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Picovico 3.0 – The Best Online Video Maker Ever!

There are hundreds of stories to cover every week in the world of technology. A new startup launch in Silicon Valley, the launch of a highly anticipated product, or regular updates on established apps and products, it’s all regular news. However, once in a while, a story surfaces so revolutionizing both in the sense of usefulness and story itself. Here is the best ever online market Picovico 3.0.

Something of that stature has just happened on May 8, 2017. 2017 has already seen some interesting product launches with some valuable apps like Time, Tiny faces, Emblem, and there are talks about new and interesting launches every day, with the latest being Youtube TV, which will surely challenge the current cable broadcasters.

Today, we are not going to discuss any of the big names that got massive coverage. Quite contrary in fact, this story is about the revolutionary technology in video-making that was given birth amidst the Himalayas of Nepal – Picovico, an online video slideshow maker.

Kathmandu isn’t exactly the ideal city for being a tech hub, if anything, it’d probably rank among the least favorable places in the world to start a startup in.

The list of problems seems to have no end. Even basic needs such as quality internet and the regular power supply aren’t reliable. The same holds true for other resources and qualified human resources. However, despite the challenges, Picovico has managed to establish itself in a global market.

The company initiated in 2011 with a goal to provide a platform that could be used by everyone to convert photos into videos has come a long way since then. Over the years, Picovico has simplified their interface and gone on to add plenty of new features including the wide variety of video themes selection they now offer.

But all the changes and upgrades seem quite minor in scale when compared to what the company has just announced. Picovico has just been re-launched as Picovico 3.0.

Picovico 3.0 is going to be a major turning point for the company. Picovico 3.0 is bigger and better than ever and in the company’s words its 

Re-Imagined. Re-invented. Re-Defined.

The company seems quite confident in the results they have predicted in the light of recent upgrades, and they should be. The upgrade includes design changes, improvement in the video-rendering process including existing features, but that’s not all. They have also added some exciting new features.

Top on the list of the new features added onto the new picovico is Video Clips. Previously known as an online slideshow maker, Picovico 3.0 now aims to establish itself as a complete video maker. Addition of video clips means users can also add video clips onto their videos to create more interactive stories.

Picovico 3.0 : the addition of features

On paper, the whole thing looks quite simple. A web application is updating their application and adding new features such as Video clips, Multiple kinds of music, Logo feature, and so on. But the reality is quite different altogether.

In fact, Dhruba Adhikari (the company CTO) revealed that they have been working on the new version for about a year now. “The changes didn’t happen overnight. Video clips, in particular, was the most difficult hurdle.”

Amit Agrawal, company CEO told us, ”While we have established ourselves as a prominent slideshow maker, we had to accept the truth that Picovico 3.0, as a slideshow maker alone isn’t going any further. That is when we decided new upgrade had to made and adding video clips was on the very top of our list of feature addition.”

The company CTO let us know that the technical part of video clips was the most exhausting one, but after months of hardship by the Dev team, they have managed to accumulate the feature onto the new Picovico.

Dhruba explained, “The technical aspects involved in the app changes and upgrades aren’t straightforward. Take the video-clip feature, for instance; we didn’t have anything to get started other than educated guesses. Storage requirements had to meet along with increasing computing capacity and network bandwidth. From getting new servers to increasing GPU, there was a heap load of tasks to be done before we could make the feature live. At times, we thought we wouldn’t be able to finish it in May, but the entire team put in countless hours of hard work, and now we are as good as anything out there when it comes to online video making.”

The hardship and continuous testing of the app internally within the office seem to have helped Dev team refine the product a great deal. Picovico now looks smoother and more capable than ever.

Despite the infrastructural hardship the company has had to go through over the years along with the technical issues they encountered over the past year, they have still managed to make their way to the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

With the addition of amazing new features such as Multiple kinds of music, Logo Feature, inbuilt photo editing, video trimming and other improved upon features, Picovico is hoping to make an impact. And we can all see how their educated guess towards increase in customers and eventually boost in revenue generation is coming from.

Picovico now opens a new possibility for the widespread needs of users across the globe.

Personal users who make videos for personal reasons such as celebrations, birthday wishes and so forth have always been on top of the list for Picovico. So, with the introduction of video clips, the company hopes to appeal to more and more users to create memories through their new web app.

Businesses are on the priority list of the company this time around. The new set of features are perfect for any business or enterprise wanting to create advertisement videos with the goal to sell products or boost their branding.

The logo feature in particular has been added solely with this intent. Businesses can upload their logos to feature in the videos and even configure settings to display it at the beginning and/or at the end of the video.

The company is definitely heading towards the right direction with the Picovico 3.0 said Dhruba and Amit. And they are not done there. After a completely revamped engine, the company seems to have found a direction.

“We are going to be adding new video themes and work on improving the platform altogether over time. If you’re looking for a complete online video maker with effects that allows you to add photos, music, and video clips, Picovico is definitely among the best applications on the web.”

Try new Picovico today at: https://app.picovico.com/

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