Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Discover Vertical Video Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Discover Vertical Video Advertising

Snapchat Vertical Video Advertising

People on the internet made their habit of viewing the videos in the portrait mode other than a vertical mode of viewing. Even many of us shoot the videos on our phones in portrait style only. There is the mark of portrait style in our minds when comes to the videos. But, today, there is a great engagement with the vertical mode of videos and even the top apps like Snapchat was following the same and making a unique strategy by following the vertical video advertising. Everything about Snapchat Discover Vertical Video is given here.


Snapchat was following with the vertical video advertising by asking the viewers why you should rotate your smartphone all the time for portrait mode view. It is become too absurd to rotate the screen all the time. With the increase in video viewing behavior in audience across the globe, even some people were changing their mind towards the vertical videos. Even survey report revealed that vertical videos are possessing more than eight times of engagement than the videos in portrait style viewing.

Many brands have already connected with the vertical video advertising on the various platform. Even the video streaming services like Periscope and Meerkat were also following the vertical video ads on its platform for better results. So, the marketers must not neglect and put away the vertical mode of videos in their marketing strategy. Snapchat was doing the same, and at present, it was allowing both types of views on its platform, and some brands are focusing on the same vertical video advertising on Snapchat.


Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Discover

The Snapchat discover is the best and dynamic approach to explore the things and hare the articles on the news in short form to the other users. The brands have to pay for only featured content on the Snapchat discover. It was partnered with the different news channels for the top news stories to get posted on to the story. The features in discover like Sponsored ads allowing the advertisers to reach their audience on the platform.


Many news channels like CNN, ESPN, Discovery, Comedy Central, etc. are already got partnered with the Snapchat discover. It is now available on the Snapchat stories. For every channel, there is a sponsor includes their ads in the story. The Snapchat opened for the advertisers, and the discover helps in leveraging the brands with millennial demographic. It is going to be a hub for the popular content. The “SnapperHero” is the first scripted series on Snapchat which features up to 12 videos within four weeks. It will star the social media influencers with high profiles. For every 100 to 200-second series was featured with the 10 to 30-second recaps along with the storylines that are happened previously so, that the new viewers can catch up exactly.

Snapperhero and discover will put on more emphasis towards the audience on a platform and was sharing the revenue from the discover along with the publishers. The Discover will fit Snapchat’s theme with a refreshed edition for every 24 hours.

Snapchat to Sell Ads, Targets Millennials Using Programmatic Video

Programmatic video advertising is using as their strategy by many marketers and companies. Now Snapchat was doing the same to target the marketers and allowing them to advertise on its platform with minimal expenses. Snapchat application was making its step towards the advertisement and planned to target the Millennials beyond its photo messaging and starting with the videos.


It is not just for the millennial but also for the advertisers. It was preparing to launch ad sales. The Snapchat was planning to sell the ten seconds advertisements for two cents basing on the view. The ads on Snapchat are fascinating, and the price it was planning was affordable for the advertisers. The ads will get disappeared after the audience completed watching. It only remains for 24 hours after watching the video.


The Snapchat is not different from Facebook in the incorporation of ads. The ads get started in the 24-hour status that was updated time to time. They have made survey reports on Snapchat usage and the Responses from the users. It revealed that consumers are interested in ads on Snapchat and at an average, they are checking their account about 15 times a day. But, it was not perfectly revealed about how much the audiences are interested in those stories.

Snapchat Video Ads for 2 Cents per View

Snapchat is the most used messaging app which can include the images and now with the video ads for the advertisers. The brands have a great opportunity to meet the right audience on their platform. Snapchat allows the companies on the free my story feature and sending of snaps to the public for better interaction connectivity with the audience. The story feature helps the marketers to advertise with the stories interestingly.


Snapchat had conveyed to the companies that it was not just targeting only the millennials but also the advertisers as main. It also revealed the cost of advertising for ten seconds advertisement as two cents per view. The new ad designing offers the advertisers to reach the right audience for their brand development. At first, the Snapchat announced high rates for advertising on its platform and later it was declared an affordable prices of 20$ per 100 views on video ads for advertisers which make them interested in the application.

The Snapchat discover service is also very interesting one which allows the brands to have a best place for their marketing and advertising. There is also a facility to have a featured ad on the Snapchat platform for the advertisers which is a paid service for them. It had created Two pennies and partnered with the Daily mail and elite daily which helps the brands in creation of the content. The Snapchat is going to become a big one with the Discover feature.

Snapchat Discover Ad Rates

Snapchat has the great demand in the market as it is the most engaging one to one message and image messaging application. More than 98 million people were using the Snapchat. It is the reason behind the interest of the marketers to advertise on the platform. At first, Snapchat asked the advertisers to make their budget bigger to advertise on its platform as it has focused on the video ads. But, the advertising expenses are bigger than the ad revenue on any other platform.


The app allowed only top brands under the category leaders to buy the placement. Later it has settled on with the different price for its ads with the discover category. The new prices are affordable and bit cheaper than previous ad rates. The head of the Snapchat media Nick Bell announced the cost of charge for the ads on its platform within the discover tab. It was also confirmed with the Re/code.

It was confirmed the rates at $20 for every thousand views and after the launch it was charging $100 per thousand views. The Discover had launched in the month of January in the year 2015 which has a section of the application that allows the users to watch and read the latest news storied from the top news channels as it was partnered with those channels and sharing the revenue with its publishers. The ads on discover runs for 10 seconds where the users can swipe them within the section.


Snapchat Discover Gives New Advertising Opportunities to Brands

Snapchat is the photo messaging application which had more than 30 million users monthly. It was reported that more than 750 million snaps are sent every day. It is the most engaging application which is also allowing the ads from the marketers. Even brands are targeting the Snapchat application to reach the audience. There is a opportunity for the business to meet the right audience via Snapchat ads and chance to meet more than 18 million people across the globe.


The brands can send some snaps to the followers that are personalized which are free of cost. They can also post some snaps on to the “My story “corner for free. The brands have to pay for featured ads and featured content posts only. The “My story” feature on Snapchat lets the users to post their snaps in series and videos to their friends. They can view up to 24 hours after the post, later it will get disappeared. This feature provides the brands with complete analytical reports along with the view count and audience retention rates into consideration. The immediate feedback is one of the most appreciable features on Snapchat.


The Snapchat discover is the best way to share the news articles and explore the things in high definition. Brands have to pay for featured content on discover. Snapchat has partnered with news outlets and launched discover. It is a platform to the sponsored ads and allows the marketers to reach the users on platform. The top news from national geographic, CNN, ESPN were available in Snapchat stories.

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