Strategies to Promote a Hollywood Movie?

Strategies to Promote a Hollywood Movie?

When the news came out about a movie is ready to roll on screen then the audiences are eagerly waiting to watch that movie. Hollywood Movie promotion strategies are mentioned here.

Then the promotion of the movie should be sparkled in an unexpected way i.e. the leading roles like actors, director, producer and actresses will make few words about the movie in the Public.

Hollywood movies are the evergreen entertaining category, which is more preferred by the whole world. Such craze is draped through the evolution of promotion strategies of Hollywood movies through the influence of digital media. Social media platforms are one of the most influential channels to hype the promotion of Hollywood movies with a billion audience at a time. Moreover, it is budget-friendly to hit the doors of the audience with your Hollywood movie trailers or teasers.

Framing Excellent Title:

They should think about the title of the movie that means by the name itself should create the enthusiasm in the viewers.

Making Videos of Shooting:

The making videos of shooting will be disclosed i.e. the funny moments and the great stunts of the movie.

Movie First Look Poster:

They focus on the release the poster of the movie first look, choosing of the best social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter which could take place in an outstanding way to release the trailer and songs of the movie. Mostly they choose to tweet on Twitter to make it viral.

Release of Trailer:

Always go ahead with the promotion of movie like small fractions or trailers on YouTube which has enormous engage with the public.

Visual Effects in the Background of Scenes:

Try to put the behind scenes like the background visual effects on the popular social media sites which shows the difficulties of the actors while doing action.

Telecasting Highlights:

They telecast highlights of the movie which are the most attractive scenes in the movie to hold the interest of the audience on this movie.

Branding and Interviews:

Advertise the movie through branded companies of all over the World and giving interviews for news channels about the film.

Live Campaigns:

They used to conduct live video campaigns of the movie in the public places to generate enthusiasm to watch.

Problems faced by a Production Department of a Movie?

Iterations of a trailer:

When they are planning to release the trailer then they may struggle with which part has to be released as the trailer. It could be a very confusing situation for them.

Choice of social platforms:

They will suffer too much to pick the best platform for social media like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make the promotion of the movie.

Issues of Copyright:

The major issue they fight about is the copyright problem that others may create the fake declaration about the story.

Generating duplicates of online copy:

They concern about the upload of the full movie as online stream before releasing into the theaters. Due to this issue, the whole department of the movie production will be in loss.

Piracy concerns:

Piracy of the movie will be the foremost problem for all the team that might be the reason to lose the profit of the budget.

Movie makers are focusing on the online promotion across the web to reach the audience across the globe. Filmmakers are planning their budget for the digital marketing promotion and driving better revenue by reaching an audience across the world. The Even audience is more curious about the trailers, teasers and other making video content on YouTube and other social platforms. Most of the movie trailers are already gone viral during their promotion on Facebook and YouTube platform. So, here are the best ways to promote movie trailers with strategic marketing. Here we go.

10 Best Strategies for Movie Trailers Marketing

1. Stamp your mark

Do something that can turn as a buzz for your marketing. Conduct flash mob marketing in public places and shoot the video. Publish the same video content across the social platforms to reach your audience.

2. Create Social media page

Create a social media pages on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms initially before the first day of the shoot.

3. Promote from Day one

Start conversing with people on social media with some behind the scene video content and images. Engage with the people with interaction.

4. Go with Pre-roll ads

Pre-roll video ads are very effective and it can raise the interest in your audience with this inexpensive way of reaching.

5. Involve your audience

Interact with the audience and make them involve in your project by taking some simple suggestions posting on social media.

6. Make a visually compelling story

The trailer must be visually compelling that must convey the audience about your approach.

7. Promote your movie trailers on movie blogs

promote your trailer on different locations to expand your reach.

8. Attract audience

The first five seconds of your trailer must be impressive and you have to make the viewer sit to watch the rest.

9. Promote it in live

Live video streaming is the present trend across the web. Go live and discuss your movie trailer as a part of your promotion.

10. Make an effective thumbnail with a relevant title for your trailer video. It helps you to gain good exposure and rankings across the search engines.

All these above ways can be very helpful for the film makers to plan their next trailer marketing strategy online.

Hollywood Movie Statistics

  • Avatar is the topmost Hollywood movie, which gained $2,782 Billion released in 2009.
  • From 1987 to 2010, the tick purchase reached from 1.09 Billion to 1.339.
  • We can find 84% of men directors in Hollywood.
  • 74% of the lead actors are men.
  • William Shakespeare is the most filmed author.


Everyone thinks that without facing any troubles the film industry will gain the wealth and fame. But after checking this article they change their opinion about the production department of the movie. To satisfy the audience they overcome too many troubles while making a movie.

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