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How to Effectively Promote Your Music Video using Social Media

Created your own music video with a lot of effort???

Don’t know how to start your music video promotion??

Felt confused??

Don’t worry!!! Here is a simple detailed guide about promoting your music video using social media. Here we go!!

Music video marketing

Social media is the main resource for marketers to drive the audience towards their videos. it requires a better strategic plan to implement the things in a right way to reach your ultimate goal.

Social media platforms already broke the barriers of language and places by expanding the marketers reach towards diversified demographics and locations.

Hence there are many doors remained open to promote the content and get successful. All you have to do is to be ready with your strategy map to locate the opened door through various ways.

Music video promotion and marketing on Facebook

You can earn huge fan following for your music videos on Facebook. Just follow a step by step way with your own strategy.

Page creation

Create a page for your music videos and products to expose your talent to the audience. by creating your page, you can earn good fan following as well as you can start your live performances requested by your followers.

People can contact you to perform in events, concerts and much more. It helps you to enhance your ability and reach the people in a right way.

Once you have completed your music video, you can simply upload it onto your Facebook page and inform the followers about your new video. also, post some of the video scenes to generate interest in the audience.

Try Facebook ads

Click on the build your audience button and start promoting your page. You can choose your target audience and demographics and can target accordingly.

Know how ads will work on the Facebook platform and your budget to reach people. You can also bid on the page likes and impressions as well as clicks.

Create an event

Create live video events and grab your audience attention with your live performance. Schedule your event. Just add location and URL and you can also edit the events after the creation of schedule.

Finally, you can market your videos and find new ways to grow on Facebook along with the other social media platforms too.

The Musicians Guide to YouTube Marketing

We all know that YouTube is pre-requisite to every marketer to get successful today. YouTube mania continues to grow it really works for 8.5 out of 10. The scores are good and marketers continued their trust on YouTube for their marketing and promotion.

As a musician, YouTube is the best destination to promote your music video to the audience. but it is not that much easy.

YouTube has millions of active users and you will get a chance to expand your reach with your talent and approach. So let’s get started with YouTube for your music video promotion and marketing.

• Start new YouTube channel for your music videos and create a good logo and cover page.

• Make sure you optimize your video with good quality and music output.

• Include good keywords in metadata and optimize your video.

• Add tags and annotations in your video.

• Cross promote your YouTube video

• Try different types of video content like explainer videos, teaching videos etc.

• Promote your music videos by embedding your music video on blogs and websites.

• Drive good traffic towards your videos by including your other social media site links in your video. Expand your reach and build good YouTube community.

How to Make Your Music Video Go Viral

Viral videos are the biggest dream for every video creator. In order to make your music videos as a viral hit, you have to go with a perfect strategic plan follows with the perfect implementation of the same plan. Follow these tips to make your music video as a viral hit across the web.

• Deliver good quality video with good sound quality with a catchy wording in your music lyrics.

• Convey good emotions to the audience with your music. Target the audience to feel better.

• Collaborate with the popular artists in our niche.

• Most of the viral videos do not over-promote their presence or brand or logo.

• Connect with your audience in the comment section and promote the things.

Best Practices for Music Video Marketing

• Utilize the demographic data and target the demographics with your music videos. use the Google analytics and know your main audience to your videos.

• Find out what type of content your potential audience like and start creating your music videos basing on their taste.

• Create content for your audience rather than to fetch the rankings.

• Don’t go for black hat SEO techniques and stick to white hat SEO for permanent results.

• Build trust in audience towards your videos.

• Make frequent posts on your social platforms and stay connected with the audience.

• Respond to both negative and positive feedback in a positive way.,

• Take audience suggestions on your music videos.

Video Marketing Tips for Musicians

• Make the video as your own identity. Enhance your talent and make a beautiful music presentation in your video.

• Try to go for a cover song, most successful music videos become successful with the cover songs.

• Good sound quality reflects on your audience engagement and traffic towards your video content.

• Be patient as results will not be immediate and took great time to get proper results. So be patient and wait for the fruits.

• Create something relevant and interesting when you pictures your music with a video

• Make it relevant.

• Add good thumbnail to your music video.

• Collaborate with the other top musicians.

• Try not to copy any tunes as copyright strikes can bad your reputation online.

Finally, try these tips and best practices to earn good knowledge on the promotion of your Music videos using social media platforms. Along with the Facebook, YouTube platforms you can also promote and market your music videos on Reddit and Pinterest by adding your videos to the platforms.

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