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Top 10 Smartphone Accessories For YouTube Vloggers

Mobile devices are pretty great for taking videos and photos for creating a vlog with your smartphone device. Smartphones are getting smarter and better in the present generation, but every smartphone has some limitations like battery life, handling the device, camera functionality and week speakers the capacity of smartphones and the given Smartphone Accessories are not enough for Youtube bloggers.

Because bloggers stay in outstations, mountains, take photographs on water, do adventures roaming all around the world. So, they should take care of their electronic accessories like smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. Bloggers need additional equipment for shooting videos, photos for their blogs. Here we compiled top 10 Smartphone Accessories for YouTube Vloggers.

Smartphone Accessories For YouTube Vloggers

Joby Tripod Stand:

Photographers, Vloggers should know the importance of a tripod. It allows a user to shoot without a shaky hand, slow shutter speed, a cornerstone of every photographer camera skills.

Joby Tripod Stand works on multifunctional usage. It can be adjusted depending upon the environment, different shooting positions. The Gorillapod fits on any smartphone of 2.1 – 2.8 “ width. It is one of the best tripod ever seen before.

Waterproof Power Bank:

A power bank is must for a traveller to keep secure navigation and to keep your phone always battery full. Short battery life is one of the major constraints of every smartphone. A power bank should have qualities like waterproof, portable and exists any environmental conditions.

TechNet waterproof power bank 9000mAh is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It has built i9n handy compass to check navigation and flashlight exists in it. This power bank is helpful to vloggers for outdoors stays.

Headphone / Microphones:

Headphones are must for a vlogger to listen to music or to take calls while driving. To record an interview or someone explaining about that historical places you must have Microphone or a Mic to record it. Along with microphone, you should carry TRRS cable to connect your Mic and Smartphone device.

This TRRS cable has a port to fix headset to it, listen how your recording going on. Headphone Organizer came into the picture to take calls, it’s cheap you can buy anytime in online.

Pocket Spotlight:

A pop-up flashlight in any DSLR camera is very helpful for a photographer to get quality pictures. But flashlight in smartphones is worst for official photography to place in blogs. The pocket-sized spotlights are designed to create a professional instant spotlight.

Either it can be held by hand or it can be plug to your smartphone headphone jack to take pictures. Charge this pocket spotlight with USB, it lasts for an hour. This spotlight is portable, useful to take a photo or a video.

iPhone Viewfinder:

The biggest disadvantage of a smartphone camera is inevitable glare in sunny days, that keeps checking what an accurate look in the frame. This iPhoneViewfinder will remove glare , errors and as well as the trail. This iPhone Viewfinder works perfectly on iPhones.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer:

In our busy life to have a physical photocopy is necessary to place all our memories in an album. Bloggers carry smartphone printer to share the photos with the people who asked share their memories for future.

Fujifilm allows you take a digital print of your favorite copy in a smartphone or a tablet. This printer works on both ios and Android phones works on two CR2 lithium batteries. You can click approximately 100 photos before changing the new fresh battery.

Auxiliary Lenses:

Similar to photographers attach the mirrorless lens to DSLR cameras, now mobile photographers are also attaching a lens to their smartphones. They are of different types fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto and macro lenses have a multi-level coating to reduce lens flare.

MCAM is another lens attached to the smartphone to give zooming wide angle effects. Olloclip 4 in 1 photo lens include the above four options. This is best for vloggers.

Shuttr Muku Labs:

This is Bluetooth controlled devices to shoot video and photos which are operated by your smartphone. It can grab signal your phone is 30 feet for away. Shutter Muku Labs is from nifty devices.

This is one type of remote controller to activate your phone a camera to shoot videos. Shutter Muku Labs is beat for shooting a documentary, movie videos, while you’re travelling and if you are single to handle everything.

Optrix Sports Case:

If you would like to shoot a video in a rugged environment what you would do? Just grab the Optrix Sports case to protect your smartphone from obstacles, rain, sunlight and snow.

This created for iPhone that exactly suits for GoPro also. It has no limits for shooting underwater shorts water depth under 15 feet, what else your iPhone can do. You can add three elements, wide angle lens for creativity on your shorts.

Selfie sticks:

A selfie stick is a common thing in the present selfie generation, a common man can buy a selfie stick to capture their crazy memories. A variety of selfie sticks in the market but a photographer or a vlogger should choose the best selfie pole for creative captures.

The OUTBACK pole is can handle different smartphones, it works for camcorders, Go Pros, and DSLR cameras. It is water resistant and does not need recharging. Exhorts Sports Selfie Pole selfie stick is sturdy, waterproof, adaptable to GoPro selfie pole.


These all above accessories depends on your needs, that may depend on environmental conditions and your profession. There are many smartphone apps available to edit and share the videos and photos to your blogs. The above are the top 10 smartphone accessories for YouTube bloggers.

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