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100+ Reasons People Aren’t Watching Your YouTube Videos

It’s no secret that to grow your YouTube channel, and you need an audience. But what if you don’t have one? Well, the good news is that it doesn’t matter how many subscribers or followers you’ve got. You can still get people watching your videos by following these 100+ tips!

I know you’re not in it for the money, but if you want to grow your audience and make more money on YouTube, then this blog post is for you. The 100+ tips below will help you get more views so that people can see your content and subscribe to your channel.

Reasons People Aren’t Watching Your YouTube Videos

  • The production quality isn’t high enough
  • You didn’t use a catchy title or thumbnail image
  • You’re using the wrong type of content for your audience
  • You’re not getting enough views on your videos
  • Your videos are too long, so people don’t want to watch them all the way through
  • The thumbnail isn’t exciting and doesn’t represent what’s inside the video well enough
  • Your video is no longer relevant or up-to-date with current events
  • People think that your content is uninteresting because it’s just you talking about one topic
  • The video has poor quality sound or image
  • You didn’t know what you were going to say before pressing record
  • Your video doesn’t have a clear point, message, or call-to-action
  • Your content is not relevant to your audience’s interests and needs
  • You’re not making your videos compelling enough
  • Your video quality is too low
  • Your content doesn’t have a clear focus
  • You’re not targeting the right audience
  • You’re not using a professional camera or microphone
  • The sound quality isn’t good enough to be heard clearly
  • Your content doesn’t match what your audience wants to watch
  • There are no captions on the video for deaf viewers
  • You’re using the wrong keywords in your title and tags
  • You’re uploading content at a bad time of day for your viewers’ location, like when they’re sleeping or working
  • There’s not enough variation in your video content (maybe you need to try different topics)
  • Your videos aren’t optimized for mobile viewing
  • You haven’t uploaded any new content in a while
  • The quality of your video is poor
  • Your thumbnail doesn’t stand out from other thumbnails on YouTube
  • There isn’t enough information about the video’s topic before it starts playing
  • You’re not using any graphics or animations to engage your viewers
  • The quality of the video is bad, so it’s hard for people to watch
  • You don’t have a call-to-action at the end of your videos
  • You don’t have a clear call to action or point of view
  • The thumbnail doesn’t look appealing and is not very descriptive
  • The title is vague and uninformative
  • no description on the video page tells people what they’re going to see when they click play
  • You’re not using a thumbnail that grabs people’s attention
  • You don’t have an intro that gives viewers the right expectations for your video
  • The content of your video isn’t engaging enough to keep them watching.
  • Users don’t know why watching your videos is important to them
  • Users aren’t clicking on your playlists
  • Users can’t find your channel when they are looking for it
  • Users don’t know who you are or what you do
  • Users don’t have anything to watch once they get to your channel
  • Low-quality video
  • Makes viewers feel negative
  • Poorly placed description
  • Failure makes the most of YouTube’s advanced features for getting viewers to watch, like annotations, live streaming, and using links to other videos on your channel.
  • People who are ready decide whether or not to watch something based on the title, thumbnail, and description, and if those don’t provide the information they are looking for, they won’t watch your video or share
  • They have poor quality content
  • There is no title or description on their YouTube channel
  • The videos do not autoplay
  • They are not passing YouTube’s Analytics verification checks
  • They have low views and likes on the videos
  • They’ve given up
  • There’s nothing of interest to them at the moment
  • They’re looking for something in particular
  • No one is sharing your videos on Facebook
  • Your videos lack quality
  • Your videos use inappropriate language
  • You have no video description or title
  • The video has poor lighting or audio quality and is hard to hear or understand
  • You talk too fast. The video’s not formatted correctly
  • The title is too vague to determine its subject
  • Your thumbnails and titles lack imagery or creativity
  • You’re not promoting your videos on social media
  • The message is not clear
  • Design is outdated
  • The video is too long
  • Not enough engagement
  • First upload your video directly to YouTube
  • Reduce the size and lower the resolution of your video file
  • You need to engage your audience and offer some value exchange (Niche-specific examples)
  • They are distracted by extraneous content
  • They do not like using YouTube
  • There is a lack of optimization
  • Lack Of Targeted Traffic (Reciprocal Links, Social Media)
  • Lack of Optimization
  • No Originality
  • Keyword Stuffing (Title, Description Etc.)
  • Irrelevant Tags
  • Copy & Paste Content
  • Slow Loading Times
  • Webmaster Error
  • Embedding And Linking Issues
  • Non-App
  • Not interesting
  • No tags
  • Not connecting with users
  • No annotations
  • Not optimized for mobile devices
  • Lack of planning
  • Poor information
  • A video subject too broad
  • It’s all adverts!


If you want to know why people aren’t watching your videos, we have 100+ reasons. Our team of YouTube experts will analyse the content on your channel and provide a personalized plan to help increase viewership. Contact us for more information about our consulting services, or let’s talk today!

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