YouTube Channels in Australia

Top 10 YouTube Channels in Australia

1. Fluffy Jet Productions:

It is mainly related to kids and this channel uploads the videos of rhymes, Disney cars Toys, animated, Dora the explorer, coloring videos and much more exciting and entertaining videos for kids. So it gives more company for the kindergarten children.

2. IggyazaleamusicVEVO:

Azalea is famous YouTube singer from Australia. Mostly compose the songs related to hip hop and electronic dance music, the stuff of her music and performance will shows how she passionate about music. This channel has 4,536,761+ subscribers and 1,991,936,513+ viewers.

3. leokimvideo:

He provides the views for the Today’s toys through videos and he completely generates the fun by making different toys. The enjoyable games of kids like mine craft, Disney cars, star wars, giant spiders will be shown in this channel. Every day the kids can find something new in this channel when compared with competitors.

4. HowToBasic:

This channel aimed to deliver the videos of all the activities like cooking, health, fitness, beauty, fashion, entertainment and technology that are usually needed for all people without concerning experts. Due to these activities it has become that much of popular.

5. Danger Dolan:

They make stories on animated games, wild, creepy things happening in surroundings, magical tricks and failed activities that are generally happening. This holds the entire public without considering the age. It has 5,213,341+ subscribers and 1,155,242,835+ viewers.

6. Bounce Patrol Kids:

Five people will get different varieties of colorful costumes and make hilarious videos for kids with the composition of rhymes and kid’s songs. The colors, alphabets, numbering, shapes of articles can be easily known by the kids from this channel.

7. Gotyemusic:

From the name of the channel we can say that it completely belongs to the music world. Gotye is well known for music albums, including that he will make film clips and documentaries. He will make videos of songs with some animated characters by keeping the users in the mind.

8. KjraGaming:

This channel is most popular as gaming channel and the gaming videos they provide are Grand Theft Auto gameplay, mods, and the war among the superheroes like Superman, Batsman, Spiderman and Ironman. These are very famous characters that have a specific role in the public and these might promote this channel to have such fame.

9. CharlisCraftyKitchen:

This channel completely based on two children who are cooking in the kitchen. They cook varied varieties of dishes like snacks and they make lolly-pops, ice-creams, kebabs, pizzas and cookies in attracting ways with funny costumes. More advantage of this channel is that they make healthy food for the children.

10. Lachlan – Minecraft:

Lachlan plays bundle of video games like Pokemon Go and Mine craft games. He mainly focuses on the mine craft video games with commentary on those by going near relaxing places. He shows that characters are really playing in those surroundings.

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