What is Plex Media Server?

The subscription video on demand and subscription-based services usage is gradually increased day by day. People who have more than one subscription need to access all the subscriptions he/she was connected with. By using the Plex media server, you can access all your streaming subscriptions at one place.

It is a simple tool to place the different media at a location, and the setup is also very easy. Plex helps you to reach what you need to access. It allows you to stream from anywhere on any device.

Working on Plex server

• Just install the Plex media player and run on your computer where your media was stored. You can manage the movie, TV shows, music, etc.

• Open the Plex application virtually across the devices like Smartphone, Smart TV, streaming devices.

• You can simply press play and enjoy your media stream from Plex media server

Media and devices those are compatible with Plex server

• Plex supports media files like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc. for the Movies, TV shows, and home video.

• For music, the formats like MP3, FLAC, WMA, etc. are supported media files

• JPG, PNG, RAW, TBN, etc. are compatible for photos.

The server is compatible with the Windows, OS X, Linux, Net gear and other popular NAS devices like Drobo, sinology, etc.

Plex Media Player

Many people might know about the plex media player. It is a regular application that is available for the Windows store, and it has several options for the keyboard. It also has good options for the remote control output, and it is a well designed one.

The media player app combine the web application related to the media server with a dedicated screen mode that helps in easy navigation across the television at your comfort.

Features of Plex media player

It is like a big screen interface and resembles the other plex applications for the television. Plex media player helps you finding inside the web application for the media server. It is very useful if you have a Plex media server installed on another PC. So, there is no need to go for a web browser.

It can switch between the two interfaces with just a button click. You can get one app to control the entire plex setup from TV and even enjoy your content.

The Plex media player app is available to all users after its preview version. Search is one of the top priorities.

Plex Home Theater

It is recently deprecated with the Plex media player application. The Plex home Theater app is utilized in the home theater setup which includes many comfortable features.

It has a 10-foot user interface that is designed for the lounge.

Complete support for the CPU and GPU that is seen in HTPC which can take very less server transcoding work.

By using the HTPC, you can get broader support for the audio connections for the connected devices like Roku. Another best benefit of using the HTPC is you can run the server on the same machine. It moderates the resources on PC and also supports the GPU that is found in the case of modern graphics cards. The Plex Home Theater is designed to utilize it through remote control.

What is the difference between Plex Media Player and Plex Home Theater?

Plex Home Theater is a desktop application that works basing on the XBMC based player. When comes to Plex Media Player is a custom build application.

The Plex Media Player has more advantages than the Plex Home Theater. The Plex Media Player has a real 4K interface and has improved codec support. It also supports the video codec and the multi-channel music tracks.

Plex TV channels

There are some wide varieties of media available online for the people. It includes mainstream sources like TV station and the other news outlets along with the video sites like Vimeo and YouTube are included. The channels in Plex are the extension of the server that allows you to watch the services that are supported. You can also install the Plex Web Application which enables all the apps on your network. Some sites restrict the things basing on geographical restrictions which result in some issues like channel compatibility.

Plex Live TV

There many options for the cord cutters who are in favors of streaming services and the IPTV channels. Plex is offering the live TV channels. The ‘Plex Pass’ is a premium service that costs around $15. It offers more than just a the live television.

The Plex channels also offer free over to air channels in the local area. The channels are available basing on the location.

Plex DVR

The Live TV is a part of Plex new offer, and it is a part DVR function. It relies on Plex built in program feature. It able to record movies, episodes, series, news, etc. the Plex live TV is not available for the non-subscribers of the Plex Live TV.

Plex Web App

The Plex web application is come up with the Plex media server that is used for the dual purpose of a web application. It is used for managing the server and the content by providing access to view and listen to the content. It is one of the most powerful web apps that run in a modern web browser from any computer.

Plex for Android and App Store

The Android version is available in Plays store with two identical downloads. One is paid version, and other is available for free of cost. The free download is available for Plex Pass subscribers only. Paid one is for people who want to host the content without any Plex pass.

Plex supports the early access to the new features and also allows the users to preview the released versions of Plex media server and other applications. It also offers some premium features like Plex sync, cloud sync and camera upload and many other functions.

Finally, try out this and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

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