Quality Over Quantity: Upload Fewer Videos Focus More on Quality

We in the competitive content marketing world where everyone loves unique, fresh, exciting and innovative content that can market, promote and connect with the audience.

The content quality is imperative to get successful in the modern video marketing and advertising ecosystem.

Algorithms were also updated, and the unique and quality content is the major update to crack the search engine rankings by competing with the competitors.

So, this is the right topic that is very helpful to the content marketers, advertisers who are working hard on their content creation and promotion.

Let us discuss the quality of quantity subject by making the video as the center point of our discussion. Here we go.

Why Quality and what benefits it can give to the video marketer?

• Quality content always win the game

• It helps you to reach the audience in an honest way.

• Your audience will be more interested if you focus on the quality content.

• It is the best way to get good rankings across various search engine results.

How to maintain good quality video content

• Do research on different terms that you are planned to utilize in your niche.

• Research various topics on different websites.

• Learn the style of videos and their way of conveying the message to the audience.

• It helps you to get a good understanding of the topics you choose for your video.

• From questions to the content you choose for your video script and from video to audio output quality, everything must be okay and relevant to the things you are conveying in your video.

• Then only the audience can get connected with the video content.

• There are some millions of videos across the web which is created for various purposes. However, many videos mislead the audience to grab the revenue from the traffic.

• Those misleading will not go longer, and it might make them permanently out from the creation of videos.

• So, maintain a good quality by doing better research on topics and the content you want to convey.

• Along with the inside elements of the video creation, You must also focus on the quality equipment to deliver the quality output for the video.

How quality wins over quantity

• A good quality video content always wins the race in the present competitive world.

• Because, people love to watch videos which are unique, interesting and good quality ones.

• Not only these things, when comes to the quality over the quantity. Quality always wins the race with the number.

• If you create 12 videos per week and uploading to the YouTube or some other platform by keeping an eye and expecting for the more monetisation revenue, then you are definitely on the wrong path and false expectation.

• Yes, if you can prepare the 12 videos with high-quality content it is well and good, and you can continue with the same flow and consistency with your marketing or for your individual business.

• If you are not consistent with the number, as well as if you are unable to deliver the best quality video content. You will fell in the race. Because if your content has no quality neither one will like to watch, nor it is shareable to the others.

• This might leads to permanent failure in delivering the content and the message through your content to your targeted audience.

• You must remind in your mind that it is just an example of the quality content.

Maintaining quality in videos

• The video is worth of thousand words, we all know that and have read in several blogs and places on the web. However, the sentence is correct if and only if you create your video worth of those thousand words.

• It is the real truth behind the video creation. Yes, we all know the power of videos and its impact on the audience.

• That is the reason why marketers, businesses, and individuals are focusing more on video creation and maintaining official YouTube channels and other video channels on different platforms.

• It is paramount to keep a definitive video quality by following various techniques and tactics.

• The first tactic is discipline. You might think what discipline will do in video creation. However, the thing is you will get habituated to maintain the publishing times and the main elements you need to focus on your video and thus produce a perfect video footage of your requirements.

• The video quality does not only depend upon the usage of an expensive equipment but also depend upon the time management, metadata creation, description creation, tags, transcription and visual quality.

• All these elements must satisfy the video production to produce a best quality video output.


• If one video went viral across the web, your channel fame will hit the mark and become a star. It is the perfect example why quantity does not matter and what matters the most is quality.

• If you have created a bunch of videos with low quality rated content, you cannot survive in this video world. The perfect way to be in the top listed video is to create at least one video with high quality in all verticals like content, script, metadata, tags, visuals, relevance, etc.

• So, quantity will not always matter as many people are opposed to the optimism as they always look for the downside of things and thought creating less quantity means one video for entire month or year.

• It is not like that; you can create your required or the sufficient number of videos for your social channels or your requirements. What we are saying is don’t create more than enough as it might reduce the quality of the video content and it is the most common thing that happens in the creation of videos.

Finally, quality wins over the quantity, and it will continue to win the race in future too. Follow the above tips, suggestions, and examples while creating your video to maintain good quality.

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