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Programmatic Video Insights & Consumption Growth [Study by Tremor Video]

Programmatic Video Insights & Consumption Growth

Programmatic video advertising have been important elements in the digital advertising world. It helps the marketers to optimize the sales and the operations in streamline that are very helpful and useful to improve the buying process overall. The programmatic video advertising is to be very effective for the partners as well as for the publishers too. The industry has to unbox various things related to the technology connecting to the programmatic world. The programmatic video consumption is growing and it reveals the how video consumption rules the things. Here are some programmatic video insights.


The video consumption continued its growth beyond the traditional television. Nearly 50 percent growth was noticed in the video advertising calls across the multiple screens. Not only sellers, the buyers are also connected with the technology and were connecting with the right audience. More than 38 percent increase was reported on the behavior targeting campaigns in which more than 58 percent buyers are using the behavioral targeting.

According to the reports, it is also revealed that more than 45 percent increase in the Viewability setting as the brand goal which has great demand for the dual brand goal which is trending at present.

Three out of four buyers are going with the multi-screen targeting campaigns.

The repurposed TV spots are also going well in which nearly 91 percent buyers are going towards the thirty-second video ads. More than 75 percent growth was reported in the mobile ad calls and the desktop declined about 15 percent points in the year 2015. The report also revealed that the mobile monetizing inventory. Entertainment is the top category content that is majorly consumed by the people via mobile devices.

Study by Tremor Video

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