Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App for Video Streaming

As the technology changes the necessity of the users demanding for the advanced features for everything they are using. Especially while browsing online videos they should need high-quality internet with special devices to play. This can be overlapped by some apps named as Progressive Web Apps. Everything about Progressive Web App for video streaming is given here.

What is Progressive Web App?

The app on the website which is accessing the collection of cutting-edge web technologies is termed as a progressive web app.

This app is generally a web page but it has a character of looking like native mobile apps which give the real experience of a mobile app for the users.

This app is configured with extraordinary features that being exhibited by the native apps in mobile which are generated in latest web browsers. It works on all devices like desktop, mobile and tablet etc. It performs at the poor quality of network or offline.

Instant-loading Offline-first

Google developer ‘Jake Archibald’ has specified about the user struggles while using web services, i.e., the poor connectivity of network which is annoying the users for most of the times.

He is going to take session by considering a strong network of only online site, the progressive web app which is off-line installable and not associated reassemble from scratch.

Whether the user is online or offline it provides the ultimate experience for the users by making iterations. Now he covers web manifests, Indexed DB, service worker, BackgroundSync API and add-to-home screen banners.

Virtual Reality and Progressive Web Apps

There are too any advanced technologies have been implemented to get in touch with the users more closely.

The virtual reality is an essential concept which brings the real world in front of the users. But as the mobile is the trending and user-friendly device that everyone needs to have the experience of virtual reality.

But all the browsers of mobiles or desktops should support VR technology; it should be performed at high quality even at poor network or offline, there should be immediate response from the browser and should engage the users by pushing notifications.

Only one can fulfill all these requirements i.e. ‘Progressive Web Apps’. Some of the technologies on the web have brought VR into the real-time especially for mobile users.

Along with the gaming remaining all other categories are looking to blast the VR technology. Gamepad API of Pac-Man will act as an interface to guide all devices to provide virtual reality experience.

Uses file API is a 360-degree image viewer, and the interface like WebSpeech API will frame the words to speak.

The combination of these web pages will notify the user even on offline works on the home screen which work on the independent connection are simply “Progressive Web Apps.”

PWAs for Video

Progressive Web Apps are essential to fulfilling the user experience while watching the video. These will give the trustworthy performance by pushing notifications to the user even in offline.

Time is the most precious to everyone, and no one wants to waste it. While watching the video, it takes much time to load one video if there is penniless internet which leads to unsatisfied user experience.

Then the audience will quit off from the video content they watch. It can be eradicated by using simple word progressive web apps.

The ‘service workers’ will build the consistent performance by making cache through cache API which means when there is any next visit of a particular content then it will be retrieved from the cache API without reaching the main server to load again.

Here the Google’s AMP will generate the active web components that eat very low data and showing very speed performance.

The combination of service providers and AMP are showing the best results for the PWA.

It is inexpensive to gain consumers and helpful in getting the rapid growth in conversion rate.

This effectively clutches huge audience.


Here we mentioned the complete guidance about the importance of progressive web apps that are rolling the video strategy.

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