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SaaS Video Advertising: 50 SaaS Video Ad Strategies That Will grow your SaaS B2B Company

SaaS is often associated with Cloud computing; users can access the software with the help of a web browser. The majority of the leading entrepreneur software companies has been adopted the SaaS. SaaS companies have a potential growth in today’s digital world, and to achieve success and growth, and it is necessary to incorporate appropriate SaaS Video Advertising and Marketing strategies. Here are the top 50 SaaS Video Ad strategies that will grow your SaaS B2B Company or Business.

What is SaaS Video Advertising?

B2B SaaS companies operate differently than other businesses, but as in most of the industries, B2C and B2B are similar. B2B SaaS company Facebook ads have the primary purpose as conversion. One of the most effective way to ensure the SaaS advertising is converting the map to the buyer’s journey.

There are tons of ways and strategies in which B2B SaaS marketers can use SaaS video Advertising.

SaaS Video Advertising:

Focus on the client’s needs:

The SaaS system provides long term business growth, but for successful campaigns, it is impotent to maintain long-term relationships with your clients.

Encourage audience Sign Up for demo:

For any B2B SaaS businesses, product demos matter a lot as all the business marketers know. It brings consistent revenue to your business needs to add more demo requests.

Offer Rewards:

There are several ways to attract users. One of the best ways is to offer more rewards to increase product sales.

Promote the Product launch:

For any B2B SaaS companies, they need to promote their product service. Encourage the marketers to promote their product launch events through social media ad campaigns.

Promote the New features of B2B company:

SaaS companies must advertise their new products and services through SaaS video advertising. Promote company new features like Chrome Extensions and service features in the form of ads.

Target Audience based on Region and language:

For most of the B2B SaaS businesses, targeting the audience by the location and language is an excellent opportunity to tap into your audience at scale without any effect.

Display Testimonials:

reviews, testimonials, and case studies are the ultimate tools that every business needs to focus on. Leverage these consumers’ testimonies in the form of ads as proof to build trust among the audience.

Use video ads on Google Display Networks:

Advertising on the Google Display Network, your businesses can reach a similar audience at a fraction of time and the CPCs you would pay for those search network campaigns.

Use Gmail Ads:

SaaS companies must use Gmail ads to target your competitors and your regular customers. For any SaaS start-ups, competitors are more valuable than consumers.

Target the Competitor Keywords:

Competitor keywords might be expensive to buy, but one huge benefit for your customer acquisition efforts is working on Competitor keywords. The cost of bidding on competing keywords has become more manageable for SaaS companies.

SaaS B2B Video Advertising:

Introduce Optimizely :

Optimizely in the SaaS video, advertising is of the latest A/B testing used in Google ads.


Zendesk is a software development firm that providing a SaaS suite that offers free help issue tracking, desk ticketing, customer service support. This is the best example for the display advertising strategy.

Highlight A Use Case:

B2B SaaS companies may have various use cases that each is appealing to a different user. B2B companies must highlight the use case in their video advertising.

Share Case Studies:

Share the case studies with well-known brands, and these ads come in handy when you want to show prospects, businesses solve the problem. Whenever you create case studies for your client, highlighting can help in establishing credibility.

Streamline your Google Ads account:

Google Ads offers a massive variety of features, but not all types are not relevant for a SaaS startup. Many of the features in Google Ads provides retailers, direct marketers, and eCommerce marketers and other entities well outside the SaaS space.

Introduce Shopping campaigns:

Introduce the Shopping campaigns that are great for the retailers, and if you are selling the single items, you can not see any positive results for product ads.

Real-time updates:

Use the Real-time updates that are useless for SaaS products though you can use it to market the company’s software during the sales.

Call extensions:

Any B2B company selling the very expensive SaaS products, make sure to add call extensions that can help the businesses to get people on the phone.

Promote Your Blog Posts:

As a B2B SaaS business can create huge content to engage, educate, and inspire the audience. Google advertising brings a perfect platform for advertising your blog post to a larger audience.

Use CLV, not CPC, to determine ROI:

The average CPC for most of the SaaS keywords seems to be high when compared to the cost of SaaS products. It is an important thing to keep perspective when you are calculating return on the ad spend.

SaaS YouTube Advertising:

Carefully Target the Audience and Do remarket:

Since few people visit the SaaS website without some level of interest on the product, retargeting is an excellent way for your SaaS start-ups to reconnect with potential customers and put brand right in front of them in the form of YouTube video ads.

Try A New Low-Risk CTA:

SaaS products offer enterprise solutions and self-service, and few offer instant downloads. Through YouTube, ads allow app downloads instead of using a high-risk CTA like Learn More and multiple actions as a part.

Emphasize Your Brand’s Approachability:

Emphasizing your number of clients, you need to tells your prospects in two things about the business. It is similar to product trust and pleasant to work with those clients.

Promote Online & Offline Events:

Need more people to sign up for the upcoming events; YouTube ads can make it happen. Most of the B2B companies implemented these YouTube ads for effective promotions.

Promote Webinars through YouTube Ads:

YouTube ads can help B2B companies and Start-Ups to create awareness and increase signups. Marketers can experiment with these video ads with small clips of Webinars.

Promote Exclusive Research:

If your company spends more hours on research, you need to share those findings with your audience through ads. These YouTube ads build and establish your customer relationship from brands.

Promote Whitepapers & Guides:

It is well known that content is visible and need to promote it online. Similar to the blog posts, researches or Whitepapers are strong content assets that can be effectively promoted on YouTube ads.

Promote an Upcoming Podcast:

Working on your own B2B podcast is a huge opportunity to connect the audience, share the short stories from your clients. Promoting a podcast is not an easy way to leverage a large group of audience.

Highlight Feature Integrations:

Software integrations are critical things, and that is why B2B businesses build their products with integrations. Create a video about the software integrations and promote it on YouTube.

Offer an Inside view of the Products Descriptions:

Offer an inside view of the products that could be a great way to enhance your product descriptions. Product videos are great things to engage with the audience.

SaaS Facebook Advertising:

Implement Video ads:

Facebook video ads can appear as an in-stream that plays like a video in stories session. The key to creating visual experiences for your audience is implementing SaaS product ads so that they will watch the ad and take the desired action.

Instant experience ads:

Once the viewer clicks on your Instant experience, ads on Facebook connected more audiences via their mobile device. Canvas ads are best for SaaS video advertising.

Introduce the Lead ads:

Lead ads are in the in-app type of ads where your lead does not have to leave the platform to gain access.
Perfect for capturing the emails of the audience through this ad.

Boost your page posts:

Boost your SaaS company advertising that allows you to get the limited-reach for organic posts but turn them into supercharged Facebook paid ads to get the right audiences.

Link click ads:

Link Click ads in another way called as a call-to-action, including in Facebook ads. These types of ads act as a quick tool for engaging ads and get the right kind of interest.

Likes and shares as social proof:

If your company social posts reached the high volume of Likes and Shares, use those posts to share in ads, include those images as targeting the audience.

Time things right:

Use the performance data from your previous Facebook campaigns to locate the peak performance. Timeslot, custom schedule for your SaaS products ad can target audience at a scheduled time.

Try to Avoid the converted audience out of the equation:

Once the subscribers are already visited your Facebook ads, try to avoid those people from watching the same ads again and gain.

Retargeting through Facebook Ads:

Retargeting is a great strategy to engage with the audience. Re-targeting, the already visited audience can improve your engagement in various ways.

Use custom creatives:

Branded ads designs get noticed more often when compared to the other stock images used foe SaaS video advertising. Create and use custom creatives for better targeting audiences through Facebook ads.

SaaS LinkedIn Advertising:

Invest in Visual Storytelling:

Invest some amount in creating compelling storytelling videos that could be used in LinkedIn video advertising. These ads can generate more audience engagement among more companies.

Write provocative headlines:

Writing the fascinating headlines can help to create a curiosity cap among the audience and make people feel to click on your ads to find out more exciting updates about your company.

Sponsored Content:

It is essential to lay a strong foundation for your company before you get started with LinkedIn ads. Create some great sponsored content about your company to promote it online.

Sponsored InMail:

Send and Target your LinkedIn ads through Emails so that you can directly communicate with company professionals.

Create captivating content:

Most people use LinkedIn to gain unique insights that are relevant to their skills or profession. Put yourself in your audience’s and consider that catch your attention.

Target specific audience through LinkedIn ads:

The LinkedIn ads that perform best are relevant to a particular target audience. Here you can see unique visitors because you can target based on what a person professionally that includes Job Title, Company name, skills, and experience.

Test your ads on LinkedIn:

Use different types of adds on LinkedIn based on ad text, call-to-action-buttons, images and etc. Test various versions of ads and see which is most appealing to your audience.

Set a competitive bid:

Placing a competing bid is a specific formula for the success of your company. When it comes to bidding the budgets, it takes time for testing various formats.

Analyze your campaign performance:

Analyze your campaign performance through Linked Ads dashboards to see how people are engaging through ads. SaaS companies can get more accurate results only through LinkedIn.


Over time, SaaS video advertising can grow a seriously powerful customer acquisition tool for your SaaS start-ups. As if you are in the B2B SaaS space and till now have not tested out video ads there. It is the right time to introduce to your businesses is a significant opportunity to reach the right audience and drive leads.

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