Prank Channels in YouTube

Top 10 Ultimate Prank Channels in YouTube

1. Ownage Pranks:

This is only the number one Pranks channel in YouTube. Ownage will provide all the funny and hilarious stuff to the public.

He will make the pranks on the things that are happening in our surroundings. He makes comical conversation between two characters like one is annoying another one with their words.

This is completely comic pranks channel with tunnels of fun creating activities.

It has 4,156,821+ subscribers and 671,167,722+ viewers.

2. UDY Pranks:

He generates the real fun by making conversation between the youngsters about the present situation that taking place in the society.

This makes the viewers get enthusiastic too about the further story.

So it has the best mark in the YouTube Pranks channels.

3. Just Kidding Pranks:

In this channel, the role will be played by two kids that they are doing unexpected things in a silly way in front of adults.

The adults will be surprised by the things they do.

Finally, they reveal the actual facts about what they did.

This is kids entertaining pranks channel.

The viewers for this channel is 215,295,261

4. Crazy TV Pranks:

They create the videos of real characters by creating fun through action and they do not make any conversation.

They create shocking and stunning situations of by the real characters which can be most hilarious role-play of pranks.

The viewers can get the much entertainment by laughing at louder.

5. Pranks by Ama:

It is Netherland based channel they upload the videos of public issues that taking place in daily activities that connecting to the cops mostly.

He makes people imagine that he is doing illegal activities in the public, but he doesn’t do anything like that. This is completely different channel from other channels.

It has 46,823+ subscribers and 3,258,724+ viewers.

6. JPM Pranks:

This channel originated from Spain. They will make the funny videos of real research on society by themselves and all categories of crazy and mesmerizing videos that are unforgettable forever.

It has 5,068,979+ viewers and 73,206+ subscribers.

7. HOT Pranks:

They build the videos of romantic and failed collections that are never seen before.

This is the completely different channel in YouTube to make funny pranks.

The number of viewers for this channel is 98,745+ and 1,061+ subscribers.

8. R&M Pranks:

They produce the fun through the real-time activity doing in the public and they will get different costumes that were excited.

9. Ghosts Airsoft:

This channel has unique stuff, i.e., they are frightening the people by making wild and cruel things with creepy and weird costumes.

They don’t do really they just do it in a funny way and they show the different shades of the mind set of people.

Sometimes they face real time problems like beaten up by the people.

10. Erric:

This is completely gaming channel and they produce the videos of action games by making funny commentary on those characters.
It has 2,799+ subscribers and 166,396+ views.


These are the best prank channels in YouTube each with unique identification for their performance. Due to this these channels have become more popular as they are giving real time fun for the audience.

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