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How to Protect Your Brand YouTube Channel Videos?

Well, you have successfully established the YouTube channel with an ultimate branding by blasting the amazing videos. But suddenly there may be any sinister of downloading your video content and using as one’s content by violating the copyright policies of YouTube might distract the brand your channel. Remember that we need to offer dollars and time to tussle against the outlaw. Ways to protect your brand YouTube Channel videos are explained here.

Again it will take years of time to rebuild the brand on our own through the creation of videos. It’s going to be a bug which makes us a bum to search for everything from the starting. Just ignore this all nuisance and a have a look below to protect the brand YouTube channel videos.

Create Brand Identity for a YouTube Channel

The most noteworthy thing is that your YouTube channel should have the identity that explores your channel name as the brand ambassador of your related field.

This can be done when you become the social media bug by sharing the video content on personal social media sites by linking the name of the YouTube channel.

This can make others to identify content that belongs to your channel easily. Note that the channel name must strike at the audience immediately and there should be the presence of the fourth estate.

YouTube Brand Guidelines

Before you launch your channel just go through the brand guidelines provided by the YouTube which mentions about the four categories “Partners & Advertisers, Entertainment & Media, Device Partners and API Developers” to obtain the ‘YouTube Logo’ to expand your YouTube brand that exists on original YouTube.

Use Your YouTube Icon Consistently

The icon of Your YouTube channel will be disclosed at all the audience, other social media sites and at anywhere depending on the availability of your YouTube video content.

Now you might find the importance of YouTube Icon that greatly impacts the audience to pin at your videos. So you must use the consistent YouTube Icon by obeying the YouTube channel specifications.

React Immediately to Brand Infringements

When you are notified by the YouTube about the brand infringement which specifies that you are breaking the YouTube policies in creating or uploading video content on YouTube channel then immediately respond to it otherwise they might ban or suspend the official account on YouTube. This might ruin your channel brand name.

How to Protect your Videos on YouTube

Just make a watermark of your social profiles on YouTube videos that give your identification if anyone has stolen your videos. Use the cloud storage which encrypts the video content of your channel.

Otherwise, prefer the encrypted transmission of videos while uploading so that the unauthorized persons can’t touch your videos. Else approach some agencies which protect your video content based on the YouTube content ID.

Keep Monitoring Alerts For Your Brand Content Keywords

Now we can find plenty of video trackers which are notifying us with an E-mail alert when any new video content is produced that has been monitored using a keyword or any name that has been given. By using these tools, we can set the vigilant to our required days.

How to Trademark Your YouTube Channel

You can build the trademark which gives the specific registration for your YouTube channel considering the logo, channel name and the motto of your channel through the law of trademark.

You can approach many solicitors to get the trademark of your channel which prohibits others from using your channel name or logos as duplication.

How to protect YouTube videos from being downloaded

There are plenty of ways that are being at others to download your YouTube videos, but you can prevent it by inserting your logo or emblem or animated images on your videos which notify the audience that videos are yours.

When you have uploaded your videos to YouTube you will be automatically given access to copyright through content ID if your video content is genuine and done by yourself.

You can get the copyright for a content you upload through US copyright registration law. Of course, the creative commons in YouTube will allow others to recycle your videos by displaying the source of the video content where your channel will be disclosed.

It’s better to use the highly qualified video content which contains the proper artists, content that should have the owner permission and no sensitive content to be used without the permission of YouTube authority.

Before uploading the YouTube videos just go through YouTube terms and conditions that stop copyright strike.

Someone Stole Brand YouTube Video what to do

When you find that someone has stolen your video just below that video plays you can find more where the option of a report is available then click on the “infringes my rights” this reports to the YouTube official.

Otherwise, you can find the way in YouTube impersonation which helps you to report your issues.

Ways to Protect Your Brand Videos

You should have the copyright on your YouTube videos, use the high-quality equipment to capture the videos, mention the channel name as the sign on those videos so that it’s difficult to upload by the opponents own and always think in a creative way that adorns your channel by fetching more subscribers.

Through all these activities you can build the brand videos that are everlasting.


These are the ultimate lines that where you raise your doubt that is never explained by anyone in protecting your brand YouTube channel videos on the journey of making successful YouTube channel.

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