ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Success

Science behind ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Success

ChuChu TV YouTube channel is the most entertaining channel especially for kids. It will share information required for kids, and here we are going to discuss how the science is going to play a role in the success of this channel.

In less than two years since the launch of its YouTube channel, India’s ChuChu TV has amassed near 2 Billion views and 2 Million subscribers. It’s a kind supposed on content, combined with particular streamlining and engagement methods, have situated it as the top kids’ stimulation divert in Asia-Pacific.

The makers of ChuChu TV are satisfied to report the launch of another channel for inspiring, instructive and critical tunes for little children. ChuChu TV Surprise includes a cast of vivid, enlivened eggs, alongside some commonplace countenances from the YouTube channel that began it all – ChuChu TV. In 1st week, ChuChu TV Surprise tallied more than 10,000 subscribers and two million video views with only two videos.

How ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Started?

The group of illustrators and designers are upbeat to bring bliss and fun into the lives of youngsters around the globe, while likewise conveying content with instructive worth. Content separation is vital; however, with regards to exemplary nursery rhymes that have been around for ages, it’s hard to advance. ChuChu TV acknowledged the dim feelings that numerous nursery rhymes have and deliberately decided to turn them on their heads to reflect energy.

How ChuChu TV YouTube Channel is different from other channels?

ChuChu TV, which aims to attract kids through a progression of peppy nursery rhymes and educational songs with interesting animation videos uploaded on YouTube. which is unique, engaging content for endorsers and viewer kids which eventually prompts the special channel which is not the same as different channels which hold kids content.

ChuChu TV Surprise’s animated egg characters will encourage children to sing, learn, move and the vast majority of all, have a great time. Mr Harlo, the Finger Family Unicorn Elephant from the first channel, serves as the informal mascot for ChuChu TV Surprise. Moreover, endorsers of the first ChuChu TV can hope to see a considerable lot of their most loved characters showing up on the new channel. Mr Harlo’s part on the channel is to take youthful viewers on innovative adventures and show age-fitting content like hues, shapes and creatures.

ChuChu TV Longform Videos Success Strategy


● Make an effective entertainment and learning asset for children on YouTube

● Build a loyal, engaged audience

● Develop views, subscribers, and watch time


● Discovered its corner in a crowded classification with crisp content, and unique characters, music, and visuals

● Streamlined videos for YouTube and observed results continuously

● Construct fan engagement by urging fan entries to its Facebook page while reacting to comments progressively

Stunning Kids Fans for ChuChu TV

All the children aged 0 to 6 cherish the channel since its loads of fun. Also, the channel shows them new things with each new video. ChuChu TV Surprise channel has surpassed our desires by achieving one million subscribers within eight months after the dispatch of the big video. ChuChu TV Surprise would reproduce the achievement of the first ChuChu TV channel, which constructed a solid after on account of its bright and innovative interpretations of understood nursery rhymes and other children’s tunes

ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Statistics

Channel name : ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes

● Subscribers 4,747,153 (Still Counting)

● Videos 223 (Still Counting)

● Complete views 5,054,471,516 (Still Counting)

YouTube’s measurements demonstrate that ChuChu TV Surprise is poised to recreate the achievement of its forerunner. Launched in 2013, ChuChu TV is surrounding 3 billion views and 3 million subscribers, setting it solidly among the most prominent channels for its intended interest group of youthful kids and their folks. Both ChuChu TV and ChuChu TV Surprise are home to prestigious nursery rhymes and unique children’s songs.

ChuChuTV is intended to draw in kids through a progression of playful nursery rhymes and instructive melodies with colorful animations. ChuChu TV characters will show kids their most loved nursery rhymes, shapes, colors, numbers, and so on and all the more significantly great human qualities which we feel is imperative for the cutting edge champions. ChuChu TV Studios group has additionally as of late launched its marked mobile application “Nursery Rhymes by ChuChu TV” for iOS and Android stages. It permits users to watch ChuChu TV videos for nothing from YouTube and also giving an alternative to purchasing videos to watch disconnected from the net. It has been a tremendous hit with near 100,000 downloads over a month.

Image and Videos Source : ChuChu TV

ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy

Every parent of having kids might hear the kid’s favorite channel ChuChu TV and all must know about the success strategy of ChuChu TV YouTube channel. ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy explained here.

ChuChu TV is one of the world’s most famous Channels on YouTube platform, which based on the Child category. It is the most renowned Video site for Young children in the world. It is the best kid entertainment channel on the web. This channel used to offer various collections of animated rhymes for the nursery kids in an attractive and colorful animated picture in the video.

The Channel had received the Gold play button honor from the YouTube. The channel was notified with more than one billion viewers per month and surprised everyone on YouTube platform.

An app also released with name “My ChuChu coloring book” which is the first app that ranks top on YouTube with over one million subscribers and one billion views on Chuchu TV studios on YouTube platform.

Even the myChuchu puzzles will not take expenses from the user and offer free of cost on the iPad and iPad Mini application, which specially designed for the kids. The app covered the puzzles designed attractively and colorfully. There also featured with the various shapes and characters with 15 interesting levels and various unique objects for the kids to identify.

The puzzles are not only entertainment for kids but also they are educational and improved their skills and memory power from the childhood stage. They can practice the various visual-spatial skills and recognition skills ns builds good vocabulary from the kid level. They also can achieve good pronunciation.


ChuChu TV is one of the popular kids YouTube channels. This TV offers kids the best rhymes, songs, musical rhymes, and fun activities. So check the small description of ChuChu TV for your information. ChuChu TV YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy can give you a better understanding of what you need to have.

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