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The Complete Guide to Fair Use & YouTube

The Complete Guide to Fair Use & YouTube

Fair use of YouTube is referred as the reusing of the copyright protected material without having the concerned permits from the owner of the copyrights. The rules are different from the country to country on having content without permits. There are different factors that may affect the Fair use and YouTube platform. the countries like US considers the commentary, research, new as well as teaching content categories under the Fair dealing or Fair use and it may differs in other countries.

The Complete Guide to Fair Use & YouTube

The Complete Guide to Fair Use & YouTube

Factors Affecting on Fair Use in US


The fair use is generally determined by the courts by considering the following factors and the purpose of the using the content without permits is the first factor that can be taken under consideration by the courts. So, they enquire and review the content basing on the purpose of using the copyrighted content without permission.


The court also tests the nature of the work and the material used and tests whether something different is added or purely fiction based.

The other two factors are substantiality and the effect of potential market is also taken under consideration of Fair use review.

Fair use protection on YouTube platform

YouTube has already received number of takedowns requests concerning the copyright law to remove the videos that are violated the content rules. Sometimes there may have the small percent of the copyright takedowns and YouTube used to ask them for analysis in a right way. Many cases YouTube may also subject the infringement content creator charged with money. These ways ensure the best protection of the creators work on the YouTube platform.

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