Facebook Live Marketing

Facebook Live Video: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Marketing

Introduction to Facebook Live Marketing

Facebook Live Video is a moderately new feature that permits users to broadcast a video live to their audience in real-time

Live videos are real-time video posts on Facebook. Live videos from open public figures you follow &syour friends will appear in your News Feed.

When you’re watching a live video or a video that was live, you can tap Subscribe to get told whenever that Facebook account begins a live broadcast.

Facebook Live setup and process

So to begin, get out your mobile gadget and open up the Facebook app

  1. Go to your own Facebook profile and open up the status bar by clicking as though you’re going to write another post.
  2. Tap the “Live” icon, which resembles a human outline.
  3. Give Facebook access to your camera and receiver when invited.
  4. Select “Continue”.
  5. Then choose privacy setting.
  6. Write a convincing description.
  7. Set up camera view.
  8. Tap “Go Live”& begin broadcasting with your audiences.
  9. Interact with viewers and analysts.

Avoid these Mistakes while doing Facebook Live Stream

1) Ask permission before you begin streaming

2) Request viewers play the role of a quote capture

3) Request viewers play the role of the link gatherer

4) Don’t turn the camera sideways

Don’t begin live streaming unprepared; before you broadcast your live video, you have to do some arrangement to ensure that viewers will have the capacity to hear you plainly without distraction.

Bear in mind to break down the results, You’ll have the capacity to see the aggregate number of people who watched no less than a bit of the video, alongside a running check of what number of viewers you had at various focuses in time. You don’t have to give people 60-Minutes level production; however, you do need to give them a reason to like you.

Advantages of Facebook Live

Live streaming is all of a sudden one of the most speeding marketing tickets around the local area. After a large number of late declarations, Facebook has joined any semblance of Periscope, YouTube, Blab and more with its live stream feature, Facebook Live, which is apparently one of the most elevated priority activities

1. Organic Reach is Improved

Facebook’s clearest preference is size with its 1.6 billion active month to month users.

2. Engagement Increased

Further, Jarboe said engagement on Facebook videos is greater than they are on YouTube.

3. Targeting is Easy

Besides, can pinpoint who their Facebook Live streams reach

4. Facebook will give more Discovery for Live Video

Another reasonable preferred standpoint is that it is simpler to surface live content with Facebook

5. Sharing is Easy

Popularity &ease of Facebook improves the probability of sharing live content with different users

6. Monetization

Facebook is allegedly paying a few media companies to create top notch live content

Marketing Facebook Live Stream and Increasing Live Count

Video streaming, particularly through Facebook Live, is an incredible chance to showcase your insight and expansion your fan, follower and client bases.

Since video is super-solid right now and Facebook Live seems to get higher organic reach than different sorts of content, it’s unquestionably worth motivating prepared to add Life to your marketing plan right when you have entered.

Live is only the beginning of what Facebook needs to do with a video. Facebook is as of now testing a devoted video news feed on select mobile devices, so people dependably have the video in their pocket and readily available.

1. Broadcast with Facebook Live

You can broadcast Facebook Live through your profile or by the Mentions app. To broadcast through your profile, tap to upgrade your status and snap the live icon.

2. Improve Your Video

Facebook suggests a few best practices for Facebook Live. Moreover, here are my very own few proposals

3. Edit Your Video

When Facebook Live video is on your wall, you can go back and edit it. It resembles editing any video you’ve uploaded to Facebook.

4. Repurpose Your Video

Likewise with other content, you’ll need to utilize your video in the same number of spots as relevant.

Facebook Live Video Best Practices

Live video is the present trend that was going on the web. When it comes to the top platforms like Facebook, people are love to go with the Facebook live video from general users to marketers. The live video can connect with the audience and can establish a personal conversation connection. Here are some tips and tricks to follow on Facebook live video. Here we go

Let them know about your broadcasting

Inform to your friends and fans that you are going to be live on a particular date and specific time. So that people can get connected with your live stream without any fail Make sure you have high signal.

Don’t go live ay weak network connection. try using strong signal connections with Wi-Fi which works best to go live.

Go with catchy descriptions

Your description can attract the people to capture the attention of the people.

Get connected

Connect the people with live comments and say “hi” to the audience by their name to build strong connections. Also, broadcast your live stream for a longer time to reach more audience. Make sure your stream can continue up to 90 minutes. So that people can reach the stream easily. Don’t forget to use the ending line by cheering up the audience on living.

Crete a watch party

It can include the debates and sharing of significant events to no response. Also, go with an inside look at your day to day life with attractive titles to the streams. Be creative with the things.

Create your own live series with different situations

Create personal interviews, meet the person, fan challenges, quizzes, etc. to interact with the audience.

Introduction to Facebook Live Video and Collages

Live video streaming become the biggest trend across the world. With the brand new applications, people around the world are habituated towards technology, which adds great fun to their lives. Likewise, selfies also become part of every smartphone user’s daily life. The live streaming video applications like Meerkat and periscope were already become a great hit across the devices and even turned as marketing mediums for the video marketers and other business.

Social platforms are consistently updating their applications and the platform related updates for its users to stand at the top in the competition. Facebook is always at the front line to compete for the various trending platforms on the web. It always goes with the creative side and something different to turn its competitors uncomfortable with the things.

Facebook had announced the live video in which the users can go live with this feature. They can share their real-time experience with their friends via mobile devices. This feature can allow users to experience the best real-time interaction with their loved ones. But, this feature is available to US residents only and the platform is planning to expand the features of the app to make it available for other countries very soon.

By using this live video app, users can update their status but simply tapping on the live video icon on iPhones. It also allows the user to type some description of the videos and can opt for the audience to share before going live. The users can also know about the people who are watching live along with live comments. After broadcasting the video can be saved on the user’s timeline. The live videos can also be discovered from the public figures and the news feed. The users can also tap the subscribe button while watching a video. So that the users can get notified about the new video live. The new college also provides the users with a different experience in sharing their story by mixing the photos and the videos grouping together.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Live 360 to all Pages and Profiles

Every time Facebook is coming with new ideas with the successful implantation that results in the building a strong brand. Now it has come up with the new impression “Live 360 Ready Program” to reach the expectations of the users and creators with the Facebook Live 360 degree video.

Live 360 Ready Program

The concept of live 360-degree video on Facebook has changed the beauty of Facebook. This has made audiences to be active i.e. everyone is engaging the Facebook by broadcasting the live shows, events and weddings.

To boost that concept the Facebook has stepped into the updated advancements in live 360-degree videos as “Live 360 Ready Program”.

In this, the 360-degree cameras and software that have been associated with the third party are verified and certifies that are ready for Facebook Live 360.

The Facebook will certify them by considering the quality of the video and user experience while going on live.


The brands that are being in the part of ‘Live 360 Ready Program’ will highlight their website or products with “Facebook Live” logo for identification.

The call-to-action will strike at the audience to buy the camera that has been used in capturing the live video.

Cameras for Live 360 on Facebook

In the present market, a bulk of cameras are competing with each other that might be available at low or high cost and quality. Some of them will support all the online streaming platforms and some not. But we collected some Ultra-branded Cameras to broadcast the 360-degree live streaming, especially on Facebook. Those are

  • Samsung Gear 360 V2
  • Insta360 Air/Nano
  • Giroptic IO
  • Nokia OZO
  • Z Cam S1
  • ALLie Camera
  • Insta 360 Air for Android

All these devices have unique specialty from each other and these can bring the real time experience of being in that world through Facebook Live 360.

Click here to go deep into the each individual camera

Facebook Live 360 Software

Facebook Surround 360-degree camera has been arrived to record the moments by covering all 360-degree angles. The outfit of this camera contains 17 cameras. The software that has been coped with stitching technology to edit the captured moments which is going to broadcast on Facebook will be available on Github. Here all the installation and implantation information will be available for the usage of both hardware and software of Surround 360-degree camera. It is open source software that anyone can use.

Other software that can give effective streaming experience is Wowza, Groovy Gecko, Assimilate SCRATCH VR, Z CAM Wonder Live, Teradek, Limescale 360 and Voysys.

The Software can be accessed by using the Facebook Live API and Facebook login.

4K Support and Watch in VR

Facebook is taking great measures to attach the audience completely in the world of Virtual Reality 360-degree videos. For this Facebook is digging the strategies to pick the high-quality 360-degree videos.

With the use of Oculus and Samsung Gear VR headsets are flexible to watch the 4k resolution 360-degree VR videos on Facebook.

The built in icon “Watch in VR” of a Facebook app will direct the users to have the 360-degree VR experience.

The live streaming VR videos can be embedded after the completion of live as the VOD post. The 360-degree 4k resolution video along with VR will boost the user experience on Facebook.

Donate Buttons with Live 360

Facebook has linked the new icon ‘Donate Buttons’ on Facebook Live 360-degree video to fundraise for non-profits. The certified pages of iOS have been introduced with this donate buttons.

This helps to fundraise through large brands, organizations, celebrities and businesses, especially on the account of Facebook, while live streaming 360-degree videos.

Along with it, the personal fund rising will also be involved by using the Donation Button to help the friends, pets or someone.


This amount will not be used by the Facebook personally and this is only to give safe hand to the helpless people.

Scheduled Live

By using the Facebook Live API the live videos can be scheduled to broadcast.

Through this scheduling live video activity, the audience of your profile will be announced with the coming live video on Facebook News Feed from you.

This notification can attentive the audiences shortly before live casting.

The live video scheduling can be done before one week. The schedules video can be embedded to share on blogs.


Only the verified Facebook pages will be allowed to make scheduling of live videos.

This program is really a great idea to explore the brand of cameras throughout the world. This is the crucial platform to most of the companies to elaborate with the hallmark of world stunning social media platform Facebook.

Best Tips for using Facebook Live

Facebook platform is always a bit forward to step onto the new strategies and features comparing with other platforms. The platform had announced the Facebook Live in August 2015. By using the Facebook mentions application, many celebrities, and public figures shared their live videos to their fans on Facebook. Now, Facebook had planned to make it easier for its fans to identify and informed about the live from their favorite stars and public figures along with some insights highlighting the Facebook live videos from celebrities and public figures. Fans can get subscribe to their stars and public figures to get notifications on Facebook live videos. Now, the Facebook live video feature is available for all pages but not only verified pages.

The Facebook live can broadcast from your smartphones to your newsfeed. This feature helps the tiny business with limited technical equipment as it was built into Facebook itself and does not require a separate application to download. It is presently available for iOS platforms only, and very soon it can be expected to compatible and upgraded to Android platform users too. Here are some tips to follow before, during and after your broadcast with Facebook live.

Before- tips

  • Test before you go live to avoid the technical issues
  • Announce and inform the broadcast time to your friends, mutual friends and relatives and post it on your timeline and it is better to give reminder before an hour.
  • Prepare description of your video before broadcast which can help you to deliver a compelling content rather than writing t that moment.
  • Don’t forget check the network connection During—Tips
  • Give mention to the people who have tuned in
  • Answer the questions of audience live and invite them to ask
  • The top right side contains icon to change from front to rear camera mode quickly.
  • Don’t forget to remain the users to subscribe you for next broadcast remainder.

After Tips

  • Facebook will get disappear like other live streaming apps. It just remains forever on Facebook. So, embed them in blog posts
  • Tweet your broadcast

The Ultimate Guide To DxO One Multicam Facebook Live Streaming

The DxO one is one of the best cameras that are designed for the iPhone with better user interface. iPhone users utilize their mobile cameras to snap the pictures and usually upload on Facebook and Instagram. If you are one of them and want to go beyond the sharing of pics with your camera quality, then DxO one is the best choice to go with it. This camera utilizes the mobile for control and for sharing and framing. It transforms your iPhone into an advanced camera. Ultimate Guide To DxO One Multicam Facebook Live Streaming is explained here.

The new updates of DxO One

Without the need of any physical hardware updates, DxO is supporting the live streaming capabilities very soon and it starts from the Facebook platform.

The new updates to the application allow the users to experience the live broadcasts.

The new version 2.35 updated the display with the new camera feeds in which the DxO one was already capable of going with Wi-Fi.

The user can also keep the camera in the remote location and can monitor the same from the iPhone.

Along with the camera angles, the users also allowed making a selection of DxO one or an in built audio source or they can also switch on to the audio actively.

It is better to go with an audio lock to the iPhone much as it helps while going with commentary during live streaming video from DxO connected with Wi-Fi.

The new update helps the users to improve the video quality for Facebook live streaming broadcasts and also capable of delivering the quality during the low lights also.

It is expected to be on store early 2017.

Therefore, the new updates of DxO one are the good news to the iPhone mobile users to get started with new broadcasting experience with high-quality output on the Facebook platform from 2017.

Facebook providing Live streaming and Live videos using different types of Facebook Video Cams. DXO one is the best Multicam for Facebook Video Live streaming.

Ways to Increase Engagement with Facebook Live Video

The Facebook live video feature is now available to all active users. Many publishers are already integrating live video content in their social media marketing strategy for driving engagement and to grow the audience. Here are few ways in which engagement can be increased for Facebook live videos.

• Live video should be long enough so that more people can join and spread the word. Live videos on Facebook should be at least five minutes and we have noted that some of the successful live videos exceeded this limit.

• Let the information of your Facebook live stream reach other social communities. Tell them before hand about your Live Stream.

• Ensure that your WiFi or data connection is strong enough.

• Ask your live viewers to share your video. This can help to reach more viewers.

• During the live streaming react to the comments of the viewers and interact with them. This helps the publishers to know to which part of the stream, the people are reacting positively.

• Ask the viewers questions such as from where they are watching the live stream, reward those who leave good comments. You can also offer prize to person

• While responding to the comments, mention the name of the person who left the comment, this will thrill them.

• Encourage your audience to comment, ask questions and give suggestions.

• If you have a Facebook page or a website, ask the people to follow or subscribe them.

• Don’t forget to check the statistics of the video.

After the live video streaming, save the video and let the people who missed the live stream replay it. This will boost the viewership and the video can be embedded into a blog post also. Apart from all these, the best way to increase engagement is to create content which is useful to the viewers.

Facebook live streaming is the most popular social media platform to broadcast the live videos and most of the marketers are getting benefits through this Facebook for the better growth of their business as there is a continuous flow of the audience.

DJI Osmo Facebook Live Streaming

What happens when two leaders in their respective fields join hands to provide yet another combo product for the users’ delight? The outcome will be something like the DJI Osmo Facebook Live Streaming.

DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co Ltd) is a Chinese technology company. Actively operative since 2006 was founded by Frank Wang with headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company was at the forefront of the civilian drone industry as per ‘The Economist’ in 2015 itself. The company is in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, gimbals, cameras etc and one of its products includes OSMO.

Osmo is a camcorder from DJI. The camera can record 4K and take either 12-16MP stills but uses a smart phone to view camera footage. The camera is coming with FM-15 flexi microphone and interchangeable camera with Zenmuse X3, X5 and X5R gimbals compatible.

FB is one of the favorites in the segment of social media. The popularity of FB can be understood with the following facts/statistics.

• There are over 1.71 billion monthly active FB users as on 27th July 2016 (this is 15% growth over the previous year).

• 1.13 billion people log onto Facebook daily active users for June 2016 (this is 17% increase over previous year).

FB’s latest addition to its exciting features is live streaming. This is a significant move from FB which the vlogers have been expecting since a long time. This, FB is able to offer on a large sale with the backend support from DJI. The initial reports about the live stream have been very good and the audio also received good marks from the initial users and/or viewers.

Facebook is opening up Facebook Live (FB’s live streaming platform) to third parties and DJI is at the backend. The new FB Live API will allow third party developers also to stream to viewers of FB. On its part (and as a part of the technical collaboration), DJI has upgraded one of its existing Phantom4 drones to support streaming.

With all the developments happening in jet speed, Facebook users can expect much more advanced features in time to come. Of course, behind every advancement, there is a business sense. The marketers are required to take advantage of the same and ensure the promotion of their content.

Ways To Get More Facebook Live Video Subscribers

Utilizing video as a part of social media has been on the ascent for a long while. Advertisers and organisations have been utilising them to expand engagement and perspectives, which is the reason you’ ll sees more recordings in your Newsfeed than any other time in recent memory. Both Facebook and Instagram offer video ads, and also adding the capacity for clients to add a video to a slide on merry go round ads. Facebook Live Video is a moderately new element that permits clients to telecast a video live to their crowd in real-time. Facebook Live Video has as of now gotten the consideration of clients, who have seen the live shows happening. For advertisers and organisations, this is a mind-boggling apparatus to use, with a few advantages appended. Here are some meaningful ways to gain more subscribers to your Facebook live video.

Ask them to subscribe

Request the users to get subscribed to get notified about your live video streaming on the platform as well as to know about the furthermore live videos from you.

Describe to get subscriptions

Describe your video content relevantly and make the audience get attracted to your descriptions. After the story of the video just ask them to subscribe.

Build anticipation for your live broadcast

It is essential to imagine the things for your live broadcast to promote the stuff in a better way. So, your anticipation can be useful in real time live.


Encourage the viewers of the video to subscribe to your videos. Encourage them with your creative tags or annotations and ask them to accept.


Build efficient interaction with the viewers during the broadcasting and request them to subscribe. If you are going with extended sessions, ask the viewers to subscribe in the middle of your broadcast.

Be creative and utilize the call to actions

Always be creative in utilising the call to actions. Just show your finger to the top right corner to ask subscription. Show your subscription badge in the middle of your broadcast on Facebook page branding. End with a strong call to action.

Live Video can attract the audience with beautiful content or with an interesting content. Getting Facebook Live video subscribers is not an easy task, here are the amazing tips for how to get more subscribers for Facebook live video.

10 Best Practices for Facebook Live Streaming Video

Starting its journey on 4th February 2004 as a ‘for profit corporation’ in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg along with Harvard college students. Facebook today is proving its niche on the net platform whereby the registered user can create a profile for him, invite friends and exchange communications via the net.

It is in this context, that we need to learn the best practice for availing Facebook’s live streaming video. You may have an idea about the same on going through the story that follows:

1) The content:

First and foremost is that you need to have a good content. You are aware that good description will often attract more viewers.

2) The Titling:

Each of the published content need to have an apt title. The title will invite the attention of the viewers and bring them to the site.

3) The thumbnail:

Suitable and accurate thumbnail is another important point that you need to maintain at all times.

4) The Feedback:

Each of the content is expected to have feedback – either positive or negative. There has to be a place for the viewer where he can post his feedback.

5) The Promotion:

Despite the fact that the content might be one of the best, the channels containing the content needs to be promoted on other social media and other platforms.

6) The Planning:

As a marketer, you need to plan content and plan for suitable time for going a broadcast.

7) The Keywords:

Each of the content will be able to attract viewers based on the Key Words (through SEO). As such please ensure use of specific keywords.

8) The Investment:

The marketer needs to invest in good recording equipment to ensure the good quality content on the net.

9) The Environment:¨

While recording the content, please ensure that there is a proper environment that can keep the viewer harnessed to the content to till the end.

10) The Sound:

Soundtrack plays the most important along with the video in the content, and hence proper care has to be taken while recording the content

Not to be left behind in the competition to capture ‘live streaming video’ as announced by competition like YouTube, Facebook is also offering the similar facility. As the concept of the live streaming video is innovative and novel, people in general and marketers, in particular, are interested in cashing in on this evolving technology.

Ways to Increase Your Reach with Facebook Live Video

Customers need video, and Facebook didn’t waste time making its video offerings more alluring to marketers. Facebook mixed it up with new elements that can build a natural span, create buzz and offer advertisers some assistance with driving home their marking goals. The Facebook native video has great organic reach comparing to the other live video platforms. Facebook is always making its step towards innovative ion and to encourage the marketers to utilize the broad advantages of Facebook video to reach the audience efficiently.

The times of requiring a multimillion-dollar promoting spending plan to broadcast recordings live have finished. Social locales, Facebook began permitting clients to insert their records in different regions. You no more need to utilize a site, for example, YouTube or Vimeo. Presently you can transfer your video to Facebook and implant it specifically onto your site. You can likewise give your insert code, empower others to implant your video on their website or blog and growing you achieve further.

For example, Meerkat and Periscope made live-gushing conceivable from the palm of your hand. Presently you can go live on Facebook. Likewise, with other live-spilling applications, you can see the number of live viewers, usernames of those viewing and an ongoing stream of remarks. When you complete your broadcast, it recoveries to your Timeline like some other video.

Facebook social video gives clients a chance to transfer recordings straightforwardly to its site. The Facebook social video speaks to advertisers because of these recordings auto-play inside of clients’ news nourishes. More individuals are prone to see your image’s video because Facebook offers need to records transferred locally to its site.

The best thing to get the audience attention then choose to conduct contest by offering some gifts. It could be an exciting one for the audience to the live video on Facebook. At the end of the live video reveal the contest winner which establishes more excitement in the audience.

Don’t end up your live video in a single shot just let them find the suspicious sequels of that live video then it could create more interest to watch coming up live videos especially from you. Quit the live video bypassing some breathtaking news for the coming live videos.

These are the best strategies through which you can easily reach the audience while broadcasting live video on Facebook. Just go through these lines to raise the live video performance.

Top 11 Facebook Live Video Tools for Creator & Brands

Whenever we think about the live video the immediately, beautiful word is Facebook. Facebook is the only platform to broadcast the live streaming to make promotions or any events to explore the brand name easily. To make the Facebook live streaming in a simple way here is list of Facebook Live Video Tools that every creator should know.


This is used to measure and provide the high-speed internet performance while live streaming on Facebook. This helps in troubleshooting the network problem. This can be accessed on all devices like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Mac OS, Google Chrome and Windows.

Open Broadcaster Software

By using the custom transitions the multiple video scenes can be mixed and recorded by showing high performance. This can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Switcher Studio

By using this software the high-quality live video can be captured by using the regular devices like iPads and iPhones without bothering to use the professional video cameras.


This can be used to produce the live videos in an effective way by adding visual effects for the titles. Through this, the live video can be encoded to live stream on social media sites like Facebook.

Be Live

The Facebook live video can be organized from any location with the help of this software. Both the users of mobile and desktop can view the Facebook live streaming.


With the help of single URL, the recording and launching of the event can be done. This provides the HD quality video with high speed.


This tool can give the high-quality video with ultimate lightning effects, especially in dark. Motion detection and face tracking also possible through this.

VideoMic Go

This mic is mainly intended to provide the clear and effective audio with no smudges. This device requires no battery and it is very lightweight mic to carry anywhere.


The iographer case can be used to attach lights, lenses, tripods and microphones to professional video cameras and iOS devices.

Manfrotto MTPIXIEVO-BK PIXI EVO 2 Section Mini Tripod

This gives ultimate support to the cameras having large lenses. The legs of it can be used to record the images from the ground level.

Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig

With the help of it the shooting equipment like cameras, batteries and lights can be added. All these can be added while recording with the mobile camera to give the professional video quality.

All these are essential tools that are needed to launch the successful Facebook live events.

10 Ways Mobile is Dominating Video E-Commerce

Mobiles are dominating the e-commerce trends. Online video is now accessed on mobile devices and the time spent by the mobile users to access online retail sites is also increasing. The retailers are optimizing their marketing strategy for mobiles.

1. Mobile users are watching, sharing videos and mobile consumption is predicted to grow further in the coming year.

2. It is proved that mobile users stay longer time on e-commerce site watching the videos and this is likely to increase the engagement rate and also the sales.

3. If the mobile user has a positive association with the brand, he is more likely to share the video content from the brand.

4. Mobile users are more likely to share the video content than the desktop users and this will help reach more consumers.

5. Having a good personal connection with the content of the video and placing the call to action buttons strategically is what brands are following to attract the mobile users.

6. The generation of mobile users, people are under 35 are demanding unique content from the e-commerce brands.

7. The new generation users are being used by the e-commerce sites as an invaluable marketing tool. The sites are offering high-quality videos and enriched user experience as this influential audience is capable of bringing the social media exposure which will increase conversion rate.

8. Smartphone users watch the e-commerce video content in mute therefore e-commerce sites are using the auto-play feature for their videos without sound.

9. Mobile users are more likely to watch the e-commerce sites videos when they are using WiFi only. Therefore keep your videos under four minutes so that they do not avoid watching them to conserve the data.

10. E-commerce sites are using video on their pages and are encouraging the people to share it to social sites.

It is never been easy for the mobile users to watch videos. Online shops who are not hosting videos on their online shop should think and include video in their marketing strategy to take advantage of the increasing mobile video consumption.

Facebook Live Video Spam – A Big Headache

Facebook is a good source for breaking news and videos. But after Facebook Live Video launched, the platform became more video-centric, and most of the people and brands are miss using Live Video feature by doing spam with Live Video. A major headache with Facebook Live Video which users or brands are facing is as follows.

Unnecessary Live Streaming

People or Brands are creating unnecessary Live Videos and Streaming in their profiles and pages.

Illegal Sports Live Streaming

Some People are streaming Live Sports and Cricket matches to Facebook Live by capturing Live TV. Popular TV Broadcasting Brands are buying rights for sports streams with huge millions but people are streaming this Live TV in their Facebook Pages. There is no control from Facebook. This will be the major blow for TV Broadcasting Brands.

Pre-Recorded Videos as Live Streaming

Some Facebook Page owners are streaming already recorded videos as Live Streams into their Facebook Pages. Some pages are streaming even full movies as live videos.

Live Voting Streams

Some Popular Facebook Pages are creating side by side live voting and displaying the voting count as Live.

Mobile Live Streams

Facebook Pages are Live Streaming restricted events without having permissions from the concerned people from that event using their smartphones.

After Facebook Launched Live Video API, people/Brands are miss using and creating unnecessary and prerecorded videos as Live Streaming Videos to gain instant popularity and gain. Facebook announced that the platform will give more preference for Live Videos. After this announcement lot of pages are creating Live Streams even though they are not important for their users.

Real Example of Facebook Live Video Copyright and Threats

If some latest movie is released and someone from the theatre live streams that movie in the Facebook pages people are ready to watch but that damage will be huge for the Movie producers. How will Facebook solve this problem?

Even if we report that copyright issues to Facebook there is no instant response from them and by the time you receive any response from them huge damage already done to the copyright owners.

Some major types of videos which are coming under Live Stream are as follows

  • Full Movies as Live Streams
  • Adult Content as Live Streams
  • Hoax Videos as Live Stream
  • Loop Videos as Live Stream

There is no instant blocking and controlling for Facebook Live Streams.

Dear Facebook please have a mechanism to control these unnecessary Live Streams.

Solution for Facebook Live Streaming Video Problems

The Best Solution for this is… Like Facebook Ads, we need to have review and approval team. If someone makes a Live Stream that should be a valid one which will be monitored, reviewed after the approval that stream will be Live on Facebook Platform.

Look into this Facebook! Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems for the platform stability.

How to Enable Closed Captions in Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook has made significant changes advanced accessibility in recent times. Facebook mainly aimed to create a global community through social media. Once Facebook announced that watch time for Facebook videos is raised four times as compared to the previous years, One in Five Facebook videos is Live broadcasting. Here we can check the process of How to Enable Closed Captions in Facebook Live Broadcasts.

Facebook announced Live Video broadcaster can include Closed Captions at the same time of broadcasting. The reason behind this is it may be more useful to the people who are deaf, and a problem of hearing can understand through closed captions.Publishers can create their Closed Captions using CEA-608 data stream.

How To Enable Closed Captions In Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook has created the best platform for everyone who is using Live Video Broadcasting services from Facebook can enable Closed captions in Live Broadcasting.

Publishers can add Closed Captions non-live videos also. It is possible to add closed captions to the non-live video when uploading it on Facebook pages. Publishers can create caption automatically with speech recognition services.

The publisher can use caption settings option to enable the Facebook live broadcasting by turning on. Here CEA – 608 are acting as a third party Facebook Live API.

Step by Step Procedure To Enable Closed Captions

Gather and setup your Live Broadcasting equipment such as camera and cables for giving input to the PC for streaming.

Before going to start the Live broadcasting, first, we should set up third party tool. The third party ingestion Facebook Live API.

To Enable the closed captions done by Live API, we should pass embedded CAE-608 code in to h264 stream. This h264 requires SEI type 4 messages which are ingested an NAL type 6 messages.

Install the Closed caption inserter and pass the audio and video inputs through Closed captions inserter.

The closed captions inserter sends an audio file to the auto generated software or a live captioner.

The auto generated software or a live captioner sends the caption data to closed caption inserter.

The next step is to connect the live closed caption inserter output to the live encoder input.

We can configure live encoder in two ways they are, configured the live encoder to live closed caption output in one way and the other way is just pass through closed caption inserter.

Finally set up your encoder output to the Facebook live insertion point.

If you are ready with live footage to live to broadcast, insert the embedded CEA-608 closed caption data into the live encoder.

Then feed the live footage in your Facebook live broadcast through Facebook live API.

People can use the same procedure for live broadcasting the Facebook live video with closed captions using iOS, Android and web browsers for PCs.

Enable closed captions in Facebook live broadcasting is a brand new feature from Facebook updates. The publisher can use this guide for how to enable closed captions in Facebook Live Broadcasting.

The Ultimate Guide to Stream Facebook Live using Open Broadcaster

Facebook Live is the trending feature now. The live stream of Facebook is increasing the follower count and the videos are getting the most visibility using Open Broadcaster. There is not much competition in this area for now, but other streamers are likely to test this. Facebook does not show all the posts in a page in the news feed for the followers. But the videos are shown in the feeds, and this can help the streamers to get more comments and likes on their posts, and they also can interact with the followers.

Facebook live was via Facebook app until recently. But now third-party tools can be used to go live on Facebook from the computer and the desktop. Open Broadcaster software is one of the free open source software that helps go live on Facebook. Though it is free, it comes with rich features. OBS can be used on Windows, Linux and MAC devices.

Open Broadcaster software is a hundred percent free software. The software is virus and malware free and offers high-quality streaming and recording. This software used different sources for live streaming, and these include the SDLR camera, webcams, images and videos on the computer, phone camera, etc. open broadcaster software allows to stream on services such as YouTube and Facebook Live. Here is how Facebook Live via OBC.

First, download the OBC studio. For live streaming on Facebook, a stream key required and this is also needed to publish the live video. Live streaming implemented on the Facebook page or the profile. There are different methods for each of these.

To go live on a Facebook page, the button at the top of the page can use. You can also use the Publishing Tools on the page. Choose the Video option in the menu. Click the +Live button that appears on the top right. Copy the stream key in the window that appears. Click preview and fill the video information. Go live; the stream key needs to enter into OBS. Once the Facebook receives the stream, it will start the display the preview.

Go to click Settings in OBS studio and choose the Stream option in left menu. Set the stream type as Streaming Services and choose Facebook to live as the streaming service. The stream key obtained from the box earlier should be posted here and then click on Apply and click OK. Ensure that you have already selected the video source. Now click on Start Streaming. Now go to the Facebook Live window in the browser and see for ‘Fetching video stream’ displayed by Facebook there.

If the firewall is not allowing the connection from open broadcaster to Facebook, you may get the connection failed error message. Sometimes the internet service provider may also block the live streams from the computer. Contact them and make them unblock Facebook live.

Preview your stream by choosing the Only Me option for testing the stream. There is going to be a little delay in the stream which is very normal. View the preview on another device and check if everything is good. If everything is perfect, click on Go Live button. To stop the Facebook Live stream, go to OBS and click on the Stop Streaming button.

Facebook Live app is the leader in live broadcasting apps. Facebook Live launched for a few verified pages, but now it is available for all. It is easy to use. The live stream video on Facebook saves automatically to the timeline. And the live notifications are sent to all the followers.

The Complete Guide to Using BlueJeans Primetime for Facebook Live

Blue Jeans introduced a new service Blue Jeans Primetime, a service that allows the viewers to engage with the presenters of online events. The PrimeTime for Facebook Live tool also allows joining the event from any device, and there is no need to have backend IT support. The moderators can record the events, see the quality for all the attendees etc.

Introduction to BlueJeans Primetime

Blue Jeans PrimeTime service launched by Blue Jeans uses cloud-based video collaboration service of Blue Jeans, but it is offered with new streaming capacities, using which web events can be broadcasted live to the participant around the globe. Online streaming is not new, but the tools but the new tools added to enable interaction are notable.

Let us now see what is new in the BlueJeans Primetime service. The organisations that use the service can switch the roles of participants from remote areas to become passive or active participants. The attendees can engage with the speakers in real time.

How to Setup BlueJeans Primetime for Facebook Live

BlueJeans PrimeTime for Facebook Live can be requested for a free trial for around thirty days. To request the free trial, we have to fill a form with details such as first name, last name, email address, company name, job title, country and Facebook page. To receive the free trial it requires to attend training which can be scheduled online after submitting the free trial request.

BlueJeans PrimeTime is a platform for engaging the Facebook audience with video. This service can use for new product launches, special announcements by companies, an outreach of community and interactive town hall chats etc.

To set up a live stream using BlueJeans PrimeTime event, log into BlueJeans and create an event. Add the event title and write the description. After this, set all the other features of the live stream. Most people will be watching the event on Facebook live, and there will be moderators and guests in the meeting room. If you have any other audience joining the meeting room, change the settings of the event. By using BlueJeans PrimeTime, it is also possible to record the event automatically with higher quality.

After finishing the settings, invite the attendees, guests and moderators to participate. The moderator can turn off the audio or the video for the guests. Another interesting feature of this service is that there can be multiple moderators in the event. After checking and ensuring everything is working fine, click on the start broadcast and broadcast to Facebook Live buttons. The streaming can do to the profile, a Facebook page or a group. The Facebook Live stream can be embedded on the official website also. It is up to you to decide whether to allow people to allow the video or now when using BlueJeans for Facebook Live.

Advantages of BlueJeans Primetime for Facebook Live

BlueJeans integrative primetime service allows broadcasting to thousands of remote viewers and to interact with them through video. BlueJeans integrative primetime is one of the easiest services to be used to engage and connect with the audience.

Advantages with BlueJeans PrimeTime for Facebook Live include supporting up to 100 simultaneous video streams, instant attention attractions with interactive videos, using mobiles, webcams or A/V equipment for high-quality broadcast video and audio.

Live streaming on Facebook Live gives many advantages. The videos automatically show up on the timelines of followers. The followers are sent a notification when the live event begins. The audience can watch the Facebook streaming without leaving the platform. Live streaming on Facebook will increase audience engagement and also improves reach. There are endless promotional possibilities with BlueJeans PrimeTime.


Having the capacity to broadcast a video live, in real-time, right to your users’ Newsfeeds is another feature that offers a considerable measure of potential. With users sometimes notwithstanding getting a notification that you’re going live, that can spark their interest and inspire them to watch in-time, however, before they might have skimmed over the same video than pre-recorded. The special bonus of giving the videos a chance to be shared to your Page immediately after it record is additionally noteworthy because users can share what they saw or save it for some other time, extending the reach of your content significantly further.

Facebook is putting a tremendous emphasis on live video, and they offer the greatest audience.

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