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30 Skype For Business Tips and Tricks For Better Video Conferencing

Skype for business enterprises improves voice improves business communications and collaborations. Skype conference also promotes the streamline interaction between employees and consumers across the Globe. Skype has emerged with popular options for business, and it’s the ease of accessibility and effectiveness. Let me provide a few Skype for Business Tips and Tricks for better video conferencing.

Skype For Business Tips And Tricks For Better video Conference

  1. Use the separate audio device to avoid the echoes issues and other issues related to audio.
  2. If possible, use the wired Ethernet connection for better video quality.
  3. Better to schedule skype for a business meeting in Outlook. Let others can know the dates to organize further conferences.
  4. If your business has both the in-person and online clients, it’s better to arrange the Skype business meetings.
  5. Schedule and join Skype meetings on time. It’s better to check the audio and video quality before the meeting.
  6. Skype for business is integrated into the Outlook to send and receive emails between attendees and organizers.
  7. If your PC consists of Office365, the Slype for business automatically install in your PC.
  8. Use one computer if all attendees are in the same room, to prevent the audio and video feedback.
  9. Make sure to Mute your Microphone if you are not speaking at the conference.
  10. Better to use Laptops and desktop computers for Video meetings. Don’t lift Skype calls from smartphones; it will distract your sessions.
  11. Record Skype meetings, it may help you later in case if you forgot discussions and strategies.
  12. Use Keyboard shortcuts and utilize the ease of using Skype for the business user interface.
  13. Ctrl + Shift +H shortcut to put a call on hold, Alt + Q, to end a Call and Ctrl + Alt +S to stop sharing your screen to the other person.
  14. Skype for business offers privacy to maintain the confidentiality of your contacts. You can categorize your contac5ts into five types of groups to keep the relationship between a particular connection.
  15. Colleagues, Friends And family, External Contacts, Workgroup Contacts, and Blocked Contacts are five types of contacts for a better relationship and easy identification.
  16. Skype for business allows Powerpoint presentations to share your views and ideas in the meeting.
  17. With a simple trick, you can share your screen in the meeting. Just click on the Slide Show and choose the present Online option to showcase your presentation at the conference.
  18. Set your desktop screen to 1024 X 768 pixels to offer the best viewing experience and 800 x 600 resolution for tablets.
  19. Make sure to provide a clear and complete invitation, including a meeting agenda before the meeting starts.
  20. Join the meeting before 15 minutes to discuss the meeting content and upload the content to be shared.
  21. Enlist and take assistance help for conducting larger meetings that may help to solve issues before the meeting starts.
  22. Mute the audience who cause the poor audio experience because the whole meeting cannot disturb at once.
  23. If you are in the middle of the meeting, you want to leave your meeting. You have an option called Transfer to Mobile.
  24. Skype is providing the option for deleting the chat history from your android phones for privacy.
  25. Use the quality equipment for organizing a good Video Conference. If you are participating in a virtual meeting, make sure that every equipment is arranged perfectly.
  26. Use the search options to reach the people faster, right-click on the contact, and select the Add to the Contact list.
  27. Double click on that particular contact to send quick messages. This shortcut works well if you are busy.
  28. Just record the preview call and share it with friends to get video and audio for quality feedback.
  29. Hover over in someone’s contact list and click on the Call button for instant calling.
  30. Use skype as a hidden security camera and make your audio, video calls automatic.


Globally, Skype is used for conducting business meetings, doing Job interviews, board meetings, and finally, for strategic management. These above Skype for Business Tips and Tricks increase your business productivity to a great extent. Hope! You people have learned something from this Skype For Business Tips and Tricks.

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