Personalized Social Video

What is Personalized Social Video?

A personalized video is a powerful tool of advertising which contains a highly targeted content that pulls the audience towards it.Just find everything about Personalized Social Video here.

The marketers were also targeted the personalized video to promote their products and services to the targeted audience across the web.

The video itself an excellent medium to convey the brand message with ease and when comes to personalized content; the viewer will be at the center of the topic and give priority to the brand. It makes the viewer pull towards the particular video. It is the power of personalized video advertising.

Personalized social video

A personalized video will be created by including the viewer’s names. Photographs, designations and many other personalized things of the targeted people in the advertising content is nothing but the personalization.

When comes to the personalized social video, the personalization of the various advertising videos on social media platforms to deliver the brand message by giving the viewer a top priority.

The social media platforms like Facebook and other platforms are also following the personalized social video advertising for their platforms too.

The power of the personalized social video can improve your ad strategy and can bring the loyalty customers towards your brand.

Let us find out how social media platforms become the destination for the personalized videos and how brands are successful using the same strategy to reach their targeted audience across different social media platforms.

Facebook social video advertising

The Facebook platform already stepped ahead in personalized video ad journey on its platform. Since from years, the platform was following the personalized video strategy on its users. In 2016 it was released a year overview look back videos with a personalized content delivered on timelines of every user.

These look back videos include the photographs, videos, comments, and likes received by the user throughout the year including their profile name. It wowed the Facebook users and created a great strategy on Facebook.

Many brands and marketers are following the same strategy to reach their targeted audience by making some good personalized video content to advertise online.

Youtube personalized social videos

A unique message to each addressing their name in the content is a different experience that every viewer undergo while watching a personalized video from the brands.

Youtube also brought a significant level of personalization experience to the audience with its recommended videos in the user’s home timeline on Youtube platform.

The recommended videos list was drawn by the platforms basing on the watch and search history on youtube platform.

The personalized recommended videos is also a part of personalized social video strategy. Users also support in the search history by supporting search words basing on their search history.

So, brands are also following same social video advertising by creating unique ads to their primary targeted audience. They are utilizing the youtube platform to advertising with their personalized ad content.

Some brands are successfully delivered the personalized ads and videos to the targeted audience across the youtube platforms. Some branding channels are delivering the new offers through personalized video content to their audience.

Recently Google also waves a green flag for the personalized video basing on the search history on Google search engine.

It allows the advertisers to create and deliver the ads basing on the search history. So, brands have great chance to fetch the best-personalized video ads to their targeted audience.

Personalized Video Ads

The personalized video ads become the next biggest thing and become the primary form of advertising online. Top companies like coca cola, Amazon had already experimented with the personalized video ads in the year 2014.

Coca-cola had launched a program on UK FOD platform and boost the viewer’s sign on and had created 4 million unique video ads featuring its coke bottles printing the name of customers

Amazon also experimented its personalized video ads by tailoring the individual users by targeting them with the personalized video ad banners.

Nike had created a built-in App for all Apple products which track and logs of workouts done by the user using the app. Nike had successfully sent 100,000 personalized videos to its users by documenting the workout journey throughout the year by including the name of the user at the top and his/her personalized fitness journey using their App.

Cadbury brand also stepped in personalized video ads and created a Facebook page for its customers. It has collected all the data of its potential customers and created a personalized videos for each one of its fan filled with the Facebook photos and other personalized information.

Personalized Video Platforms and tools

There are many personalized video platforms across the web. The majority of the digital marketing and video production companies had transformed their services and went to personalized video creation avatar for the advertisers and marketers online.

Platforms like Innovid, Idomoo, Vidyard, Jivox are some of the personalized video ad platforms or service providers you can approach for the personalized video ad creation.

Apart from the platforms, there are many personalized video creation tools that are in use. Here are some of those tools you can check.


It is localized online video ad platform and ad tool that can generate the best localized, programmatic personalized video ads for the brands and marketers.

The tool inserts the localized content and makes them as videos which can be utilized in the ad campaigns on Youtube and other social platforms.


It is one of the personalized video platforms that produces video ads basing on the location. It also combines the television promotions and location based and helps retailers to produce the best-personalized video ads. It is the best place if you are a retailer and targeting the local consumers.


Businesses can use the vADz which can create the online videos. It can also create the embedded content like maps, product information, coupons, etc. the videos are editable based on the real-time viewing data, and it means a lot for the business to target their customers. This platform also helps the businesses to personalize the own videos and support in adjusting the coupon placements based on the number of views.

Finally, the personalized social video is the present and future of video advertising and marketing. It will fetch the best ROI to the businesses and brands.

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