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Top 10 Global Tech YouTube Channels to Follow, If You Are a Tech Fanatic

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the top video sharing platform. We can find videos on whatever subject we want on YouTube. For tech lovers, there are thousands of Tech YouTube Channels, and all these Tech YouTube Channels have many followers. Some YouTubers create high-quality technology videos for their YouTube channels. Here is the list of top ten channels.

Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels

1. XDA Developers TV:

This channel mostly focuses on Android and share the news related to the Android and the new Android launches etc. A number of subscribers on this channel are 401,380+. The channel was launched in the year 2009. Total number of viewer is 39,262,867+.

2. TechCrunch:

This is one of the top YouTube channels in tech niche. It has 228,299+ subscribers. There are videos on technology, gadgets, app reviews, inside jobs and etc. There are also exclusive interviews and exclusive news related to technology. You can also see videos that show hosts discussing issues related to technology and the effects on this world.

3. Unbox Therapy:

As the name suggests, this is an unboxing video channel related to technology stuff. The approach to reviews is critical. This channel was the first to report the iPhone 6 Plus bending test. Join the 6,387,948+ subscribers to enjoy the videos. Number of views for this YouTube channel that was started in 2010 are 922,283,535+.

4. TechQuickie:

Videos that explain different technology concepts are uploaded in this channel. Topics related to personal computers, smartphones and gadgets are included. Number of subscribers are 1,119,317+ and number of views are 110,334,978+.

5. Tek Syndicate:

Number of subscribers on this tech channel is 599,101+ and number of views are 86,041,009+. They joined YouTube in 2008. Latest technology news, on location footage and other videos are uploaded here.

6. Austin Evans:

Total number of subscribers is 1,577,912+ and the number of views is 226,657,301+. Austin Evans joined YouTube in 2007. This guy presents the content in an awesome way. Most of the content he shares is related to Apple and other topics are gadgets and PC builds. He also reviews gadgets.

7. Lock Gnome’s Geek Lifestyle:

Number of subscribers on this channel is 33,648+ and number of views are 2,458,727+. The channel was launched in the year 2006. This channel is handled by Chris Pirillo and he shares content on various topics related to technology.

8. Barnacules Nerdgasm:

With 776,577+ subscribing having fun watching the videos hosted by Jerry Berg, this channel becomes one of the tech channels to subscribe. The host uses different voices to present the content. There is also C sharp programming tutorials that are great. People love hearing this guy, and this made it one of the popular channels on YouTube.

9. LinusTechTips:

Launched in 2008, this top YouTube tech channel has 3,113,018+ subscribers and till now received 778,063,952+ views. Videos on this channel are hosted by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere. These make videos to review gadgets and other topics are PC builds and WAN show. These people upload videos daily.

10. Marques Brownlee:

Maques Brownlee handles the videos in this channel. He reviews gadgets including the smartphones. The quality of videos is very high and audience enjoys watching the funny videos. He joined YouTube on 2008 and has 3,795,931+ subscribers and 485,176,926+ views.

YouTube is now not just a site for videos. YouTube is now the place that people go to find new things, watch how-to videos, know what to buy and what not buy etc. The tech YouTube channel talk about latest gadgets, hardware components etc. and those who are interested in learning latest technology info can subscribe to these channels.

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