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50 Must Have Tools for Video Content Creator

Video Content Creator requires a lot of quality equipment and there is no one size fits all package. There are many varieties of equipment available starting from cameras to the tripods. Here we are going to cover some equipment the video makers might need to have based on the type of video they are creating.

1. A camera is the primary equipment for video creating and the type of camera you choose depends on the budget and the type of content being created.

2. Camera lens of different types of are available such as wide angle, clear protective lens, zoom lens etc.

3. Memory cards will be needed to store the footage you record.

4. Wireless mics though is expensive than wired mic, it offers flexibility.

5. Wired remotes are necessary to activate the shutters remotely to avoid vibration.

6. The right lighting equipment is important for the video to look professional.

7. Fresnel lights give the ability to focus the light beam and can be used for hair, background, back and accent lights.

8. Soft fluorescent lights such as Kino-Flo Diva-lite show accurate colors.

9. Broad Lights are good to bring up ambient light

10. Light quality modifiers can be used to control the quality of light

11. To reduce the intensity of light, light reducer tools such as Scrims, neutral density gels and nets are used.

12. To control the direction of light, barn doors, snoot, egg crate or other tools are used.

13. Color gels are used to change the color of the light.

14. Flash memory cards or DVD’s are needed based on the type of camera being used to record the footage.

15. Extra batteries should be carried to the shoot to be enough for the shooting situations.

16. Camera mounts allow capturing the best videos possible.

17. Computer/laptop is needed to see the video footage by

18. Editing software is essential to make the video look crisp.

19. Audio software is needed to mix the audio and make sure that it is of high quality.

20. Shotgun microphone can be set up on the camera on a boom pole.

21. Boom pole mic set up is useful to capture audio when shooting crowed scenes or group interviews.

22. Camera bags are necessary to keep all the camera equipment same and weather proof.

23. Camera stabilization kit is needed to keep the camera stabilized while shooting.

24. Camera handheld mount

25. Interview microphones are needed during the video shoot to capture clear and good quality audio.

26. DSLR Compatible Shotgun Microphone is needed when using DSLR cameras for video making as the built-in microphones are very tiny.

27. Screen loupe is useful when shooting in the sunlight to take care of the glare issue.

28. Neutral Density Filter is also needed when shooting with DSLR camera to keep check on the footage to look jittery and unnatural.

29. Livalier Microphone is needed when recording the voice of some one.

30. Rails will be needed for advanced shooters to move the camera more smoothly.

31. Shoulder Rig is also needed by advanced shooters and some of these allow attaching microphones also.

32. Follow Focus helps when shooting with DLSR camera and these lets focus by adding on the lens.

33. External Monitor can be attached to the camera using a HDMI to get clearer view of the shots.

34. Audio Recorder is an essential tool for video content creation for recording all the voices and sounds.

35. Shock mount is his gadget that keeps the shotgun mic steady on the pole.

36. Microphone Wind Muff helps in filtering the breathing noises.

37. Grey Cards are needed for adjusting exposure and white balancing setting to capture accurate colors.

38. Tripod with smoother looking pans is equipment that keeps the footage steady.

39. Tripod Head is needed for delivering smooth pans and tilts.

40. Slider helps in capturing smooth, short run tracking shots.

41. Black Background can be created by using a large black cloth.

42. Background Support equipment

43. Portable Tripod that can be carried easily is very helpful when shooting outside.

44. Audio cable or XLR cable is needed to go from camera to mic.

45. Portable Digital Audio Recorder is needed if you are shooting the video with DSLR because these cameras cannot capture professional quality sound.

46. Headphones are helpful to monitor the sounds during the shoots.

47. External hard drive is needed to offload the camera memory cards when shooting outside for long.

48. DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig is needed if the camera used is DSLR and the shoulder mount can help give professional touch to the video.

49. Dual System Sound is needed when many mic sources need to be synced with the video.

50. DVD Burners might become necessary to quickly create DVDs to share the content.

Not all the equipment and tools mentioned above are required for Video Content Creator. The requirement depends on the budget of the creator and also on many other factors.

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