The Power of Online Video [Study]

The entire Global market runs on the concept of Online Video and the youngsters are the main reason behind the success of the online video with no fluctuations since it started. This is the only one platform for all the social media to engage their compartments which make a unique identification path. Let us have a look on how this online video plays a role in the life of teenagers.


Today the only word that trembles the world is YouTube and all the people will spend most of the time by watching videos on YouTube. In that, all are teens who show the patience to look out videos.

They watch videos of movies, music, highlights of the sports, events, funny shows, trending fashion tips and viral videos which will in the entertainment category.

YouTube completely fluttered a small screen

They won’t give preference to Television as it consumes the time by showing commercial ads while telecasting.

These are the reasons that grab the attention of the Youth to be at the Hub of the YouTube by spending hours and hours.

Surfing videos at Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter:

Youngsters will go through the videos of Facebook which play automatically for seconds.

Some apps that make a video to watch easily with no ads like Adblock.

At Snapchat and Instagram, they go for stories in the form of videos.

In Whatsapp and Twitter, they will share and watch the videos.

OTT as a Chief of Video Platforms:

Here OTT means the running of video content through the internet and no need to use the multiple cables with the headache of distributors.

The video platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu will be works on the principal of OTT to generate the video content.

These will provide the services of streaming over the network on the basis of monthly or yearly subscription.

Some will give the bonanza of a free trail for one or two months and some benefits which are much helpful for the users.

Then everyone intended to go for the service of the OTT which is the easy way to get the best streaming stuff.

Amenities through Netflix, Amazon and Hulu:

The customers can freely watch the premium content, original shows, series, HD movies and Sports live streaming exclusively on these leading platforms.

User-friendly to terminate:

The user can cancel the subscription without any charges if we don’t want to watch with no cancellation fee.

No fear of signal:

When we use broadband of a satellite this will be stuck with the climate. If it is cloudy then it could be the problem to watch the desired shows.
By using these services, we can freely enjoy in any weather.

Cutting of cord cable:

By using these advanced streams everyone is giving priority to cut the Cord cable.

This tends to have much loss for the television industry.

These can be featured by connecting TVs, mobiles and tablets or any device of having the internet facility.

The Fashion of Live Streaming:

The main theme of the social media is to clutch the users by introducing the latest and unique aspect as “Live Streaming” of each moment.

Impact of live streaming on social media:

The social media sites YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter completely rely on the concept of live streaming especially Sports, Events and Shows.

Whereas in these sites, the users can chat simultaneously about the topic by watching live.

Here live streaming of sports plays a vital role as they are the only category that everyone is enthusiastic.

Gaming streams like Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox and PS4 are the leading ones to know the online video games.

Today most of the youth are passionate about playing online video games.

Mobile is the boost of live streaming:

Recently YouTube has launched the option of live streaming on mobile which is very simple to watch from anywhere. This could be the advantage for them to enhance the rate of their sites.

The inclination of live streaming towards Virtual Reality videos:

The virtual reality 360-degree videos are the upcoming most required drug in the market of live streaming.

Already virtual reality theme brought into the platform of YouTube to visit videos and Facebook is taking steps to introduce the VR videos.

Now the combination of live streaming with virtual reality is the big bang of the history of the social media.

Future Projections of Online Video:

VR in mobile:

As the complete world works on the feet of the mobile with the feature of live streaming. Now every creator of social media is looking to adapt the virtual reality in the mobile as a special aspect for their running sites.

Surfing of premium movies and latest releases:

The present trend needs something new from the streaming channels on behalf of that the premium movies and latest releases are produced.

Increase of cord cutting:

Most of the members are going to trench the cable connections or broadband which are disgusting to main for a long time.

Exploring cloud DVR:

The new source which is used to record the videos of any events, movies or shows to have further visited the cloud DVR will be most helpful.

Some branded setup box will be provided with the storage of DVR to record the ongoing episodes.

Demanding of SVOD and TVOD services:


We can see the better improvement in the Subscription of video on demand in which the customers will pay and take permission to watch everything.


In this, the user will pay the amount for the video content which has been watched from the channel. This is very fair for every individual to stand on that subscription for life time.


In VR 360 videos the TV series will begin and the online video has become as a bridge for VR 360 degree videos and customers.

The master app will be arrived instead of streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon with all latest required services at a single hub.

There may be a chance of getting VR search engines to drive the virtual videos without any strain.

The streaming platforms OTT and VOD will reach the customers with the new tech of search engines.

One more advantage that will shake the world of gaming is VR-based games.

The entire education system will be coped with the VR technology to get the clear knowledge on what they are learning.


There is a rapid growth in Piracy of live videos and newly released movies which can damage the film industry.

There will be an unexpected and unrecoverable loss in the budget of broadcasting channels.

They are browsing the internet for hours and hours, this will lead to the consumption of internet above 50 times.

Most of the people are addicted to the online video games and this is making health problems of mental illness.


By observing all the information given above will sketch a brief idea about the usage of the online video by teens. We can find most of the online video hunters are from youngsters. The user requirement of advanced online video will bring broad changes in the technology of the developers.

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