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Tips to Create a Perfect YouTube Channel Name

Youtube does not require the introduction all the time as it becomes the most familiar to all the people across the world. It is bulk, and moreover, it is a biome, ecosystem and more than that. People used to create the YouTube channel with different names and if you are a professional, marketer, brand or individual artist or you are creating the YouTube Channel Name for some purpose which requires better connectivity with the people across the platform.

Then the name of your channel must be different and must contain specific features and characteristics to reach the people. So, here are some tips for creating your YouTube Channel Name on YouTube platform.

Choose relevant YouTube Channel Name

Don’t go towards the trends and buzz words in your YouTube Channel Name thinking that can drive the users to your channel. It was wrong. The name of your channel must represent your brand or your primary goal in building the channel. The channel name must be simple, unique and memorable to the users.

Don’t use the tongue-twisting type of words

Don’t use the different unique words which are difficult to pronounce. Make your name easy to pronounce and remember.

Try some unique and domain free names

Try some names which are unique and the names which not included in the purchased domains. So that the people can search quickly and if you can buy a domain then you can go on with that name, and the name will be yours with domain along which can stamp your presence better across the search results too.

Channel description

The description plays an important role in the channel success because the channel description reveals the things about your channel and the complete information to your followers and visitors of the channel. So, always write a food description which must be short and informative. Also, add URL to your presence on the web in a description. Write below 1000 characters in description.

Channel banners and icons

Channel banners play a great role to make your channel more perfect on the platform. So design good banner which must reflect what the channel is about. The icon is also significant because it is the main identity for your channel.

Set the location

You set your location of the country which can be useful to get identified basing on the site too. So set up your state where you have started the channel.

Enter a business contact email address

Create a dedicated business email address and post it in a description as well as the video descriptions too. So, that if anyone wants to know more about your channel or services they can contact you quickly.

Also provide the presence on various social networks in links. Also, provide the blog links to the people to get connected on different platforms which can be useful for the channel promotion.


Channel tags are significant to increase the presence of the channel across the YouTube channel. Channel tags are substantial to go. Add some featured channels and fill up the details about your channel.


Thumbnails are the first impression to the viewer. So, always create the relevant and attractive thumbnails to grab the people’s attention towards you. Don’t go with fake thumbnails which can only increase the traffic for very short span only and will mark contrary on entire channel and wholly lost your presence on web.


Playlists can be the best way to categorise your video content which can be very easy to access for the viewers. So create playlists and display them as sections.

YouTube Channel Name changing is very simple. We just need to follow few steps. The name of the YouTube is the most powerful thing that should strike at the audience to clutch their attention. When all these happened then the dreams of the creator will come true. If your channel is dead with the long-running name then immediately change that with innovative thought to replace it. After this activity, the rapid change can be identified.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name

How to change your YouTube channel name is the most commonly required theme of the YouTuber. When the channel is not getting much traffic with the name you specified just go on changing it.

YouTube is one of the top video sharing websites in the world. It is also considered the best place to earn money online. Video publishers upload a number of videos everyday on this platform. They name their YouTube channels to represent their niche.

Some people may want to change the name of the channel to make it look more attractive. Here is how this can be done.

YouTube channel name can be changed if the channel owner is using the name and photo of the Google Account for the channel. Take note that the photo and the name will be changed to all Google service.

This works when the channel is linked with Google+. If the profile picture and user name is changed it automatically changed the user name.

Sign into the YouTube channel. Go to Settings. Find the Overview Section and then choose the Edit on Google action that appears next to the channel name. Update the name of the channel and click ok.

To change the YouTube user name via Google+, sign into the YouTube account, click on the profile picture and click on the gear button. Go to account settings and click on edit on Google.

Open the tab Google About me and change the first name and last name.

Click OK.

This will change the user name across Google Products.

YouTube channel icon can be changed also.

Sign into the YouTube channel and open the Menu.

Select My Channel option.

Click Edit.

Video makers who are new to YouTube give more attention to creating videos and less on the name of the channel.


The above guide tells you the things you must follow when you are creating a YouTube channel. It is very important to have an attractive name for the channel so that it can be turned into the brand. Therefore come up with a creative name for the channel.

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