How Redbull Build Brand Awareness using Video

Redbull is the only brand that gets in every mind to get instant energy, and it has explored the name globally by being attached to all the customers.

Most of the opponents are tried to overcome it but no one can hit the position of Redbull in the market.

How it showed global impact through it’s ultimate marketing strategy?

Is there any tactic that it has applied to magnetize the audience to become customers?

Yes, the secret behind it is creating the brand awareness through ‘Video Marketing‘.

To go deeper inside that how it is doing just read the below mentioned phrases that are being followed and applied to expand your brand.

The brand’s guarantee is that it will expand execution, fixation, response rate, cautiousness, and even prosperity. With as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, a can of Red Bull is about vitality.

How to tell that story?

The one more thing that it has signed on success is by collaborating with the other top most brands like ‘Go Pro’ through which they had made extraordinary project of diving in to space.

How RedBull build a digital video community

Red Bull’s feeling of profiling and interfacing with niche groups and their skill for associating their item with the millennial demographic didn’t begin with Felix Baumgartner’s amazing 24 or more mile free-fall from the edge of space.

Red Bull saw the future and has been making waves with an energetic group of shoppers supporting them for about 10 years in the “blue sea” market space of eSports.

A couple of years after the fact in 2011, Red Bull took their dedication to the following level: arranging their own Red Bull LAN occasions.

The LAN was the ideal proving ground for Red Bull occasions and was a major achievement; conveying high generation and aggressive worth which helped them develop their brand value in the group.

Contacting your audiences today needs to incorporate an inventive multi-channel approach mixing awesome content and credibility, with group building.

Red Bull is giving extraordinary occasions and incredible amusement which is significant to those inside and outside of the eSports people group.

Redbull focuses on YouTube Content storytelling

Since the principal video was stacked onto Red Bull’s YouTube channel back on July 2, 2008, you and your dearest companions (and a couple of more people here and there) have acquired 1 billion views (and checking) of astonishing Red Bull competitors and craftsmen doing what they specialize in around the globe.

With digital first (and regularly YouTube-first) content that speaks to the Red Bull way of life, its videos furnish a worldwide gathering of people with a feeling of motivation and endless shareable minutes.

Driven by its fundamental channel, Red Bull now works a group of channels, including Red Bull Music, Red Bull Racing, Red Bull eSports, Red Bull Records & Red Bull Air Race.

Catching occasions far and wide in highlight and narrating designs, creating digital series in light of key influencers and competitors, and benefiting from out-of-this-world (once in a while actually) actions, Red Bull serves up connecting with content consistently.

Red Bull has spearheaded the way that a brand can handle YouTube, driving the path for others like GoPro and Nike to benefit as much as possible from the world’s biggest digital video stage.

Red Bull is not just a content supplier, but rather a built up individual from the YouTube people group.

While watching ‘Redbull Stratos’ then each audience will be speechless with the stunt that has been taken place the space dive project. This video on YouTube has 19,036,776+ views.

Red Bull Multi-Channel Marketing strategy

Red Bull received multi-channel advertising strategy to get audiences according to their interests. Red Bull’s been for the most part focusing on a fragment of 18-to 34-year-old men given their interests—being outside and having a fabulous time.

The brand started supporting “edge sport” competitors, similar to base jumpers, BMX racers, and mountain bikers, and also “e-sports,” which did not have numerous enormous brands appended to them. edge sport implied Red Bull to gather people in, as opposed to pushing messages out.

Despite the fact that these were speciality wears, every one Red Bull picked had solid gatherings of people and adherents who fit its intended interest group profile.

Red Bull’s Multi-Channels are

  1. Red Bull Music
  2. Red Bull eSports
  3. Red Bull Air Race
  4. Red Bull Music Academy
  5. Red Bull Global Rallycross
  6. Red Bull Records
  7. Red Bull Racing
  8. Wings for Life World Run

Red Bull Epic web video Content Marketing Strategy

In a sense, the channel epitomizes Red Bull’s whole advertising approach. You need to snap it. You need to see what it is.

What is this epic stuff?

In case if you occupied with amazing games and clever things that creatures do, then GoPro’s video battles are great. We should investigate their content battles and how the organisation is so effective with them.

  1. Catching Epic Moments from Fans for Fans.
  2. Collaborating with Another Powerful Team – Red Bull.
  3. GoPro Utilizes an Epic YouTube Strategy for Their Brand.
  4. They Promote Engagement by Providing Content what their Clients need.
  5. They Focus On Telling Stories in their Content.
  6. GoPro Doesn’t Just Promote Extreme Sports, yet Regular Life.
  7. They Know Which Social Channel is perfect for them.

Red Bull Video Marketing Campaigns Success

It was a mind-boggling thing to watch and what sentiments acknowledging are that you’re watching history really taking shape! In the event that you weren’t the one who watched to know nothing about it, Felix Baumgartner did a free tumble from the very edge of space and spoke to Red Bull.

While it happened more than two years prior, Red Bull is as yet utilizing this very effective battle over at their Stratos Team site.

It was an awesome approach to propel the caffeinated drink.

Best Practices from Redbull Video Marketing Strategy

The accompanying data will give some foundation on why video is basic parts of any effective content advertising technique furthermore give some helpful tips as to best practices for doing as such.

Quality Video Content:

● Video content ought to take care of issues and give new data

● Make videos easy to use

● Use intelligent components

● SEO Content

● Use Transcriptions

● Host Videos all alone Domain

● Permit Embedding

● Use Keywords

● Make Catchy Titles

● Give Thorough Descriptions

● Use Tags

● Use Sitemaps

The Best in Class Video Marketers Agree:

● Interior/Outsourced Mix of Getting Videos Made

● Make Quality Videos with Good Content

● 9% Increase in Conversions for Websites Using Video

● Videos Must Be the Appropriate Length


There’s a long way to go from the Red Bull sponsorship program. Rather than utilising a couple of prominent sponsorships, it has made a substantial arrangement of generally reasonable sponsorships that, due to the umbrella Red Bull brand, have a total effect.

They are compelling because they are on-brand, exceptionally reliable over quite a while period, thus imaginative and restless that they make buzz through the standard and digital media.

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