Sphericam Beast – Cinematic 360º Video Camera at 6K and 60FPS

The new 360-degree video format had already created great sensation across the YouTube platform. Many different types of cameras that support 360-degree video capture is the present buzz across the web. Previously very few models had launched that supports the 360-degree camera. Today, Sphericam Inc has launched the newest camera that supports the 360-degree video shoot.

Sphericam Company has started in the year 2014 as a startup and started its work targeting the Virtual reality landscape. The world-class investors had backed the pioneer the community of 360-degree video and image capture. The company had already made its target towards a virtual reality cameras and its development.

Sphericam Beast – Cinematic 360º Video Camera

Sphericam Beast camera system was announced and showed at NAB show in Newyork city. The new camera system has a large format with high-end features. It has cinema grade with modular and east scalable video capture system that has the ability to stream the live videos to the web and to the headsets.

The system utilizes the four-inch sensors and M.2 SSD drives which can capture the picture with uncompressed 360-degree video output with great resolution. The output resolution is more than six thousand pixels at 60 fps with the 10-bit RAW format within.

Sphericam has also expanded the portfolio of its products with the new virtual reality camera system that is designed for the best class streaming performance which is very helpful for the high-end filmmakers and the broadcasting professionals.

Features of Sphericam Beast – Cinematic 360º Video Camera

The new Sphericam Beast has become the new great sensation for the movie makers as it can help them to make ease of capturing the scenes with better quality by applying the new technology camera that supports the 360-degree view capture. Sphericam Beast has many interesting physical features, Data Features and Image features.

Sphericam was designed with a size of 5.9×5.9×11.8 inches in its camera head with good storage processing box. 12ft PCle of the head connection cables in the camera. The lenses are designed with HFOV which are completely spherical in its capture.

The adjacent lenses are separated by a distance of 90 degrees with four lenses. The adjacent lenses are differentiated apart around the equator with 90 degrees. The anodised aluminium had used in the material housing.

The top and bottom mounting were with two standards with three by fourth mounts. The start and stop power buttons with special control buttons to shutter, analogue, white balancing and digital gain specially designed. Special buttons for the batteries and power plug switching.

It is also designed with the 10 Gigabit Ethernet with the optical cables for the live streaming across the web. The HDMI for direct streaming to the built-in displays are designed. M.2 hot storage with SSD drives and SATA SSD for cold storage drive is designed for storage. The 4 V-Mount batteries withstand up to two hours of usage.

When comes to the Data features, the color depth was supported with 10 bit Raw with a 2.8GB internal storage and the file type can be convertible to the cinema DNG.

The PC/Mac application can be able to basic output video and the adjustment controls along with the live stream stitching and the file retrieval conversion to DNG Cinema.

The image sensors positioned at the four one inch which is easy for stitching with the rolling shutter type. The resolution of each sensor is 4096×2160 and the stitched panorama is 5780×2890 with up to 60FPS frame rate.


Therefore this new Sphericam is the next big thing in the 360-degree virtual reality video which opens the doors towards the next step in development and implementation of VR.

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