Snapchat Discover for Marketing

How Big Brands are Using Snapchat Discover for Marketing

Snapchat Discover features were launched two years ago in 2015. This is like an online magazine and is available both on Android and iOS devices.

The discover page appears similar to Pinterest with a grid of tiles, and we can see images and headlines previews of the discover channels content. Tapping and holding the images helps you to subscribe to them and these will appear in your recent stories.

The ad revenue in Snapchat discovers is split among Snapchat and the publishers.

There are a lot of things that require understanding about Snapchat Discover. Discover is not like social media.

This cover is a combination of magazine and television. You can see the temporary and mobile format of content created by brands and publishers.

The content is a mixture of videos, photos and more.

• Users can see various channels on the Discover page such as CNN, Comedy Central, Daily Mail, Snapchat, ESPN, National Geographic, Yahoo and Warner Music.

• All channels refresh their content every 24 hours. That means the users can see the content for only twenty-four hours.

• Users can see both articles and videos on Snapchat Discover, and the content is as usual short. The maximum length of the videos is two minutes.

• The content for Discover is created with a teaser like an opener to make the audience attracted. Different types of content can be seen here like videos, quotes, silly listicles, how-to articles, animation, recipes, and horoscopes.

• There is an only limited selection of content on each channel.

• The content on Discover cannot be shared or the user can like or comment on it.

• Even big celebrities are getting involved in Discover.

• Since Snapchat is accessed on mobiles, the content on discovering is created suitable for small vertical scenes.

Brands are using Snapchat discover to reach the viewers and readers through their Snap ads.

These are videos that are not more than ten seconds long. Based on the content types, the brands can target their audience.

Major companies are already using the platform successfully.

BMW was the first primary sponsor for CNN when it was launched in 2015. The users can see the BMW logo in the intro animation of CNN, video ads of BMW appear in between the CNN discover content.

Marketers should place their ads wisely on Snapchat Discovered. When they are paired with relevant content, they will be watched thirty percent higher.

Another big brand that uses Snapchat Discover for promotion is T-Mobile.

It creates short and snappy funny videos on gym addicts, folk bands etc. T-mobile split its ads into two and placed them on either side of Daily Mail content.

Gatorade is the partner of US Open, and the company ads can be seen on Snapchat discover channel of ESPN. The 8-bit style game created by the brand makes every person who plays the game spends at least three minutes on it.

This is a way to get interactive with the users. Other brands are created ads surrounding the editorial, which they will be showing the ads. In this way, the users will not feel that their experience is being interrupted.

Brands can take advantage of special events such as holidays and create ads to reach them on their smartphones. When there are some special events, people will reach their mobile phones and search for updates and stories.

20 Facts about Snapchat Discover

Snapchat is one of the major apps in Video marketing especially in a business category. Everyone runs their business by this type of apps that are much popular in Public. The following are unknown of facts of Snapchat Discover that every individual should know.

Facts about Snapchat Discover

  1. Snapchat discover is the biggest update on the Snapchat application
  2. The users can watch the news in Snapchat stories
  3. The stories will get disappear within 24 hours
  4. Fresh content will be updated for every 24 hours by replacing the old content
  5. To make your device compatible with the Snapchat discover, you must install the latest version.
  6. Users can search by category and can watch the video
  7. Snapchat also featured the sponsored ads which were get included in the story
  8. Users can swipe right to watch the desired video
  9. Users can swipe down to read the new stories
  10. Users can swipe left to go back to the previous session on Snapchat discover
  11. Users can also allowed to skip the videos on Snapchat discover using the finger
  12. In order to exit from the Snapchat discover, you can swipe upwards which will get back to the main menu on the device
  13. When compared to the other ads, theads on discover is comparatively cheaper.
  14. Snapchat also allows the advertising deals from the brands b y publishers to get featured on the Discover feature
  15. The ads on discover costs $0.16
  16. The Snapchat discover feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms
  17. According to the recent survey reports, it was revealed that the data consumption rates via Snapchat had increased five times than previous
  18. The discovery tool on Snapchat was increasing the data consumption in app
  19. More than half of the users of the smart device were consuming the news after the arrival of discovering feature on Snapchat application.
  20. The discover feature on Snapchat allows the Fullscreen images and the videos which helps the marketers for effective promotions and advertising on the app.


This will give the clear idea of uses of Snapchat mainly for marketing. We can say that this app could be the unexpected communication device to increase the growth of the business.

Brands are sponsoring the channels on Snapchat Discover, and you can see the ads that can be swiped away. Snapchat discover a great platform for brands to show their ads. Snapchat Discover is not the only place to reach new stories but is a dynamic platform for brands to discover their advertising potential.

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