Top 10 Most Beautiful YouTubers in the World

YouTube is one of the popular video-sharing platforms that allow people to record their own footage and share their thoughts, ideas etc. There is no price involved to upload or access these videos and also to promote them. Popular YouTube vlogging categories including comedies, songs, beauty vlogs, etc. Let us now see the most beautiful YouTubers in the world.

YouTubers are becoming famous celebrities. There are so many YouTube channels that are dedicated to posting videos of people (mostly young women). You may have already stumbled upon these kinds of channels on YouTube. However, if you’re interested in watching the most beautiful YouTubers in the world, keep reading below.

The internet is full of different videos, and some of the most popular are music videos or beauty vlogs. This article discusses 10 beautiful YouTubers that have a large following on YouTube. Their hair, makeup, clothes, and body type embody what it means to be a beautiful woman in today’s world.

The 10 most beautiful YouTubers are listed below, ranked from number one to ten. What is your opinion of this list? Is it accurate or inaccurate?

Top 10 most beautiful YouTubers in the world. This has been compiled by me and my team based on our knowledge about beauty, YouTube channels, and their subscriber numbers. The ranking is not different from what you might have seen before, but we hope that it will help you find your new favorite YouTuber!


SuperWoman is the vlog of Lilly Singh, an Indian born Canadian. She received Gold and Silver Play Buttons of YouTube. Her live question and answer section every week is very popular.

Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson is a 19 years old YouTuber who is seen in Teens React, YouTubers React, Kids React etc. Her other famous series is MyMusic. Her first appearance on YouTube was in 2007.


Jardelle is one of the most beautiful YouTuber.

Chrissy Constanza

Chrissy Constanza, the singer with beautiful eyes and perfect face has more than one million viewers. She has an amazing voice also to compliment her beauty.

Daily Grace

Daily Grace is the vlog of Grace Helbig, an actress, producer and writer. Her vlog Daily Grace was launched in the year 2008.

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota creates fashion designing video blogs. She creates videos with outfit ideas, healthy recipes, hair care and makeup ideas.


Boxybabee attracts admirers with her personality, looks, sweetness and she is down to earth.


AndreaChoice is a comedian. Her videos also feature her twin. Her amazing personality is adored by the admirers.


Cutiepiemarzia is a vlogger from Italy. She is a singer and activist. She appears in some of her videos without any makeup.


Zoella is an author and uploads her fashion and beauty ideas on YouTube. Zoe Elizabeth Snugg was born in 1990 created her blog in 2009.

YouTube is one of the most viewed websites online and is a great place for individuals to show their talents. With so many vloggers becoming celebrities, this platform continues to attract young vloggers.


These 10 beautiful YouTubers are some of the most popular on YouTube. They each have over a million subscribers, and their videos often go viral with millions of views in just days, sometimes even hours. If you want to know what beauty is all about these days, take 5 minutes out of your day to watch one or two of their latest vlogs; they’re sure to change how you feel about yourself!

The internet is full of beauty gurus, but these 10 are the most popular. While there is no definitive ranking system to determine who deserves this title (let alone what would qualify someone as a YouTuber), we’ve compiled a list from various sources that seem somewhat agreed upon to provide some insight into what makes each person so beautiful and why they might be more famous than others. It’s time for you to meet them!

The Top 10 Most Beautiful YouTubers In the World list includes Lucy Hale, Felicia Day, and many more. These female YouTube stars are not only beautiful but also talented in their own fields of expertise. Check out this post on our site to see which top beauty influencers made it into the ranking.

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