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Understanding the Importance of Personalization in Video Marketing

We all know that video is ruling the marketing ecosystem and marketers are going along with the video in their strategic plans. But, many changes and trends are started and bringing success to the marketers. The Personalization of Video is one such thing that is working fine in video marketing to drive better conversion rates.

What exactly is the Personalization of video?

Video personalization means creating the video by targeting the people individually in order to grab their attention towards their content.

Yes, in personalized videos, the individual can be targeted by their name, photo or their identity in the content.

Even the video will be like a communication as the person was centered in the content for their branding by knowing the consumer interests and needs.

Objective of Video personalization

Personalization had become the top trend in driving better sales conversions that are aimed at the various brands and marketers.

The main objective behind the personalization of the video is to transform the viewer into a buyer by delivering them a content they are interested in.

Importance of personalized video

You might receive bulk emails daily in your promotion update inbox that is sent by other businesses and service providers as a part of their promotion.

But, how many times did you delete without opening those emails?

Yes, this is what marketers have to think about.

Though marketers are targeting the customers in order to reach them with new offers are general promotional email template with their product videos, it was not working at all.

The solution is nothing but personalization.

If marketers sent some email promotion including a video with attractive title addressing the customer name and exclusive offer to him, then it will definitely raise the curiosity in the viewer as it was personalized to him.

This is the one shot importance of personalization. Lets us have a deeper look in marketers perspective towards the importance of personalized videos.

Using testing with personalization

A/B testing had gained great importance in marketing as it drives good sales conversions. It is generally tested basing on the exposure of each group towards different content and measures through downloads, registrations, and clicks etc.

A/B is widely used and was consistently using in marketing strategies. If personalization is added to the A/B testing procedures, then it will reap huge conversions for marketers.

Using data efficiently

Efficient data usage also plays an important role in success as the information gained must be utilized to make the approach more effective with personalization.

Strategies for personalization of video

Try omni channel approach

Make a consistent effort with the omni channel marketing strategy with video personalization. This will helps you to gain good experience by approaching the audience with the product recommendations basing on the data.

You can send some reminders related to shopping carts and other activities that are recently performed by the customers.

Make your customers comfortable with your personalized approach

Customize the things basing on the shopping habits in order to provide them with the relevant information about their interests.

The customers must be in comfortable space while you are targeting them with your relevant content. Don’t give them too much in small time. Plan a strategy and follow them.

Wait for solid customer profile

Never start your attempt without having a strong customer profile and complete interest information about the customer because your data must be accurate and relevant to their personal interests. Then only it will give value to your effort to get successful.

When can brands utilize this personalized video approach?

Inbound marketing

Brands can utilize the personalized videos in inbound marketing and include them in landing pages and websites. They can also send some personalized video attaching in the email after the customer visits their website or pages.

In Outbound marketing

Brands can plan personalized content campaigns after and before their trade shows and other events. This can help them to build a better relation with the audience.

During sales

Try sending personalized branded videos which can boost the sales. The videos may include with some product demos, explainer videos, and many other service videos. this helps you to build a strong impression on new customers.

Entertain the customer with your personalized videos

Yes, this is what marketers have to follow. Add some humor and entertainment in the personalized videos to make the audience more interested in your content.

Striking statistics on personalized video reports

• More than one-third marketers are preferring personalization as their main priority

• 40 percent retailers are sending personalized product recommendations through mailing

• Only 50 percent web site visitors like personalization basing on their information.

• 36 percent visitors like personalized videos basing on their interests.

• Personalized emails are showing six times higher transaction rates comparing to other videos.

• 58 percent marketers are making their serious efforts in the personalization of content in real time.

• Three-fourths of consumers dislike the websites with no content basing on their interests.

• The first 10 seconds had become most valuable in content personalization to get the response from the customers.

• 36 percent revenue of Amazon was generated from the recommendation engine on its site.

Therefore, personalization has become the best practice for the marketers to target the visitors and to transform them as their loyal buyers.

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