50 Things Every Vlogger Should Do To Scale Up YouTube Channel

Video has become the most powerful tool in content marketing. YouTube is the largest platform for vlogging. This is a free platform and we can see a large number of video content being uploaded everyday on this platform. It is a channel for the vloggers to get more subscribers as there is much competition.

1. Create a plan for your channel. Define what your channel is going to be all about.

2. Plan the structure of the video.

3. Write a script to organize the video efficiently.

4. Define target audience and write the script to appeal to them.

5. Follow a schedule that is consistent. If you do not, followers and subscribers may forget about your channel.

6. Create engaging content. Informative and entertaining content works better in engaging the audience.

7. Create evergreen content as these remain relevant for a long time.

8. Inform the followers when they can expect a new vlog from you so that they will come back to your channel at that time.

9. Create a vlogging plan. Set goals for your channel.

10. To reach the long-term goal, set some shorter term achievement that helps you.

11. Let your followers feel like they are part of a community.

12. Create targeted content to build brand loyalty.

13. Ask your followers and subscribers to comment or ask questions.

14. Answer the best questions in the next video.

15. When your followers see that you are recognizing them, they will be encouraged to participate more.

16. Ask your viewers about a suggestion for next vlog topic.

17. If you are using any of their ideas, mention the names of the viewers in your video.

18. Stronger relationships with the audience are needed for the growth of the YouTube channel.

19. Take the criticism coolly.

20. Thank the viewers for their compliments, comment and response.

21. Interact with the audience in social media also to provide them the feeling that they are part of the community.

22. Ask viewers to leave comments and questions and answer them in your next video.

23. Ask the viewers to suggest some vlog topics.

24. If you use any of the topics suggested by the viewers do not forget to mention their names in the video.

25. Take audience interaction to a new level by creating videos with your fans.

26. The stronger the relationship with the audience, the more YouTube channel will grow.

27. Live chats on Facebook or Twitter Chats will help create a community.

28. Have a special page for your YouTube channel on social media sites and share exclusive information, bloopers or outtakes.

29. Collaborate with other vloggers to reach more people.

30. Comment on other user’s channels.

31. Increase the uploading frequency as your fans love to watch more of your work and want more entertainment.

32. Have quirky titles for the videos in your channel to get more views.

33. Use keywords in the title so that the search engines know what is there in the video.

34. The titles of the videos should not be longer. See that it is not more than 50 characters.

35. Make your channel appear professional

36. Have a channel art for the channel to establish it as a brand.

37. Personalize video thumbnails. Click through rate of videos can be increased by using annotations and relevant images.

38. Channel trailer can improve visitor engagement.

39. Catch the audience attention in a few second by creating a perfect channel trailer.

40. Use call to action annotations to make the viewers click them as this increases channel subscription.

41. Place a link for subscribing to the YouTube channel as a call to action in the videos.

42. See that the call to action annotations is not annoying the viewers.

43. Use tools such as TubeBuddy to find more viewers and to automate the YouTube process.

44. It is proved that the high converting videos are of less than five minutes length.

45. Keep the videos in your YouTube channel short and simple.

46. Make the videos more entertaining by using YouTube intro and outro.

47. Offer your audience something for engaging with your YouTube channel.

48. Be active on social media. Increase channel views by posting the video links in your social media accounts.

49. Not only Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, opting for Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and others help to build your channel brand.

50. Use the Facebook Ads or Google Ads to promote your channel.

More than one billion people watch YouTube every month and there is large potential audience for the video content that is uploaded on this platform. More subscribers are needed for the YouTube channel to leverage this platform and get huge traffic. Above said are some of the ways to scale up the YouTube channel.

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