Snapchat Advertising: The Ultimate Guide for Brands

Snapchat is one of the top most social media apps to make better communication through photos and videos in a creative way. This is the trendiest app that everyone shows interest to use it especially mobile users.

There are 3/4th of the users of Snapchat used to act on it daily. I.e. nearly 166 million daily users can be found on Snapchat.

By considering that huge demand in public the companies or marketers have chosen this platform to explore their business branding through the involvement of advertisements on Snapchat. Then how it’s happening?

Snapchat Advertising

Most of the business advertisers are looking for the right platform of Snapchat to reach the targeted users. The option to advertise on Snapchat will enrich your brand by reaching the intended customers within a limited period.

With the introduction of self-learning technology the advertisers can find who are responding to the uploaded ads. Including that to introduce the bidding option, the Snapchat API can be most useful.

The snap ads will arrive at the user among the commonly received snaps from their circles in a vertical format which is user preferred one.

This disappears within seconds. Hence the user shows interest to watch it without skipping.

The addition of some fun to the snap ads will make it share with the user contacts which go viral.

Can you expect how much revenue it can gain? Absolutely above $400 million and in that $149.8 million only from Ads on Snapchat have been noticed.

How to Advertise on Snapchat

Snapchat has introduced the many ways like snap ads, local filters, lenses and Snapchat discover. Each of these has specific feature when these are picked for advertising.

For example, if we take Snapchat Discover has been permitted to particular brands and famous publishers to launch their content of ads with graphics, sound effects, animated characters and texts and this type of ad promotion is very expensive.

The content which is the main theme to establish Snapchat ads and it should contain the concept of unboxing your products and reveal the scenes behind the screen. You must be aware of narrating the real-time stories that must catch the audience.

The users of Snapchat have beaten the other popular social media sites. After noticing this most of the branded companies are using Snapchat to promote their products or services.

Snapchat Advertising Cost

As we know that there are different types of ways to do brand promotion by using snapchat advertising concept. But each one has different cost formats depending on their specialty.

Snapchat Discover costs $50,000 per day as it is highly featured by the branded companies to make promotions.

Snap to unlock filters will be charged at $5,000+ in which the users can be assigned to exclusive content.

The cost to use Geofilters is $5 and more if there are no events and it is used by considering the particular location.

As we have discussed the greatness of the Snapchat lenses that much expensive they are i.e. $450,000 to $750,000 per day.

The facilities of snap ads are available at $10,000 per month and snap to unlock filters at $5,000 per month.

The promotion through influencers on snap will be paid at $500 to $1000 and this is not treated officially.

Snapchat Advertising Examples

Starbucks Frappuccino:

Starbucks has established an extraordinary Frappuccino Happy Hour which gets the attention of customers using Snapchat to have that half price offer with a reminding notice. This is really flawless thought to get business sales.


It has used the Snapchat lens to promote its brand by revealing the appearance of the people while doing makeup. Including that a normal person can do makeup by using eyeliner, lipstick, foundation and mascara to look more beautiful. With the introduction of this campaign, the L’Orel has flown in the media news.

Super Bowl:

Everyone knows that if we talk about the ads then the word strikes in the mind is Superbowl which is the king of creating ads.

They had used the snap lens to generate the feel of being in the real world of a game.

Nearly 111.9 million are immediately watching the game.

Taco Bell:

Taco bell has launched the amazing concept of viewing one’s face as the Taco with eyes and mouth by using Snapchat lens. This seems as the perfect thought that reached the vast no. of audience with ultimate fun. With that idea, it has blown its capacity in creativity.


It has used the Snapchat Geofilters in which they have introduced their menu items in an effective way.

Snapchat Advertising API

Snapchat raised accelerator to start its journey in the world of advertising with the idea of API. (application programmatic interface) Which in turn permit the third party to involve in the partnership to access the app as well as to dispatch the ads for branded companies. Which can be termed as the programmatic purchasing and selling?

It has generated another feature of AB testing which can allow the advertisers to trail multiple thoughts to create the ad content to find which goes well.

They accessed Email comparison which can be useful for the advertisers to pick their clients while using the Snapchat.

They generate lookalike method to identify the customers who are interpreted of watching the same ad.

This is going to be arrived as TV supported screens in future to be as challenging one for other competitors.

The Snapchat is making amendments through which the advertisers can easily buy the ads by watching the no. of views and watch time with the real-time reports.

Snapchat Advertising Campaign

Toco Bell:

It is the only one which could be the inspiring one to launch the campaigns on Snapchat by using filters. It has been viewed for 224 million times which not an ordinary thing in the history of advertising.

Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation:

Tom Cruise has launched the campaign of Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation as the mission month as a task for the fans which end in 24 hours.


MTV had launched the behind the scenes on the Snapchat stories as a live which has been shared by the Snapchat users from both audience and celebrities. Almost 12 million audiences have watched that story and VMAs on TV.

World Wildlife Fund:

They had released the campaign of bringing awareness about the problems which are going to be faced due to the “extinction of Species” with the name of “#LastSelfie.”

H&M Poland:

H&M has started its video campaign on Snapchat to rise up the brand in Polan.

Snapchat Advertising Opportunities

As we have discussed the Snapchat is providing too many opportunities of introducing software tools which participate as the third party to access the Snapchat app ads.

The introduction of Snapchat Ad Manager will allow the small scale companies to use this platform to promote ads.

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard will permit the advertisers to analyze the analytics of the campaign, pick the list of ad seen users and to get important notifications.

Snapchat Sponsored Lenses

Lenses will completely modify the visitor facial expression with ultimate visual effects which are very creative and strange on the social media sites. It’s become crazy to use.

To establish the brand in deep these lenses are best suitable for each user can create their snap with fun facial expressions and shared to their friends which have been built on the name of the advertiser’s brand.

Snapchat Sponsored Lenses cost

By comparing with all categories of Snapchat advertising the Lenses will cost much expensive than remaining. The cost of using Snapchat lenses is $450,000 to $750,000. Because these are featured by the higher brands that show immediate impact on Snapchat users to watch that campaign.

This is another type to promote ads on Snapchat. This is a preferable one for which the user can be assigned to the particular area related ads depending on the GPS location of the Snapchat user.

Snapchat Geofilter Pricing

Snapchat Geofilter is very cheap than other ads. The cost proclaimed to generate the ad on Snapchat is in between $5 to $7. The price is assigned basing on the size of the location and the selection of time when the filters need to be available.

The most crucial point is the ROI is very high with the use of Geofilters. The Snapchat will provide reductions on Geofilters when the advertisers purchase in bulk.

Snapchat Video Ads Dimensions

  • The length of the ads to play on Snapchat is 10 seconds and the suggested is 3-10 seconds.
  • Required image dimensions are 1080×1920 boundaries.
  • The resolution ratio is 9:16.
  • The maximum size of the ad file is 32 MB.
  • The margins of the top and bottom should be of 150px and sides should be 64px.
  • It should have H.264 encoded video code.
  • The audio codes should be PCM or AAC codec of 192 kbps.


  1. The must be intended for the people aged 13+.
  2. Snaps should not contain any borders.
  3. When you are initiating multiple numbers of ads then there should variant Snap Ad creative.
  4. The audio facility should be included in the Ad.
  5. The snippets of sharing through Call-To-Action are not permitted.
  6. The video ad must be in a vertical form of full screen.

Snapchat Ads Cost

Snapchat Ads will be played for 10 seconds with the option of swipe up to do find more about that ad including an article, longer length video and related apps to install on the users device. The cost of Snapchat ads is $10,000 per month.

Snapchat Ad Partners

When the API decision has been taken then Snapchat has revealed the Ad partners who are going to take place in the development of Snapchat by making advertisers to purchase ads, evaluating the campaigns through optimization and experts to organize the creative content.

Snapchat Ads API Partners are:

Social code
Vayner media

Audience match API partners:

Live Ramp

Creative API partners:


Creative Partners:

Big spaceship
Moment studio
Matte- finish
Media monks
Studio number one
Stun creative…………………… etc.

Snapchat Advertising Case Studies

Here are some case studies that have inspired all the advertisers to be on the part of Snapchat to make an ad.

Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation:

As we have already discussed that Tom Cruise will generate snaps on behalf of “mission month” with some challenging ones that will end in 24 hours.

Gilmore Girls:

To reveal the Netflix streaming activity of launching Gilmore Girls the Lukes from it collected almost 200 coffee shops. This allowed the snap users to scan the QR code provided by the Luke to get their photos on those cups with free coffee of Luke by all other coffee shops.

Red Bull:

It has introduced the activity of shopping done in the early morning by the champion ‘Mark McMorris’ and later on moved to the big bear mountains have created a sensation in the Snapchat.

Snapchat Campaign Ideas

Introduce creative ideas like offering vouchers, event promotions and contests that help to clutch more audience at your ads.

Produce the videos of scenes behind the screen.

Generate funny moments that should create entertainment for the Snapchat users.

Reveal the products or service upcoming features.

Allocate the number of admins for the single account.

Learn the techniques of using extraordinary visual effects in the video.

Make the involvement of celebrities in the ads.

Snapchat Ads between Stories

These ads will be appeared in between the stories that have created in the form of videos or photos which shared by the friends of one’s circle. These are skippable ads and not merged into the stories with the full-screen facility. The topmost branded companies are being on the platform of Snapchat ads to reach all million users of Snapchat.


This is a unique and rarely available article which describes all points involved in the Snapchat advertisement. Whatever information you need as an advertiser to promote your brands on Snapchat will be disclosed here. Just go on implementing those in real time.

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