What is Snackable Video Content?

Lengthy and hours long video content was no longer engaging today. People love to watch short and sweet video clips that take less time to watch and enjoy. Even marketers are worried about the attention from the audience towards their content. So, let us dig into the story of Snackable content.

What is Snackable content?

Snackable video content is the content which is simple, short and easy to understand within the bite-sized content. This type of content is called as a Snackable content. The content just last for seconds, and it consists of images and videos within.

Today, viewers are busy with their schedules, and there is no time for them to watch a very long form content in their time.

So, a good Snackable content was engaging across the web and businesses are focused on creating Snackable content for their audience to fetch a good number of views as well as conversion rate too.

Best examples of Snackable video content

Interesting strategy of Safeway grocery store

Grocery stores content marketing was significantly improved, and businesses are focusing more on audience interests than their product promotion.

The Safeway grocery store had created many Snackable videos showing the recipes and safe tips with attractive visuals for their customers.

With their 15 to 20 seconds, videos had led them to 11 times more better organic traffic on Facebook platform.

Their engagement levels have gone high across the platform. This is the best example fro the power of Snackable video content in marketing.


Nifty is a DIY video brand launched by the popular content platform Buzzfeed.

They have initially launched the Tasty, with an objective of quick to produce delicious brand content.

It began to post a delicious, how-to cooking videos and grabbed 49 million likes on Facebook platform.

They made the content perfectly Snackable in an informative, entertaining and gratifying way.

After the success of Tasty, they launched Nifty with the same Snackable content marketing strategy.

They acquired 4 million like sin less than one month span.

The primary strategy behind the nifty success is understanding their audience and producing the best Snackable content with DIY cooking videos.

How to create Snackable videos?

Snackable videos are budget friendly as they don’t require the significant budget to start. But the video must be a quick, engaging and digestible to the audience to keep continuous engagement and to succeed with Snackable strategy. Let us know how to create the best Snackable video for your business.

Choose the best topic in your business

Take the best topic by keeping your audience in mind, meaning if you are running a food business try some interesting Snackable video of how to cook videos if you pick the fashion store to create some DIY tips videos.

So choose the best topic that suits your business and don’t over promote your brand in your videos. If so, you will lose your engagement levels entirely.

Create videos for the audience but not for your business promotion.

Location or background

Choose the perfect location to shoot your video or choose the best experiences are visual treats to the audience.

Amplify your videos in different ways

Snackable video must be easy to understand the video content which must be conveyed to the audience within a short time.

So design your strategy in such a way that you must complete at the targeted seconds.


Show variations in your Snackable content like fetching different concepts and topics to engage the audience.

Create some crafts, DIY, Life hacks, how to’s, etc. these variations can attract the people to click on your video.

Choose the right social media platform

Creating Snackable Video Content for Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram expand your audience reach towards your brand or business.

The best platform for the Snackable video is a Facebook platform. The majority of brands and business are following Facebook platform for their Snackable strategy.

You can also go with the same strategic plan on youtube platform too.

Why Snackable Video Content Works Well?

Snackable video works well because…

Because it is Snackable.

Snackable video is informative.

The Snackable video is engaging and interesting.

The Snackable video will be between 15 seconds to 30 seconds span and was simple and took less time to watch the content.

It is budget friendly to the marketers and businesses.

How to Drive Leads using Snackable Video Content

It must be a visual treat to the audience. A platform like Instagram has excellent video editing capabilities. So be creative and transform your stats into trendy infographics.

There are different types of Snackable videos you can try like DIY’s and how to. It helps you to expand your audience reach and interest.

Make it simple, quick and visualizing to your audience.

Don’t over promote your brand. Just place the logo and add clickable links that redirect the audience to your sales page can work well to bring new leads to your business.

Understand your audience and create useful content.

Encourage them to share your videos and let them enjoy the content.

Add some call to actions and drive them to your sales page in an interesting way.

Request them a callback and place some hotlines to your products.

Snackable video content strategy for Youtube and Snackable video ads

Youtube is always unique as it increases the level of reach and expands the ways for possibilities.

Plan an individual strategy to target your specific demographics or location based audience with your videos.

Try some simple video ads showing your product and it must be within 30 seconds length.

Try some best images, infographics and add a good call to actions.

Try youtube ads with Snackable video strategy; you can fetch the best results and increase your reach across the web.

Finally, go through this guide to know the strategy required for your Snackable videos. All the best

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