How to Record Live Streaming Video?

Live streaming means a form of broadcasting a video happening in real-time. Sometimes you may feel or would like to show your colleagues, watching live is not just enough to go for recording memories later on without any internet connection.

The only way of capturing live streaming for other devices is recording it. Recording the streaming data directly is a little bit harder process; we should manage it using some technologies. Here we are listing three ways of recording your live video.

How To Record Your YouTube Live Video

Just think if you would like to record gameplay on YouTube. Live stream your gameplay happen in YouTube without any other additional equipment.

In YouTube, you can also record the voice over or you can record the gameplay while live streaming going on. Capturing live video in a mobile device requires android version 5 or later version required.

The first thing you should download “YouTube Gaming App” from play store and install it.

Open the YouTube Gaming App to live stream.

If you are using mobile phones go to the top right corner of the app “Go Live”, or else if you are using tablet Click on “go Live” which is on the top of the app.

The welcome screen appears in the window, to start recording select “record” option.

At the same time check the quality of video recording that may be 480p SD or 720p HD recording.

It will show you the available space on storage and storage capacity to recording limits.

It will show you some notifications and tips because, it will record everything going on the screen like login passwords, calls also.

If you turn on the microphone, then it records the voice while playing.

Select the apps you would like to record, it will show you a floating bubble appear on the settings.

To start recording touch on the recording icon, within 3 seconds the recording start.

Select the floating bubble icon or red button to stop the recording. Once if you finished the recording save it to your phone or tablet memory.

By using the same procedure we can live stream and record the live videos using YouTube.

How To Record Your Facebook Live Video

Facebook live streaming helps to live stream the world what we are living today. We are sharing the live streaming to friends through Facebook at present, but to review the event only way is to record the live video.

To record the live video you can use a PC, a Mac or a mobile phone with iOS or Android.

Open the Facebook page on your device, you can record through News Feed or broadcasting through the Facebook page

Choose any of the Live video currently running on Your news feed, just hit the “Record”” button to start recording.

Replay video capacity is available for high-quality video recording like 100 frames per second, the live video recording option is only for high-quality video recordings.

Once if you finished recording live video click on stop button, save the recording in HD video format on your device.

If you would like to record using the iOS device just install the app”Apowersoft iPhone/iPad recorder”, this app easily record your Facebook Live video.

If you are Android phone users just install the app”Apowersoft Screen Recorder” for recording your Facebook Live video.

How To Record Your Instagram Live Video

Instagram is an enthusiastic way to share your daily activities or moments to your family and friends through Live Video and Photos. Unlike Facebook, Periscope that can store their live video in camera roll.

Similar way the Instagram also announced a feature call saving your live video in Instagram camera roll.

The only reason why people are not using Instagram is it does not have a save option to save the memories.

Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone, click on “Go Live”.

It starts to live streaming your moments after your streaming is over just save it to your camera roll.

To save it, after finishing your live video, immediately click on “Save” option which is located on the top right corner of your Instagram app.

You can share this saved video through any other social media apps.

There are other choices to record the Live video of Instagram, they are several apps.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder(Android), AirShou and Apower Mirror are the apps that help to record Instagram Live video.

Live Streaming to Facebook without Smartphone

Live Streaming to Facebook permits individuals and organizations to interface with companions, fans, and followers in energizing and a great deal more intelligent ways. With Wirecast live streaming production programming, Facebook users can make one of a kind and expert live streams with expert production abilities, for example, multi-camera live exchanging, lower thirds and titles, green screen, moment replay, scoreboards, and substantially more.

With Wirecast, users can now raise the production estimation of their live recordings by utilising various cameras, graphics, impacts, moves and other expert abilities. With direct coordination amongst Wirecast and Facebook Live, Wirecast users can publish live streams specifically to the Live Streaming to the Facebook stage from inside the Wirecast interface.

With such a large number of organizations keeping up Facebook nearness, streaming live content displays an immaculate chance to pull in other followers while expanding general activity. Making dynamic, eye-getting content with titles, graphics, and moves keeps flighty viewers drew in and tuned in.

Wirecast is perfect for broadcasting proficient live web shows, news, online gaming, wearing events, shows, corporate meetings, addresses, and a great deal more. With Wirecast, users can switch between different live cameras while progressively blending in other media, for example, movies, images and sounds, and including product features, for example, moves, worked in titles, chroma key support, virtual sets, and live scoreboards.

Live Streaming to Facebook is presently an incorporated broadcast destination for Wirecast. Once they have begun streaming, users will have the capacity to see the number of live viewers, the names of followers who are watching, and an ongoing stream of remarks, all through the live broadcast. Once the broadcast finished, the video will keep focussing timetable like whatever other posts.

Live Streaming to Facebook through PC

  • The first thing you have to go with is to setup the Wirecast on your Pc
  • Input and output settings must be adjusted with different selections.
  • Keep the name, destination etc
  • And then setup input settings.
  • Also, give the best title
  • Describe the broadcast
  • Power the webcam and test the cam
  • Open the Facebook page and make sure you have good internet connectivity to your PC
  • Also, add microphone to your settings
  • Open Facebook page and find your stream in newsfeed which was published via Wirecast from your PC.


Live streaming an event to share your happiness with the persons who did not attend the event that leads to being in the real world. Live streaming ends when it is finished streaming, but for further reference or to share memories with the friend you should record it. Here are the fabulous ways on how to record your live video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for users reference.

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