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Top 10 Cooking YouTube Channels for Food Lovers

Cooking YouTube Channels


The two young kids started this channel Charli and Ashlee, they are the first young YouTube stars who started to upload baking videos. The world’s best young chefs uploaded almost 300 video’s,

They bake without The help of adults. These two kids are from Australia Charli loves to bake cakes and other girls Ashlee loves to make others laugh. Tutorials for how to make ice lollies, party snacks, cookies, cupcakes and all items kids love to have it. This channel has 702,073+ subscribers and 716,625,676+ views.


2.Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio:

This channel is about everything and anything can do it by themselves. In her videos she has the unique style of cooking cupcakes, decorating the cakes, icings, jelly desserts, YouTube challenges.

She loves to demonstrate everything from the scratch till the decorating. She has almost 1.9 million subscribers only with YouTube channel. Her recipes for cardio and all sweets lovers.

This channel has 1,953,132+ subscribers and 416,070,687+ views.

Rainbow Cake

3.How To Cook That:

First one million subscribers for How To Cook That YouTube channel owned by Ann Reardon from Australia. She loves to bake cakes and gives exotic fire in her oven. Her creative ideas result from cartoon cakes, logos, characters and classic candy bars. The views just love to watch how she has created her unique creation of twitter cheese cakes, 3D minion and more. This channel has 2,977,076+ subscribers and 427,191,710+ views.



Elias Strachan has the largest baking and cooking community worldwide. She creates amazing cakes, streets and baking videos with hints and small techniques. In her cooking reveals that professionally in baking cakes and sweets. She releases, magazines for her MyCupcakeAddiction lovers with her recipes. This channel has 3,005,445+ subscribers and 397,131,178+ views.

Skittles Rainbow Cake

5.Laura in the Kitchen:

Laura’s kitchen famous for Italian and American recipes. She had just revealed that what cooking really stands for, she released her book “Laura in the Kitchen” more than 1000 recipes. This is an interactive channel, recipes are made the request from the viewers. Laura in the kitchens apps available for the food lovers. This channel has 2,636,659+ subscribers and 371,849,768+ views.

How to Make Homemade Cupcakes From Scratch

6.Jamie Oliver:

Jamie Oliver famous celebrity chef for European cuisine, Organic Italian cuisine. He did shows for BBC “The naked chef” and his book set-out in first place in The United Kingdom. He uploads videos every week, which includes wonderful food and funny videos. He has the largest community for foodies and continental foods. This channel has 2,738,621+ subscribers and 275,206,029+ views.

How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs – 3 ways

7.Food Wishes:

Food wishes an American YouTube cookery channel founded by John Mitzewich, it has a vast collection of recipes with different cuisine. Prepare food with fun and easy to learn step by step process. This channel has tutorials for tricks and techniques for how to cook and serve. This channel has 1,668,241+ subscribers and 321,872,253+ views.

Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich

8.Betty’s Kitchen:

Betty is a famous mathematician, she has a huge collection of cooking video’s related to southern home style cooking.

She demonstrates everything in an organized, easy process. She has simple steps and quick recipes in her kitchen. Famous for Chinese, continental sea foods, dips, Gravies, and dressings. This channel has 172,123+ subscribers and 52,086,259+ views.

Betty Colors Easter Eggs


This show is for traditional and home-style cooking food lovers. Every week OnePotChefShow uploads a new unique recipe. Well known for slow cooker recipes in one pot, distinguish from the routine style of cooking. This channel has 565,892+ subscribers and 91,156,472+ views.

Oven Baked Mini Omelettes


This channel, recipes famous for all over the world, with the quick overview. Tasty popular for one recipe in four ways of cooking, that everybody can connect this channel. Well known for Desserts, appetizers, breakfast and happy hours. It has 1,825,873+ subscribers and 231,884,114+ views.

How To Cook With Cast Iron

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