Popular YouTube Cat Videos

Top 10 Popular YouTube Cat Videos

Cats are the most pretty pet animals for everyone. There are no age boundaries to play with them, i.e. from newly born kids to old people will love to be with them. The funny feet made by cats will give entertainment for the people. By being with these cuties, a person can get a piece of mind for a while. Here are the Top 10 Popular YouTube Cat Videos.

The most patient cat:

Generally, most of the cats won’t have the patience, and they immediately react to the things happen in their surroundings. But here this cat has exhibited the tons of patients that we can even except patients in humans. Here a baby plays with the cat by jumping and sleeping on it by making naughty things. Though that baby pinches that cat, it wouldn’t do any harm. But it looks too funny.

Chopstick kitten:

This cat shows its dignity in an amazing way while taking food. The owner of the cat will feed it with chopsticks and it continuous eating with those chopsticks till the food finishes. This will block the minds of the humans and most entertaining as well.

Cats irritated by babies:

Here the babies used to play with the tail of cats and they annoyed by their activities. Then these starts beating babies and some will fight with cats. It’s too silly to watch.

Funny cats scared of casual things:

The cute little cats will be scared by looking strange things and they try to oppose those things but they couldn’t. Here they frightened by looking their image in the mirror itself. But it seems very funny.

Cats dancing to music:

These lovely cats will dance for the music. Though these are doing any moment of shaking then it could be a hilarious moment to enjoy.

Cat playing keyboard:

We can learn the playing of the keyboard from the topmost master of Cats. This brilliant cat will play the keyboard in a nonstop way by looking at the way it plays our stomach will burst by laughing.

Acting like Humans:

These are too genius and the things they do here will be exactly like the human behavior, as they are trying in movies. Here some are sleeping, one is eating lolly pop and few more are acting like humans. This is so adorable and too exciting.

Lovable Cats:

These cats are just like newly born babies and kids. These are crying, scared to take shower and one is beating the dog as a hero. These are the most pleasurable to watch.

Cute kittens:

These are really the pretty kittens in the world and these show the innocent expression to attract anyone. Though we are not the pet lovers by looking at this little ones, will immediately change their mind to get them home quickly.

Demanding petting:

These little ones want to stay with their owner for all the time by giving sensible touch for those cats. If the owners stop doing then immediately these cuties will ask for once again. It’s really amazing to be like that.


Some pets are friendly and some are frustrating, but the cats are the ever best pets of giving enjoyment as sometimes irritate most of the time these will be at the good manner.

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