Digital Video Supply Side Platform

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Supply Side Platform

What is Digital Video Supply Side Platform (Video SSP)?

Advertisers are progressively using DSPs and exchanges to purchase their online advertising, but what about publishers? What are supply-side platforms really for? Here’s a primer — in as plain English as possible — on what SSPs are and what they do:

A supply-side platform is a piece of software used to sell advertising in an automated fashion. SSPs are best frequently used by online publishers to help them sell display, video and mobile ads. That sounds more like an interest side stage to me. That is on account of it is a supply-side platform

is basically the publisher equivalent of a DSP. Where DSPs are used by dealers to buy ad impressions from exchanges as inexpensively and as proficiently as conceivable, SSPs are designed by publishers to do the opposed: to maximise the prices their impressions sell. Similar technology powers both SSPs and DSPs.

Programmatic Digital Video Supply Side Platform

Programmatic trading returns the greatest limits, and to make business verdicts based on that info. Some publishers are also beginning to use SSPs to traffic campaigns sold straight by their deals people. In that instance, an SSP isn’t involved in the sale of the inventory, but it only helps in the rendering and tracking.

The problem for publishers, however, is that this programmatic selling threat was lashing the value of their inventory down. SSPs were created in part to help combat this and also to help publishers more proficiently combined and manage their relations with numerous networks and ad buyers.

Mobile Video Supply Side Platform

Mobile video ad spends in the U.S. will reach $6 billion in 2018, representing about half of the total online video ad spend and helps improve a marketer’s ability to access exclusive mobile video inventory, creating a personal experience with mobile consumers.

Advantages of Video Supply Side Platform

Making use of this platform positively has its benefits for publishers. Adding to being able to tap into the Ad meld supply side platform, publishers are able to effort with all of the higher ad networks, agencies and demand side platforms (DSPs). It’s also possible to sell high-class deals with purchasers at superior rates.

Through the Private Marketplace, you will also profit from the capability to implement any given format, while embracing emerging market trends such as Guaranteed Viewability. The Marketplace lets you get specific and reach a wide audience for exciting monetisation opportunities, all with extra concord of cognisance that lets you focus your attention where it belongs: on your business.

Top Digital Video Supply Side Platforms


Making display advertising simple, relevant, and rewarding for advertisers, agencies and publishers.


OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media organizations through prevalent promoting innovation.


Reinvent the way you sell media to gain efficiency, what’s more, enhance yield and computerize manual advertisement trafficking so your deals side can emphasis on longer-term opportunities and operations can drive yield.


MADGIC is a mobile promotion arbitration platform joining RTB with Enormous Data and Machine Learning with various advantages for its Supply and Demand


A globally-focused, mobile-first platform what’s sans more advertisement server for distributers and application engineers. Amplify app ad revenue with a mobile ad server

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

DoubleClick is an integrated ad-technology platform that empowers organizations and advertisers to more effectually produce, accomplish and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns.


stock, yet basically helps in the serving and following Self-Serve Platform.

Rubicon Project

Seller Cloud enhances income for each of your ad impressions, safely.


ExoClick, the innovative ad network serving 5 billion geotargeted ad’s every day to the web and mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Tremor Video

The premium video marketplace offers the world’s leading buyers and sellers’ approaches to consistently execute how they need progress.


YuMe for Publishers (YFP) is a multi-screen programmatic stage giving distributers a full suite of mindfulness driven monetization solutions.


SpotX is the trusted platform for the premium publishers & broadcasters. Learn how our expertise specialists programmatic video across all screens


CPXi is a growing, global digital media business meant at pouring proficiencies and success in the tech-enabled marketing space.


Even as the lines have grown-up uncertain, there are some capabilities that SSPs are intended to handle. For one, SSPs can associate to multiple ad exchanges, ad networks and DSPs. SSPs also give distributors controls like the capacity to set least bids, or rating floors, on sure inventory and make confident inventory obtainable only to specific buyers, exchanges and networks.

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