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Seven Ways You Can Use Video Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand

If you are promoting products, services, or information products online, you might be thinking that people are focused on the qualities and benefits of your offer. Indeed, people never buy from companies, and they are more interested in you in person than you would ever think. If you want to use video marketing to promote your personal brand, there are plenty of opportunities ahead. Thanks to the recent development in information technology and online tools, you can get your branding videos shared with millions of people in just a few hours. Find out how you can make video marketing work for your brand below.

1. Building Rapport

You can use your video marketing to build rapport with your followers. Send them regular updates and let them know which products you are working on. Further, you can encourage them to comment on your videos and ask questions. Allow your personality to shine through, and let your followers communicate with you freely. Show them your personal side and give them details they can relate to. Bring your pets or kids into the picture to show that you are a real person and not just another person who is trying to sell them something. People who can connect with you on a personal level are more likely to buy from you.

2. Telling Your Story

You need to create a story that is unique to your personal brand. Remember the story of Steve Jobs? Of course, you do, and so do millions of people. If you have an engaging, believable, and easy-to-relate-to story, you can build your online brand around it. Are you trying to sell a piece of software? Let your audience know about the struggles, the difficulties, and the holdbacks. Tell them why you decided to create the product, and how it can help them. You have to incorporate your personal mission into your branding videos, and let your potential customers know what motivates you.

3. Engaging in Conversation

Conversations in the 21st century should not be one-sided. If you are confident enough, you can create online webinars and free live training sessions to allow people to interact with you. Get them to ask questions and provide you with feedback. This way, they can find out more about you, and you can learn essential details about your target market. If you post a video on your website, always answer the comments. Even better, create a new video to address the topics brought up by your viewers. This way, you can engage with them at a deeper level, and strengthen your personal brand.

4. Debating Current Issues

Your brand needs to be relevant to people’s current problems. If there is a debate in the industry, don’t forget to take a stand. Let your followers and customers know what you think, and ask them to provide their opinion. Focusing on current issues and discussing them in your videos will help your content go viral, and you will benefit from greater search engine exposure at the same time. Don’t discuss politics, but talk about industry trends, current research, and statistics recently published. Create a forum on your blog and start with a video overview of the topic, encouraging people to take part. You can communicate your brand values through well-designed debates online through video conferencing, webinars, or Google Hangouts.

5. Providing Expert Advice

If you come across a customer with a specific need, instead of sending an email back, you can create a video to share your thought with other people, as well. There are plenty of ways of spotting new business opportunities. For example, if your customer is asking about a future development of a product, you can answer in a video and share this on a blog. This way, you can find out whether there is enough demand on the market for the new offer. If you use videos for this type of communication, you can show that your brand cares about customer concerns and listens to people.

6. Reviewing Sites and Products

If you know your customers, you will know that they don’t only buy your product, but they also purchase other items. If you have a specific knowledge of an industry that is related to yours, you can share your expertise with your audience. This way, your brand can appear to be helpful, caring, and responsive. If you are in affiliate marketing, you should use review videos as a main source of brand engagement. If people see that you have tried and used the products and services you are promoting, they will consider you as a trustworthy source of recommendation. Show your potential buyers that you know what you are talking about, and you can give them an unbiased overview of the product they are thinking of buying.

7. Creating Snappy Introductions to Your Brand

It is important that your brand image is consistent across all your marketing platforms. The best way of communicating a strong personal brand across all channels is to create short introductions that tell visitors what your values and missions are. Get a professional company, like RoboWP to complete a marketing assessment for your brand and make suggestions on how to make all brand image messages consistent with what you stand for personally. A professional marketing video production company can create a short promo video that clearly communicates your values and tells your potential customers about what you have to offer them. Place the videos on your blog, social media pages, and you can build a strong personal brand online.

While companies across the world already spend billions of dollars on branding, individual marketers often forget about the importance of building a strong and consistent message that people can relate to. Using videos for building a positive brand image is the easiest and most cost-effective way. It allows you to appear unique and relevant, engage with your current market, and learn more about the preferences of your audience. Use it as an important channel in your digital marketing strategy, and you can gain followers, customers, and benefit from a greater brand awareness across the globe.

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