Subscription Video on Demand

What is SVOD? Subscription Video on Demand

Subscription Video On Demand is related to the monetization of the services that are providing the unlimited access to the programs with some regular monthly fee, which called as a subscription. The subscribers will have complete control over the program and content they like to watch. That means they can flexibly view the content and they can start, pause, Fast forward and rewind the program whenever they need.

The Rise of SVOD

The Subscription Video On Demand services has become the top destination for the consumers to access the content and their favorite programs, which include the motion pictures and the television content. More than 40 percent US households are having at least one SVOD service. Consumers are more willing to pay for the SVOD services compared with another type of services to watch the content. It is a positive impact on the SVOD services and its value.

The consumer experience with SVOD

SVOD allows the consumers to access the content online across the range of smart devices. The SVOD services are different from VOD services. VOD services allow the users to access the specific content which has been paid directly by the consumers, but SVOD offers the best package of content which may be consulted by a monthly fee.

The primary SVOD providers are Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Netflix.


It is the largest SVOD service provider who has more than 38 million paid subscribers across the US. The consumers in the US pay Between $7 and 12 every month to access the recent new releases and licensed content along with the exclusive programming. Netflix does not insert any commercial ads as a part of its video streaming service.

Hulu Plus

It had more than six million subscribers and owned by the Walt Disney and 21st century as well as Comcast-NBC Universal mutually. Consumers pay this service around 8 dollars per month to access the television content. The platform inserts around 80 commercial ad spots per month at an average including as a part of video streaming using the Digital video recorder.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Amazon Prime Instant video costs around $99 per year as a subscription. Consumers are allowed to access the licensed content with exclusive original programming. Amazon Prime has more than 40 million subscribers. The platform does not insert any commercial as spots in its video streaming.

As a part of the consumer experience, the SVOD distributors recommend the other content stream just like Netflix which is using the algorithm a part of streaming history compared the ratings of the Netflix members with similar interests towards the content.

According to the recent survey reports, it was revealed that Netflix is continuously growing in the US as people prefer SVOD over the linear programming that goes with the schedule.

Impact of Subscription Video on Demand on present ecosystem

SVOD is expected to fetch more development in future. What about the other home entertainment providers and their revenue and how SVOD had impacted their income stream.

There is some loss of revenue for the other home entertainment providers due to the quality content provided by the SVOD service with low pricing range for subscriptions.

Importance of the Subscription Video on Demand

The online video streaming market continues to grow, and by the end of the year, more than 160 million homes are using the Subscription VOD services. The marketers also predict it, i.e., in coming years the growth will be more apparent, and by 2020 it will reach 300 million which is a two-fold increase.

The providers need to be on the top the play to succeed with the SVOD. The most important thing that providers need to consider is the strength of the service. They need deep research to know the subscription strength to withstand the competition of the present market.

New companies are entering the OTT space, and the first challenge they face is the monetization model. There will be major differences in the type of efforts on the revenue models that are required for the OTT platforms to get successful. So, the new SVOD providers must know the prior primary line of the SVOD value and how to build the customers in a better way for their platform.

What are the things should SVOD provider must know?

Finding their niche

The best way to secure the subscription levels for the SVOD is to provide some valuable content if it was not yet released. They need to understand the niche they are going to target with their services. It helps to deal with the customers in the long term.

Understanding the viewer

The SVOD providers must know about the viewers demographics and whom they are targeting based on age, geographic area, and the total budget they are planning. Basing on this information, you can target your service and subscription.

They need to find the right point

Pricing is always mattered in this busy world because there is a huge competition in SVOD services. So, providers must understand their customers and what type of content they would like to get for their expected price. This small point will assign you a high rate of success in choosing the better pricing.

Which factor can make a foundation to active Subscription service?

The primary goal of any SVOD provider is to retain customers. After the providers did with the necessary groundwork for the Subscription Video on Demand services, they need to look for the subscription service and have to maintain the customer base efficiently.


The subscription terms must be very easy and straightforward to the viewers, and it must not be deterred. It must be transparent.

Wide range

You need to provide a broad spectrum of services to the broad range of people.


Loyalty rewards always go well in expanding your customer base. So go with some free content or some free upgrades to your loyal customers to build a strong customer base.

Finally, SVOD is going to be more active in the present as well as in future too.

Difference Between TVoD and SVoD

Major video on demand services now available are the TVoD or transaction video on demand, SVoD or subscription video on demand and AVoD or advertised video on demand. VOD offers the convenience of accessing the content on any device, at any time from any place. Let us now discuss the two major business models TVoD and SVoD.

Difference Between TVoD and SVoD

What is TVoD

TVoD is a transactional video on demand. In this method, the customer pays for every individual on-demand content. Thus this is also called the Pay Per View or PPV. It is similar to getting or renting offline movies from a rental store. Consumers pay for accessing the content, and they can keep them on the platform or their devices. They can watch the movie any number of times until the rental period expires. The transactional VOD includes Electronic sell-through and Download to Own, Download to rent.

Advantages of TVoD

Transactional video-on-demand service will not collect any charges from the user for signing up or creating a profile. Attractive pricing on specific pieces of content is offered by the service providers to retain customers, and thus users can view their favorite content for lower prices. TVoD services are also offering the most recent releases.

TVoD Platforms

iTunes is one of the popular TVoD marketplaces. Users can rent movies from the site on their Apple, Mac devices, or personal computers. Google Play is another store for TVoD digital content. The content from this site accessed on Android and iOS devices. Amazon Video has movies and television shows that can be purchased or rented.

Market Statistics for TVoD

TVoD is a part of VOD. With the growth of PPV, the VOD market share was around US $9,529 million in the year 2016.

What is SVoD

SVoD is subscription Video on Demand. In this model, the users pay a monthly flat rate and access unlimited programs for a month. The users will have control on when to start the program, pause the programs, fast forward it, pause it or stop it.

Advantages of SVoD

With SVoD, the user can decide when to watch a program and what to see. This model gives control over the content accessible to the user. The users can watch pay-TV programs, TV series, and movies. They can access the content of very high quality at any time from the television set. Another advantage of SVoD is that the content is updated from time to time.

SVoD Platforms

One of the popular platforms for SVoD service is Netflix. It has millions of subscribers, and the content is accessed on mobiles, computers, or television devices. The other equally popular is Hulu, which is best for network television, Amazon Instant Video that is best for families, Playstation Vue, which is best for cable TV replacement. Monthly subscriptions vary for each service.

Market Statistics for SVoD

SVoD is in a strong position in the world today. The US is the largest market for SVoD but the other world markets are also growing fast. There is fast growth of SVoD serviceability in countries such as Singapore. Amazon Prime Video is widely available SVoD service in the world. SvoD usage is at its maximum in countries such as US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Global SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) Statistics

The subscription video on demand was gaining popularity, and some millions of people on the web were viewing and producing more content than they viewed. Many companies have made their research reports on the SVOD growth on the web. There are very stunning statistics towards the SVOD across the globe. The top Household subscriptions in the United Kingdom chosen from the Amazon, Prime and many other platforms which offer SVOD services. It noticed that more than 5 million to 8 million people got subscribed to the SVOD in the UK itself.


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The global subscriber rate for SVOD is about 200m which is expected to be at 2020 with the households across the globe. According to the forecasting and estimation reports on SVOD, it predicted that by the 2020 year Netflix might cross 65m, Amazon Prime with 40m and Hulu was expected to be with 10m and much more. The using of the TV sets was getting lowered in the UK because SVOD costs are very allowed compared to the other services. So, people ate preferring the cheap and best all the time.


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Previously, SVOD services watch through laptops and PC’s and they can’t be useful for Family viewing. But, today the smart TV’s basing on the internet allows the SVOD services and let the people view with their family simply on their TV’s as the content can be connected wirelessly from any device to the TV sets which resulted in enormous statistical growth towards the SVOD.

Some of the fantastic subscription video-on-demand platforms are being at the top position to provide customer satisfaction through the ultimate services of SVOD. They are Google Play, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon video and HULU.

After the arrival of SVOD in the market, the issues of cord cable has demolished, and every user entertained through their user-friendly services like providing discounts on long-term subscriptions.

These are the rarely available statistics of SVOD, and this sketch how much demand it has acquired from the past to present, and this is playing a trending role.

20 Global SVOD Growth Statistics

SVOD in the name itself defines subscription video on demand that means the videos referring to any programs or shows can be visited later on without considering the telecasting time through subscription. It has millions of subscriptions throughout the world. The below are the Global statistics of SVoD which shows it’s performance.

    1. The video on demand across the globe is predicted as 47.26 billion dollars in 2015
    2. It is expected to reach 75 billion nearly in the year 2020
    3. North America has the dominant share in the SVOD market
    4. The Asia pacific region is the fastest SVOD market growing region
    5. The Subscription video on demand forecast reached more than 306.1 million across 200 different countries on reaching 2020


  1. The total SVOD subscriptions were already reached 41.9 million in the year 2015
  2. Nearly 144.99 million subscribers are expected to be added in the year between 2015 to 2020
  3. The SVOD has increased by twenty million subscribers
  4. US will increase by 22 million subscribers
  5. Japan was forecasted to have more than 9 million subscribers
  6. More than seven million subscribers will increase in India.
  7. The SVOD revenues across the Globe was increased to 26,795$ million when reaching 2020.
  8. The revenues from the subscriptions for Netflix will cross nearly two billion in 2010 and expected to cross 12 billion in the year 2020
  9. More than 38 percent of homes in the US are subscribed to the broadband services and remaining has no broadband or SVOD
  10. Netflix has more than 35 percent market share in SVOD
  11. The Amazon prime and the Hulu plus indicates more growth in SVOD
  12. The SVOD households were spending two hours at an average
  13. 25% SVOD subscribers are under the age of 35
  14. The OTT TV and video revenue have rocketed in China 2010
  15. More than 27 billion revenue was reported in the year 2015 from the SVOD.


As the entire World uses this SVoD and everyone have an idea about SVoD but most of the people don’t know the Global statistics of SVoD. These statistics will give the boundless boundaries of SVoD.

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