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Thomas Kramer – Head of Product at Paladin Software – Exclusive Interview

Thomas Kramer – Head of Product, Co-Founder at Paladin Software – Exclusive Interview

Tell us about Paladin

Paladin makes life easier for multi-channel networks and next-generation media companies. Paladin’s staff come from a variety of influencer management and ad tech companies, and they have the first-hand experience with the challenges faced by talent managers, content claimers, and operations executives. We’ve poured all of that expertise into developing our products and serving our customers.

How does Paladin help YouTube MCNs

Paladin eliminates many of the pain points and frustrations of running a network. Typically clients engage us because they are struggling with finding and signing creators, calculating complex payments from multiple sources, aggregating network data across multiple platforms and content owners, or enforcing copyright.

What are the best features of the Paladin Platform

Paladin helps you manage an MCN or multi-platform network by making it easy to collect and review creator applications to join your network, manage data and analytics across multiple platforms, message creators you work with, and calculate complex creator payments.

We calculate payments from all creator revenue sources – ads, YouTube Red, brand deals, etcetera – in one straightforward payments view. Through integration with our partner, Tipalti, we can help networks pay creators worldwide using their individual choice of payment method, including PayPal, ACH, wire, and more.

Through our creator dashboard, creators can view a transparent breakdown of their earnings, collaborate with other creators, get access to great apps that help with content creation and audience development, and connect their social profiles to view analytics.

Our Rights Monitor product also makes rights management on YouTube more efficient and more lucrative by making it easy to find videos Content ID misses.

The Talent Locator, our talent discovery solution, helps you find creators with growing channels and social media stardom, and to identify new and interesting verticals. It is crucial to network development, of course.

What should we expect in the near future with respect to YouTube MCNs and corresponding tools?

We see a great deal of exciting international growth in markets such as Asia, South America, and the Middle East. In particular, we’re noticing up-and-coming networks in Vietnam, Brazil, and Turkey. We also see brands and traditional media companies with increased interest in having an online video presence on YouTube, Facebook, and other major social platforms.

regarding tools for MCNs, we’re seeing less of MCNs developing in-house solutions, as was the case with the early U.S.-based MCNs, and more reliance on outside technology due to the low investment required and long-term cost efficiency. Our platform is designed to handle the full range of tasks for a video network manager, as we believe that’s more useful than having multiple products for different uses.
As the social video economy expands beyond YouTube to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more, we’re building functionality to make it easy to manage creators, content, and data across platforms.

We’re interested to see how live streaming will evolve in 2017 across the major platforms and who will win. This format has already shown preliminary success, and we’re looking forward to seeing creators and brands getting more creative with it.

Influencer marketing got a lot of attention in the past year, and it’s likely to become more strategic in the coming years. Smaller networks with the specific language or geographic focus are forming and are positioned to work well with regional/local brands.

VR’s near-term viability is a big question mark after weak holiday sales and continued high-cost entry barriers for consumers.

The major social platforms have all adopted video and will continue to differentiate themselves with innovative features (for example Snapchat filters). Subsequently, we’ll continue to see the best of these innovative features copied by the other major platforms to keep up (for example live streaming).

Thank you “Thomas Kramer” for sharing valuable inputs with Readers.

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