saved live stream on Periscope and embed the links through emails.

How to Live Stream to Periscope and Twitter with OBS

Periscope is the app which is mainly used for broadcasting the live video of ongoing events. It can be operated on both iOS and Android platforms.

Twitter has picked the Periscope to continue the services. The OBS is software through which the live video streaming can be performed. All Social Media Marketing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, will use this OBS for better results.

Steps for live streaming using OBS:

Get the URL of

After clicking on that link it will redirect to the periscope producer and there we need to sign with personal details.

Just go to the settings then if you find Advanced Source icon then it will be the indication of that your account is activated.

Go to the advanced source then create a new source. We need to have the URL of the server and stream key.

Just go settings of OBS then hit on stream then you can give what you want and it can be changed in the icon of a profile as Periscope- Twitter.

Now go to settings of OBS then you can find stream key.

Move back to the symbol of output to check everything is on the correct track or not like bit rate of audio is not higher than 96.

Hit on video to check base resolution and now it sends data to Periscope-Twitter.

Now it shows the activated option of preview broadcaster then click on it.

This shows the button of go live after hitting on it the live streaming starts.

The video live streaming process will take a little bit time to set up all the settings. But after finishing settings, it gives high quality of streaming through Twitter. Along with this, the titles can be added to get the count of tweets. Here is the ultimate guide for How to Live Stream to Periscope and Twitter with OBS.

Broadcasting your streaming content through Periscope and Twitter is an easy, straightforward process.

Periscope allows capturing video news in the smartphone with the special periscope producer. It generates URLs, uses the URL to broadcast through satellite trucks, desktop streaming software like OBS, VR headsets, drones, and some professional 360-degree cameras. Live Stream To Periscope And Twitter With OBS Studio can be found here.

The Periscope is extending their broadcasting or Live streaming periscope and Twitter with periscope producer using an extraordinary Open Broadcast Software (OBS). Periscope won’t makes a professional video, but we should use some software like OBS or other to add some professionality to the streaming content.

Procedure To Live Stream Periscope and Twitter With OBS Studio:

Periscope has a program called the periscope producer to live stream different devices, mobile phones, desktops OBS studio.

To start working with OBS software, first download the OBS suite for your desktop. Configure the OBS Software for connecting the periscope.

First, go to the browser and type the URL ” “ to get periscope and twitter setting on the desktop.

Next “sign up” for Periscope Producer by filling all the details in the form, hit submit the form. You should get approved of them.

Your mobile phone must have periscope app installed, to get settings for OBS software.

Go to the “Periscope app”, open “Settings” in that settings select “Advanced Sources”.

In Advanced Sources window, choose “Create New Source”, or else if you are connected with the source copy the “Stream Key”.

Open the periscope app, first you will see periscope editorial then go to your profile page, scroll down and go to the “Settings” in your OBS Window, select “stream” options.

In that window, select the Stream Type like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and twitch.

Place the copied “stream Key” which is copied from the Periscope app.

After placing the stream key it will directly lead to a Periscope live page. You can Check it before going to Live. When you’re in Live press and hold for advanced controllers.

You can change the detailed view of output advanced settings in OBS software. To make sure encoder settings, choose “keyframes interval “ change it to every 45 frames.

To change the video specifications in OBS, go to “Video” just below the “Output” and specify your video display specifications like Base resolutions, output resolutions, downscale Filters and common FPS values.

If you hit “Go Live” it will also show in your twitter, When Live starts you can check the comments, tweets, stop the live.

After your video ends, you can add Titles add some additional graphics, copy the video URL and share it to your friends. You can Check how many views your Live video gets, you can reply to those people also.

Anyone can use the OBS Suite for Live streaming from your smartphones, desktops, different VR headsets. OBS is easy to use and Live stream to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. The above guide can help you to the Live stream to periscope and twitter with OBS.

Images Source: Periscope

20 Mind BlowinMind-Blowingt Periscope

Periscope is one of the social media streaming apps to deliver the videos to the public and through,h this, we can broadcast the videos as well. Without considering the device like mobile or desktop, we can watch the live through this app. Here are the 20 mind-blowing Facts about Periscope.

  1. Periscope is a live video streaming app that is compatible with iOS and android platforms
  2. Kavyvon Bacon and Joe Bernstein had created the periscope app
  3. It was acquired by Twitter for $100 Million in 2015 March
  4. Twitter platform launched periscope from its own app store on 26th March officially for only iOS
  5. Android version was released on 26th May 2015
  6. The application was available individually as well as on the Twitter platform too.
  7. The app allows the users to watch the links of videos on tweets on Twitter platform
  8. Users have privacy options
  9. Users can select the settings to whom they want to show their videos to
  10. The periscope app also allows the users to send “Hearts” to broadcaster by simple tap on mobile
  11. The people who have received more herats are place in “Most loved list” on the app screen.
  12. The users have a basic control that they can block the users on the platform if they want to.
  13. Many marketers were already planning their strategy for marketing with the Periscope
  14. It become a rival to the lot of Live Streaming apps
  15. The videos on periscope can viewed in the portrait mode only
  16. The vertical videos cannot be allowed and compatible
  17. Swipe to stop broadcast is very odd feature in periscope app
  18. Searching other broadcasts is bit difficult on periscope
  19. It is also very confuses to link with the other broadcasts
  20. Triple tap may leads to removal of comments

This is one of the trending app for the present generation for the purpose of live streaming. The marketers are making money by using this app to broadcast the live shows and which gives the huge traffic for that video.

20 Fascinating Facts About Periscope App

Periscope marketing merge, social media and social videos all are on one platform. The sharing of stuff like messaging, tweeting, sharing videos, and going online have raised to 90 percent every year. You can use the periscope for sharing ideas, creating photography, sharing videos for better communication. The Periscope was developed by the Twitter platform. So it is also one of the best platforms for social media sharing. Here are the 20 Fascinating Facts About Periscope App

  1. Periscope is live streaming application which is purchased by Twitter
  2. Kavyvon Bacon and Joe Bernstein bears were the developers of creative periscope live streaming app
  3. Twitter purchased the Periscope with 100 million dollars
  4. The services of periscope is available on iOS system
  5. The video can be personalized basing on the privacy
  6. It allows the viewers to send appreciation in the form of hearts which symbolize the favorites
  7. The most loved video list is also displayed in the screen of mobile
  8. Soon it is going to become a marketing a weapon online
  9. The idea of periscope was started in 2013 summer
  10. It is also posted on timeline and have easy sharable options that can connect with the social media
  11. One can block the users on periscope and have basic control on the content
  12. Periscope was released as a rival to the Meerkat but both have several differences in working
  13. Twitter purchased the Periscope inorder to limit the speed of Meerkat app as it was turning all Twitter users towards the app and is growing like anything.
  14. On #periscope, we can only stream the video in a portrait mode, the horizontal mode will not get active
  15. Periscope need to be more perfect in controlling as sometimes the triple tapping may leads to removal of conversations or comments
  16. Stopping the broadcast by swiping is not that much comfortable and looks very odd
  17. Finding other user’s broadcasts is a bit difficult task on Periscope
  18. Linking the videos is also a bit confusion on Periscope app
  19. It is very comfortable if the periscope app was modified with feature which can ask the user to use front or rear camera while shooting the video live
  20. Broadcasts depending on the language must be separated for users comfort depending on location.

Periscope is an open forum and it is the best for question and answer forums , to answer the questions anytime but no end. Here we have given 20 facts about periscope make use of it.

Easy Ways to Use Periscope to Grow Your Brand

Periscope is the live streaming app which allows your video to broadcast live and can delete after 24 hours, and there is an option to save them to your camera roll. The live streaming also opened the gates to the new era of video marketing today. So businesses and brands are stepping towards the live streaming to build the perfect brand strategy to develop their brand with these live streaming applications. The Live streaming applications like Periscope allows the labels to build up a significant interaction between the names and the audience. So, here are some ways to uses the Periscope application to grow your brand.

Provide the Customers with Good Support

Periscope is the best platform for the audience and brand interaction. The brands can have the chance to increase customer interaction and get penetrated the market by providing the customers with better interaction and support.

Go with the Product Description Video Streams

The product videos are the most effective in the brand strategy. It boosts up the conversions. It allows creating an exclusive webinar on your products which helps you to build a better brand interaction with the audience.

Feedback from the customers

The Customer feedback is a significant factor that influences the business branding. It is better to share Customer feedback, which can build trust among the audience towards your brand. Engage with the customers and request them their input on your products and services. The video reviews over live broadcasting are most effective and can work towards better sales and growth.

Involvement of celebrities

Introduce the celebrities to explore your brand, and they can fetch the huge demand for your brand in public. This is the simple and best way to gain the audience easily

Produce the product review videos:

Try to launch the product review videos, which will define the complete details of the product before coming into the market. This type of videos will create excitement in the users which evaluates the brand name.

This article will give you an idea of making good strategies to use Periscope for the development of your brand in all ways.

10 Best Practices for Periscope Live Streaming Video

What is periscope? It is a live streaming app. This app is suitable both for IOS & Android as well. Live streaming is a very long process from the content to production and live streaming. In between, there are many components like cameras, lighting, and audio to add the required flavors to the content that is going to live streaming. Now let’s briefly consider the best practices for Periscope Live Streaming Video.

1) Two is more powerful than one (you can schedule and stream live from more than one channels).

2) Video switchers are required for Periscope Live Streaming Video. Multiple cameras provide better video quality, and you need video switchers for proper coordination amongst the cameras. Video switchers can be either software or hardware.

3) Choose between hardware or software encoding devices. While live streaming shooting takes place on the site of the incident, it can be done offsite as well.

4) Finalize the quantum of streams (that need to be encoded and distributed). The use of more expensive encoders will enable the generation of multiple streams onsite.

5) Try to record the Live Stream and reuse in other Social Platforms for promotions..

6) Closed captions (subtitles). As per FCC live, and near-live video programming must be captioned on the internet if it is shown on TV.

7) The trial before execution is required. The video that is going for live streaming needs to be test-run (with actual gear, from the actual location, and with the actual subject matter) before the actual telecast takes place.

8) Pre-run telecast. For ensuring proper success for your live streaming, you need to start the webcast much before the actual event starts.

9) Replay is required for your Periscope Live Streaming Video. Though live streaming is for the instant watch, there may be a requirement that the viewers might desire to look at the video later point in time.

10) Plan B is a must. Despite the best content and best preparations, there is every chance that the streaming might not go as planned and in such cases, Plan B will come handy.

As can be seen, there is a lot more work involved to bring live streaming to the end-user. This gigantic task requires meticulous planning and an enormous amount of coordination with various agencies – both internal and external to the marketer.

How to Use Periscope for Business Marketing

Periscope is the emerging live video streaming app acquired by Twitter in March 2015. It is offering users the chance to see the world through the eyes of another person. Businesses can share their stories and viewpoints to increase the value of their viewers to expand reach and engagement.

Whether you’re a prepared business proficient or a small business owner, on the off chance that you utilize Twitter, and you can add to your believability and brand using live video as a narrating instrument, you ought to look at Periscope. You require a Twitter account and the app downloaded to your Android or iOS device to begin.

In the Background

Other than demonstrating what goes ahead in the workplace, you could likewise utilize Periscope for an off-camera takes a gander at your products. It could be as straightforward as explaining how an item is made to fortify customers trust in your brand.

Item demos

Periscope is likewise an excellent approach to showcasing your item all the more viable by giving a live demo of how it functions.

Insider Videos

Show your insight by welcoming your Twitter adherents to see a live video of you exhibiting how your item is made, strolling them through non-secure ranges of your worksite or notwithstanding sharing an item show. Giving your real market an inside perspective can pull in customers, in case you’ re a business owner, or spotters, in case you’re searching for another position. Showcase your ability and watch your stock increment!

Live Q&A Sessions

Welcome supporters to submit questions amid your live broadcast. Like the ” insider video,” the idea, empowering questions on the spot is an unusual approach to showcasing your industry learning and your capacity to communicate adequately with clients and associates. Moreover, you mean you’re agreeable on your toes!

Build Audience

Periscope empowers you to exploit live criticism promptly, conceivably sparing you both time and cash. Request that clients vote on shading decisions gives critique on a model thus significantly more!

Proficient How To’s

Manufacture your brand as a specialist by offering in the- minute how-to videos. While YouTube is at present lord of the how-to, Periscope gives Businesses the capacity to make inquiries and for illumination on the spot/real-time.

Periscope Can Expand Your Professional Reach

While broadcasters must have a Twitter account, viewers can watch from anyplace on the web utilizing cell phones, PCs, and so forth. Share connections to your forthcoming business-related broadcasts using the greater part of your interpersonal organizations and even using email, on the off chance that you have a rundown.

Guide to Periscope Producer for Live Streaming

Everyone will have the idea of Periscope, and it has been provided with periscope producer to make amendments while live streaming.Live streaming is the latest trend, and there are many services for live streaming available online. The latest to join the competition is the Periscope Producer introduced by Twitter. This service allows broadcasting high quality professional live video made with Xbox One, external cameras, virtual reality headsets, webcam or other devices.

Periscope live streaming application had announced by the microblogging platform Twitter,” which breaks into the app market as the rival to the Meerkat application. These live streaming applications are creating a new trend in advertising, marketing, branding as well as in the education system too. The live streaming application Periscope was very useful for the students who cannot be able to get education from certain locations.

What is Periscope Producer?

Periscope that was launched earlier allowed live broadcasting only from the mobile phone. Now the opportunities for broadcasting are broadened as Periscope introduced Periscope Producer service that allows sharing new types of live video. High-level video created in streaming software, professional cameras, the twitter of Periscope can broadcast now. This live streaming can watch

There is also the possibility to send comments. Periscope, if testing this tool for the last six weeks, and the partners for this were ABC, Telemundo, Fox, and CBS. Now the Periscope Producer will be available to more organizations and individuals.

Encoding software and hardware need to be used by the producers to link their cameras feed with Periscope. This is expecting to increase the number of professionals and brands that are going to use Periscope for live streaming.

Advantages of Periscope Producer

Periscope Producer, the new tool for live streaming, does not stop at the live streaming content shot with mobile phones or tabs. This sophisticated tool allows producing and sharing high-quality live video content to broadcast. Professional cameras or any streaming software can be used to produce the video. The reach of Periscope and Twitter is going to expand the use of this new tool. Periscope is now not limited to amateur content alone.

Not only live video can be shot with a variety of devices, but the producers can now add animation, graphics, and advertisements to their live video content. These things have to be added manually to the stream as Periscope does not offer these features.

The organizations or producers who want to use Periscope Producer first have to sign up for the services. A streaming link then can be generated, which needs to enter in their equipment app profile settings. A preview will be available to see, and when the recording begins, it can share with everyone. Visible replies and feedback features will be available.

Specifications and Hardware Support of Periscope Producer

Periscope Producer, the new sophisticated tool can now is used to broadcast high-quality live video. Third-party encoders and hardware can be used to produce the video and get a polished look to the live video content.

To use Periscope Producer, first, the encoders need to be configured to exact specifications of Periscope Producer. Go to the settings page and choose Advances Sources. RTMP server and stream name can viewed which are required to be input in the encoder and the device.

Then start the external stream broadcasting, preview the video, and give a title to it. The encoders and devices that are already tested for Periscope Producer live streaming are OBS Mac Version 0.14.2, Wirecast Mac 7.0.1, FFMpeg, and FMLE Windows 7 and Teradek and so on. It is also possible to contact Periscope for information of devices that are not listed.

Periscope Producer specifications are like this

• 30 fps frame rate

• 64 audio bitrates

• 2 key frame interval

• 800 kbps bitrate

• 960 x 540 default resolution that gives limited buffering viewing experience

• Specs can be increased to 1280 x 720 resolution and 900 kbps for news or conference events. The video quality can be monitored based on the comments of the audience.


Here is the ultimate guide for Periscope how to Use Periscope, Advantages of using Periscope in Live streaming. If you would like to use periscope for Live Streaming it require some specification, we have listed it above.

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