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The World of YouTube Unboxing Videos

Unboxing of products has become a trending concept across the web. Especially on YouTube, users began to make trendy Unboxing videos by Unboxing and unwrapping different exciting products.

This Unboxing trend had overcome all categories in the most viewed list. People are very enthusiastic to know about new products, and it’s looking and reviews by checking these Unboxing videos. So, it has become the most crucial factor behind the success of Unboxing videos on the YouTube platform.

The popularity of Unboxing videos on the YouTube platform

The Unboxing videos are not newbies started recently, as they have been going well since 2006. It was created with the Nokia E61 Smartphone Unboxing. The video DisneycollectorBR gained more than 70 million views in 2014 and became a sensation across the platform.

The Unboxing videos had increased to 65 percent in the year 2014. The Unboxing videos were viral, and they were somewhat tricky and were just a matter of unwrapping the things in front of the camera.

Types of Unboxing videos and successful channels

Kid’s products Unboxing

Children’s Toys Unboxing videos are the most popular video on the YouTube platform. Generally, toy companies used to sponsor the channels. The Disney Collector channel has gained massive popularity by unwrapping Barbie dolls, kinder eggs, etc. The track successfully gained billions of views and huge ad revenue.

Food Unboxing

The sugary snack, yummy candy bars, cereals, etc., can be unboxed in a video. NikuKashi is one such channel that has grabbed the YouTube audience’s attention.

Unboxing at extremity

Unboxing during skydiving has become the most extreme Unboxing video. The Samsung Galaxy S two versions were unboxed so that viewers held tight in their seats while watching the video. It has delivered a different experience to the viewers on YouTube.

Beauty products unboxing

Beauty is the most searched category across the YouTube platform. When it comes to beauty products, there are several newbies constantly updated in the market. The makeup and skincare tips, and the unpacking of products and beauty boxes, have gained the audience’s attention.

Unboxing the luxury products

Unboxing luxury products can get a massive reach as people are more interested in luxurious products online. These Unboxing videos are generally presented with good makeup and skin care-related tips.


Unboxing the technology products

Technology products were always an exciting element for internet users. A new tech product, Unboxing, is included with the latest smartphone; cameras, gadgets, etc., come under the tech Unboxing videos.

Best ways to make YouTube Unboxing videos

Utilize a good quality camera and Mic system. The audience won’t like to watch a greasy video with unclear and low-quality output. So, use the best camera to deliver a clear picture with good resolution.

Make it stable

Many Unboxing videos were left unseen as their footage was unstable. So to avoid the jerks, using a tripod or stand to prevent disturbance while recording your video is essential. Try a tripod or stand that perfectly fits with your hardware.

Choose the right product.

Choose some exciting products for Unboxing to get a good response from the audience. Choose a kitchen device, the latest tech products, new iPhone models, etc.., to draw a massive audience’s attention to your video.

Do it at the proper time.

Unboxing videos generally work out during the holiday season. People generally look for new products and details relating to them. More than 60 percent more viewer rate was noticed towards the Unboxing videos during holiday seasons.

Things to follow while starting your Unboxing video shoot

The most common mistake most creators make is giving a very long brief discussion before Unboxing a product in their video. That description will become longer than the Unboxing event. This made the viewers less interested in your video.

Providing the best description of the product plays a huge role but must not be long and tedious. It must increase the excitement in the user’s mind about the product they are going to watch

Utilize good Music

Use good background music, or be yourself with the video content. Make your presentation attractive and exciting to the audience so that you can gain a good impression on the viewers.

Be enthusiastic

Your enthusiasm must be seen in your presentation. Speak confidently and transparently while presenting the things in your video. Research some alternatives and provide the viewers with some options.

Tips for YouTube Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos generally have many subscribers and viewers if they are consistent and attached to the audience. Here are some simple tips that can be very helpful to become successful with YouTube Unboxing.

Do research

Research various things and find out which type of products the audience feels interested in and what kind of product you will choose for Unboxing in your videos. This research can help you to make a suitable choice for unboxing the products in videos.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Don’t lose your audience. Think differently and approach your audience with varying ways of Unboxing the video content you like to present before the audience. Turn on your creative side and make your Unboxing exciting and attractive to your target audience across the YouTube platform.

Test your demo

Suppose you begin creating Unboxing videos on YouTube by following the above things. In that case, you have to go with a demo presentation and ask your friends and relatives how they feel watching and rating your videos. It can help you know about your skill and production and will add reasonable confidence.

Connect with audience

Open the comment section for your videos and connect with the audience by responding to their queries and asking them for suggestions on your videos. This helps you to get attached to the audience across the platform.

Finally, Unboxing is still a trending concept across YouTube though it was started in 2006. If you are a video creator or a beginner looking forward to creating exciting content, try some Unboxing videos.

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